My wife surprises me as i return unexpectedly

“Oh god, that’s so hard; it feels so delicious. Come on, let me suck your cock while I finger my slit and make my cunt all wet for you.”

What the fuck! I’d been gone only fifteen minutes.

I’d kissed Jane, my sexy wife goodbye, gazing at her half-naked body. I had lingered, watching her perfect breasts rise and fall with her steady breathing. I wished I could stay and play, but no, I knew I had to go.

I wondered as I walked away how we’d got to this stage.

Years earlier, I had tried to coax her into trying different things, be more adventurous in our sex life. But even simple requests, like dressing in sexy lingerie, was off the menu. So, how the fuck was I ever going to explain my real needs, my true desires? Like filming us having sex or taking risky photos if she went shopping without knickers. Or having sex with other people, watching her as she was fucked hard, or simply allowing me to watch as she fingered herself and rubbed her clit to climax.

No, all those thoughts were put aside and buried a long time ago. I once bought her a vibrator as a surprise, hoping she’d try it and we could spice things up. Oh, yeah? That stayed in its box on top of a cupboard, gathering dust.

Everything else in our life was great. We loved each other and I would never leave her. I just put up with a mundane sex life, convincing myself this was the norm for a lot of people.

Still, I wondered how we got to this stage?

Ah, back to where I was…

I had to pop back home because I’d forgotten my wallet. As I walked round to the back door, I heard her voice drifting out from the slightly open bedroom window.

“I’m getting wet just feeling your cock in my mouth. Hmm… my clit is loving me rubbing it and… oh yes, oh yes, I’m going to cum… argh, god that’s good, so fucking good. I’m cumming… come on, fuck my mouth. I want to feel it as I… argh, yes, oh yes … argh!”

I was stunned, shocked. What the hell was going on? I crept to the window and peered in. It was dark outside, the bedside light was on and so I knew she couldn’t see me. Enough of the curtain was pulled aside to allow me a clear view.

Jane was sitting on top of the duvet, propped up by pillows. She’d put a hand between her legs, fingers in her slit, and she was rubbing at the deep cleft her cunt lips made in her tight panties. Her thighs were opening and closing, trapping and releasing her frantic fingers. No doubt about it, she was obviously in the midst of a huge climax. Her cries were muted but only because her mouth was crammed full. She held a life-like dildo by its balls and bobbed her head up and down it’s shaft as she came.

Fuck oh fuck, how was this possible? Where did she keep her toy? When did she start to do this? So many questions, but right now I was rooted to the spot watching this incredible sight. I knew two things: my cock was rigid and, finally, I was watching my wife playing, something I’d always dreamed about. There was no way I was moving.

She removed the dildo from her mouth as she came down from her orgasm.

“Oh you naughty boy,” she said, “my cunt’s all wet now. I want you to fuck me. Fuck me hard, fuck me till I cum again. Come on, shove that hard cock right up me.”

She wriggled out of her knickers, pulling them free from the soft lips either side of her slit and layback spreading her legs. She started running the cock head up and down her smooth slit lips, suddenly stopping and wiggling it in a bit so it was engaged in her cunt entrance.

“Push it in, fuck me.,” she said. “I can’t wait any longer, I want to feel it all. Now!”

With that she pushed the whole length into her cunt. She must have been sopping because the real looking toy went straight in until its balls slammed against her lips.

“God, that’s good,” she screamed. “Now fuck me, hard and fast.”

She pulled the dildo almost all the way out before plunging it back in. In and out, she repeatedly slammed her tunnel to a point where she was really going for it. Even from my position outside the window, I could hear her pussy squelching as she banged the dildo home again and again. Finally, fully impaled, she came. Well, that’s an understatement. She lost control, her whole body shook and she screamed out before she muffled her joyous cries by burying her face in a pillow. Her thighs clamped tight, holding the cock deep within.

I was still rooted to the spot, desperately wanting to wank my own rigid pole, but I didn’t want to disturb her, didn’t want to disrupt what I was watching. Fuck, it was a horny sight.

She lifted her head out of the pillow and slowly withdrew the dildo from her cunt. Her hole gaped.

“That was fantastic,” she said. “I now want to taste my pussy on you,” and she started sucking and licking the sticky coating from the shaft.

“Mmm, thank you Michael!”

That’s me! Ah well, at least when she fantasizes, it’s about me. That made me feel good.

“You’ve done a great job of getting me ready for your friend,”

What? What is she talking about?

“My cunt’s so slippery and wet now, it should be okay. Just look at him, he has such a big cock. I was looking at it as you fucked me, wondering what it would feel like, what that extra thickness would be like as it stretched me. And just how would that length fit. Now I’m going to find out so you just watch as I try his cock for size.”

Oh my, what is this all about? What friend is she talking about? She’d always said she wasn’t interested in bigger cocks. Now I hear this coming from her.

She leaned toward the bedside table and, seconds later, turned back with a huge veiny dildo in her grasp. It looked twice the size of the previous modest one, the toy that was quite close to my size. Fucking hell, was she really going to try and stick that up her pussy?

“Now, James,” she said.

James? Who’s that?

“Let me suck your cock now… mmm, mmm, mmm. It’s so big I can only suck your head. Do you think it will fit in my pussy? Well, I’m dying to find out.”

She was right, she could only suck the knob, it really was that thick. But she didn’t suck it for long. “I want you, James,” she said, “I need to know how it feels to cum on your cock, to feel it really fill me. Fuck me now, from behind… yes, do me from behind.”

We have small posts at the end of the bed and she stuck the dildo to one, its weight and length making it bend down. She got on all fours and wiggled until she was against the dildo’s head. I watched her put liquid on her hand, reach behind and wank it a bit. The girth of the cock was staggering. Her hand looked tiny and her fingers didn’t meet around the shaft. She again took up position, ass in the air and head on the bed. Reaching between her thighs, she guided the head to her hole.

I saw her pussy begin to open, then a few inches slid inside, her cunt stretching wide to accommodate the intruder. She cried out, “Oh shit, fuck, you’re huge.”

She stopped for a few seconds, obviously needing to get used to the size and recover her breath. I noticed signs of her approaching orgasm even though it was only just inside. She rocked slowly back and forth; each time another inch disappeared into her hole. I could see she’d now taken a greater length than I could give her, but still she carried on, taking in even more.

Then she was cumming, oh was she cumming!

As she climaxed, she rammed along its length, one orgasm flowing into the next. Her hole was so stretched, looked so full, but she still picked up the pace, not stopping for a second. Then, releasing one long scream, she pulled off it and collapsed onto the bed, breathless, panting, covered in sweat. Her orgasmic convulsions continued for ages.

I had never before witnessed that level of pleasure on her face. As she relaxed, her fingers stroked her well-fucked slit and my erection twitched. “Now for one more,” she said. “I can’t wait for this one.”

She looked across at the window, in my direction. “You can come in now, I want a real one, I want your real one, Michael. That was all great and very good but, come on, I want you to come fuck me for real now. I want a real cock.”

I smiled as I walked to the back door. What a show that had been.

But, I still wondered, how did we get to this stage?

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