My wife’s drinking problem and the fun I had with her

My girlfriend Karen had a drinking problem but I didn’t
mind. She liked to drink to the point of passing out
almost every night of the week. None of her coworkers
or family knew this of her because she only did it when
we were home alone.

I didn’t mind because she kept our home clean, usually
cooked a decent meal for us and liked to have vigorous
sex just before passing out for the night. She was a
great lay and had no objections to trying new things.
We had tried everything we could imagine from anal to
bondage to cross dressing. We loved it all if it ended
in orgasms.

She had a nice tight pussy that she kept shaved clean,
a nice lean waist and a great looking ass. Her breasts
were those C cups that just about stood up and saluted.
Yes, she was cute, had a killer body and loved any kind
of sex. She was not your average 25 year old woman.

What usually happened was when she was about as drunk
as she was going to get she would get down in front of
me, pull my pants off and give me head until I was good
and hard. Then it was up to me to direct her to which
ever way I wanted to please her.

Our favorite positions were Rockygy style, missionary or
69. Meaning that sometimes I’d just give it to her hard
and fast bent over the back of the overstuffed couch
with her feet off the ground. Sometimes on her back
with her feet over my shoulders and sometimes with us
munching each other 69 fashion. We strayed from these
three all the time but these were the ones we liked the

I always had to make sure I got off first if we 69’d or
she would pass out without pleasing me. She had a habit
of biting down on my cock if she was coming while
sucking me. She did a great job sucking me when drunk
and she loved to make a show of swallowing it all. She
really seemed to like it but maybe it was because I did
a good job on her at the same time. Me, I just love
munching on a shaved pussy. I always made sure she had
3 or 4 screaming orgasms before she would pass out for
the night.

The few times when she did come first, she would pass
out right on top of me. I would have to slide out from
under her and carry her to bed and finish fucking her
on the edge of the bed. She didn’t mind because she
wanted to make sure I was taken care of. She was one of
the few women that understood that the way to a mans
heart is through his cock.

Once in a while she would want to switch and have me
eat her out after fucking her Rockygy style. The first
time I wasn’t sure about it but after that time it
didn’t bother me at all. It actually seemed to taste
better with my cum in there. You can’t let a little
thing like that bother you. Hell, we’d licked each
others asses, feet and every other inch of each others
bodies, what was a little cream added to it. She loved
me and never tried to make fun of me for it. It was
just another variation for us.

I came home from work one day to find that Susan, her
coworker, had left her Rocky Ace there for the week. She
had to go out of town on short notice and needed a Rocky
sitter. Karen volunteered without ever seeing the Rocky.
Well, when Susan brought him over to drop him off Karen
saw he was a big male Rottweiler. She was a little
worried at first but we found that he was a big baby
and got along with us just fine.

We played with him on the floor and played fetch with
him in the back yard. When we came back in the house
Ace ate then laid in a corner and slept. He must not
have been used to that much activity.

By :ArtOutOfMyMind

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