my wife never knows i like to show off

its going to be brief but when I fuck my wife I allways please her first then I Rockygy style her it all started one hot evening in the bedroom ,theres a house not far away that looks down on us ,I had blindfolded her shes arse up basque and stockings on and I’m looking out the window banging it deep into her her tits had come out of her basque and were swinging to and from ,then I saw the next door neighbour looking out his window the sun was shinning into the room so I knew he could see in anyother type of wether it would have made the room dark but he soon noticed but kidded on he couldn’t see ,this made my cock even harder being watched even the wife said fuck your hard she said I was going to deep but fuck her, anyways I noticed he dissapeard only see he had binoculars and was starting to wank ,so I said the the wife get to the bottom of the bed I want to see my cock going in and out in the mirror lie it was for him to get a better view of her and my cock then I exploded into one helofa orgasm she liked it as well and by the look of the guy he shot his bolt as well ,so all enjoyed themselves the wife never knowing the influence she had on him , he talks to me as if nothing happened but if we go on holiday or a weekend away I do this all the time especialy on sunny hols where I have opened the patio doors of the bedroom and went side on to show to the hotel guests opposite what there missing even one day I put her on the livingroom table opend the doors and saw two couples in different rooms watching one with travel binoculars he later gave me a thumbs up ,I find I feel powerfull and my erections and harder, well idid say it was aquicky

By :scottishpair

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