My wife’s drunken night

One night my wife of 10 years, Dee and I went out for drinks. She is a 30 year old mexican women with a great big latina ass. She is 5’9 and about 190lbs with most of it in her fat ass. She has olive skin and average size breasts, about a C but with huge brown areolas and big nipples. But by far her best asset is her huge butt. She has long thick legs and a nice fat wide ass.

She is by no means a model, but she more than makes up for it with 2 things. 1. That big ole ass and 2. She is a fucking slutty lush. I mean she only needs a few and shes smashed and horny. Also once she starts she wont stop till she passes out. Now for years i have taken advantage of this and fucked her while she was drunk and passed out. Even fucking her in her tight asshole, which she hates otherwise. But I only have a 5 inch penis and have come to relize Im a cuckold. I am always fantasizing about watching her plump drunk ass getting rammed by a huge cock. I have brougt it up in pillow talk while shes drunk and she enthusiastically plays along. Even telling me about her ex boyfriends who all had huge cocks. She says “I need so-and so’s big dick to fill my dripping pussy up cause your little dick doesnt do the job. But when she sobers up she acts like she doesnt remember any of it. You see after having our kids she has really toned down the sluttiness except in those instances when shes hammered. And besides those times we actually hardly have sex anymore.

However every time she gets drunk she gets horny as shit and wants to be a dirty slut who needs to have her fat hairy cunt banged by a big dick.

The last couple of times she has passed out i was able to fuck her in her hairy pussy and tight asshole. I noticed the very last time that she did not wake up till the morning and really didnt remember anything, and thats when i put my cuckold plan into action.

The next time we went out for drinks i made sure she got really wasted, so much so that she threw up outside the bar as we were leaving.

I then rented a room at a sleazy motel near the bar we had just left. I was so fucking horny thinking about what I was going to do and watch I already had a boner while I checked in. Leaving her passed out ass in the car while I did. Then I carried her to the room were she thru up again, but at least I got her to the bathroom toilet. So I laid her down and stripped her bare ass naked and put her in the tub and bathed her good making sure to rub her big erect nipples and phat pussy, letting out a moan while i played with her clit. I then dried her off and laid her on one of the beds on her stomach so her big butt faced up. I then took some pictures on my phone and sent them to my cousin. See we had talked in the past about my cuckold fantasies and my wifes thick ass. He told me that he had been the bull for a older white couple. The husband was a co worker of his. He said he had a big thick dick that tore up the white wife. Only after 2 mins of sending the pics he called me. I told him that i wanted him to fuck my wife while she was passed out. He said he would be right over. So I gave him the room number and turned off all but two lamps. And made sure my wife was still out.

My cousin arrived about 20 mins later and knocked on the door. I let him in and he walked over to where my wife lay and stared at her big thick rump, he rubbed his hardening cock thru his sweat pants.
(My cousin is about 5’11 and kind of built.) He then pulled down his sweats and out popped a thick what looked to be about 10 inch cock, thicker than my wrist.

By :Johnnydee13

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