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Myself Iftekhaar Bharmal, I’m 26 years old male working in a Medicine Manufacturing Company. Our company built Generic Medicines and my job is to sell them to Medical Stores. I deal in both Wholesale and Retail stores. I’m living in a Metropolitan City having a vast work area. Through I have two three cities in my work area but my target usually gets completed with the city range. My job is target oriented and no hourly limits are there. I was well established at the age of 23 and so with family pressure I got married. Nusrat was her name, she was 5 foot 7 inches and with heals looked taller.

She was having a little tan complexion but her face features were awesome. She was little plump around 65 Kg’s and was having massive boobs, thick thighs, broad waist and plump bums. She was having puffy lips and big brown eyes. Her hairs were long and reach till her waist. I was not sure with her body structure and my comparison. I was slim in front of her, but my relatives motivated that she will shrink after marriage. I unwillingly accepted the marriage proposal and we got married in a month. She was Virgin at the time of marriage and that was a positive point for me. I decided family planning but parents started to taunt her and she started to pressurise me for a baby. Finally, I gave up and she was conceived in a month. Everything was going fine, we both were happy.

Although she didn’t shrink but the jolly nature she had, her structure wasn’t an issue for me anymore. While the 6th month of pregnancy was going on, Nusrat stopped wearing her normal routine dresses and always wore maxis and nighties. She was talking with her parents on the roof, while getting down the stairs, she tripped in the nightie and rolled down the stairs. She was rushed to hospital immediately but the news was heart breaking. She had a miscarriage, and the damage was that serious that doctor declared she won’t be able to conceive again. Now the news was bad for both of us but the facts couldn’t be changed. Leaving the past behind we moved on forward, Nusrat took few months to recover from that, but she recovered too.

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In the time span of recovery, she had gone under gigantic depression which lead to body development. The 65 kg’s Nusrat turned in 92 kg’s Nusrat. This was due to overeating but as she was in depression neither I nor family. But instead of looking ugly she looked more ravishing now. Her structure grew equally in all sides. The boob’s size increased from 34 to 36, thighs went more thickly, bums went more plump, waist wider and a little fat on tummy also. In addition to this her pussy went tighter, the fat made the lips squeeze closer and started to give effect of a virgin girl. That I liked very much but she wasn’t having much interest in sex anymore. Only the thing improved was her social siting.

She started to visit neighbours, she got few friends in community. She started to visit them in afternoon hours. Now she didn’t miss her household works so parents didn’t object with her social gathering. Her timing was sharp 1 pm to 3 pm but on Tuesdays it stretched till 5 pm and sometimes 6 pm too. One day I asked her to get ready as a close friend of mine whom I haven’t met in years, have just opened a new shop. It was inauguration party and he called me especially for the occasion. Nusrat was reluctant to come along but still agreed. She wore a semi-transparent blue coloured silk sari, with matching blouse. She was wearing a very deep neck blouse; I mean very deep as she never wore this type blouse ever. Now that was a transformation in her which I appreciated.

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