My Wife the Virgin

The wedding was over. We had danced the night away. Mary was now my wife and I was now her husband. We had arranged for the honeymoon suite far away from our other guests. Mary had grown up very religious and as such, we had an agreement that she would be a virgin on our wedding night.

It was torture, all those nights, longing to touch, longing to give in to our primal urges. But now here we were, outside the room where we would finally “give in”.

Mary had made it clear to me from the moment we met. Sex is for baby making. It would be sinful if she was to have sex without conceiving a child. Mary had spent the months leading up to the wedding tracking her cycle. She read everything she could about conception. She explained to me that if she wasn’t ovulating on our wedding night, the sex would have to wait.

I opened the door and we put down our things. She had been carrying her shoes as she had taken them off hours earlier. She reached for her phone and saw the words “ovulation 1 day ago, high chance of getting pregnant”. She dropped her shoes to the floor with a loud thud, reached over towards me and grabbed me by the torso.

She whispered in my ear “Jack, dear, I’m ready. Fuck me. Fuck me into oblivion. Put a baby in me.” I was shocked. I had never heard her curse. She was demanding I fuck her, and fuck her I would.

She ripped off my jacket and tie, the shoes went next, socks, pants, boxers. Her hand grasping my cock she said “Tonight you will breed me, Jack. You will fill me with cum.” I reached up to unbutton the white dress shirt and she said “no, that will stay on for now”.

I reached for her dress to start taking it off and she stopped me. (I thought “Damn, she’s getting cold feet”). She said “Jack, fuck me in my wedding dress, fuck me however you wish, but the dress stays on”.

I explained “Dear, sex is messy, it could get dirty”. Mary replied “I sure hope you are right”.

I reached up her dress, my hand feeling my way up her leg, the soft silky hose under my fingers. As I reached the top, I ran my fingers across her pussy, wait, how was I feeling pussy? Where were her panties?

She whispered “They’re gone Jack, long gone. My panties came off after the ceremony. Probably in some dumpster by now. The hose had to stay though, I was dripping wet. I couldn’t very well drip on the dance floor.”

I reached up to the waistband of the hose, I needed to get rid of them. The hose was in the way. My throbbing cock was aching to touch her pussy. I grabbed at the waistband and she said “No, Jack, the hose stay on. Find another way.” I took the center of the hose with both hands and ripped a hole big enough for the both of us. Mary screamed “Yes, Jack, yes, it feels like these hose have a run in them. What a shame!” My heart was racing. I needed to be inside of her…NOW.

I told Mary, “since this is your first time, this might hurt, and you might bleed a little. Do you want me to put down a towel?”

Mary said “No, dear, my virginal blood shall stain this white dress.”

She lay down on the bed, her legs open for me, with her dress underneath her, she said “Jack, dear, fuck me now. I am done waiting, Jack. FUCK ME NOW!”

I positioned my cock close to her pussy and pushed. She was so tight, I pushed again, and again, inching my way inside of her. She demanded “Jack, stop fucking around and FUCK ME HARD!”

I reared back and pushed with all of my strength. Her hymen gave way and she screamed ”YES!”

” Come up here and kiss your bride”. I pulled out and her virginal blood flowed out of her pussy forever staining her wedding dress. Precum dripped on the dress as I kissed her. My cock dripping on the fabric as it rubbed up against it. She said “Thank you for fucking the virginity out of me. Thank you for freeing me from the weight of my religion. I am FREE!”

By :Erothrowaway315

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