My Wife Is Blacked On The Beach

We are Linda and Eric and have been married 4 years. Linda is 24 and I am 31. Linda has lived in SW Kentucky all her life, until now. Unlike Linda, I have traveled quite a bit, and was a self employed computer program designer until recently. Gratefully, NASA hired me and moved us to the Space Coast where we’ve been for about two months, and found we love Florida.
Linda, is from the same small town she was born and grew up in. She worked in her families small restaurant and life simply did not provide her with much travel or cultural diversity. She speaks rather country, and is a country girl. Straw colored hair that drains half way down her back, pretty face with the brightest eyes, breast that were designed by the Greek Gods and an ass that you cannot turn your gaze from. She is a corn fed country girl with a European sports car body. I feel I married up, I could do not better, where Linda, she could have any man.

We have been traveling around the Space Coast, seeing lots of new things and getting acclimated to both the nice weather and area. On a recent outing, we discovered a National Seashore, part of the Merritt Island Nature Preserve and it’s beach known as Playalinda.

We took the road in and loved the canal along both sides of the park road, where we saw several alligators and many birds. We could see the NASA assembly building to our right and the launch pads.

This looked like a great area and we passed a lot of beach side parking lots. The park closed at 8pm, and it was already 6pm, most the lots were about empty. The road ended into what we now know, is the renowned Lot 13. Half of the small parking strip was empty so we parked, grabbed our chairs and towels and walked up the wooden ramp to see the beautiful Atlantic ocean, and naked people.

We had stumbled onto a nude beach. We debated it a minute but ultimately decided no one knows us here, and they are naked, so let’s give it a shot. We went north on the beach for a couple of blocks distance and found a mostly secluded spot to put our chairs and umbrella up. Linda is shy, she kept looking around like a shoplifter to see if she was being watched. I told her she had the best body on that beach, and if someone does stare, it’s because she is fucking awesome.

Linda hooked her thumbs into her bikini and peeled it off her tight little butt, followed by her breast, proudly revealed as her top was tossed onto our towels. We sat down and watched a sparse amount of naked people, slowly walking by. We saw every shape and size human in all their natural glory parade by us as they began to leave for the day and the beach became mostly empty, but we were loving the beach and the water and would stay until we had to leave.

We could see a few scattered people south of us but to the north is appeared empty and reminded me of what it probably looked like thousands of years ago, untouched by man and natural. I reached over and took a handful of Linda’s firm breast into my hand. Her head zipped right and left to see if anyone could see. I told her to relax, no one could see, and no doubt it goes on here all day long. She chilled and leaned back some, her nipples hardened and perky. I ran my hand over her smooth shaved mound and she didn’t move. I think she’d finally gotten used to newness of nakedness. She adapts quickly.

A few minutes later, I looked back to the north and see a black man approaching, carrying a bottle of water and a towel. This guy was buff. I’d say 6’2”, abs showing, legs thick, and frog shaped, you know, thick muscles on the thigh and caffs, and upper torso was chiseled. He had long muscular arms and a cock that hung down long, thick and swayed to and fro like a dead python pendulum.

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