My Wife is a Big Girl Now

My wife Gail is a beautiful blonde, 39 years old, about 5’7″ tall with great legs and tits like a 16 year old virgin. She can, however, get into some trouble once in a while. Recently while checking email she received a notice that she had won a free trip. Well the trip was not free and she did not tell me. Before I knew I was out $500 and going on a trip that I could have gotten for less. She begged me not to be mad and to take her on vacation, so I told her that she would have to do anything that I told her while on vacation. She probably thought that meant she would have to give me several blowjobs and maybe let me have her tight ass a couple times while on vacation, but I had something else in mind.

When we got to New Orleans we checked into the hotel and got ready to go out. I told her to wear her black Penthouse mini dress outfit that zips up the front. It only has about an inch of skirt to cover her gorgeous ass and really makes her tits stand out. I took her to several places, but did not find what I was looking for.

When we returned to the hotel, I told her we should check out the club downstairs. The club was busy and I found exactly what I was looking for. Gail has always had a fantasy about having sex with an older black man. I noticed a large black man about 50 years old checking her out on the way in. After we sat down I told her to ask him to dance. She blushed and said that was out of the question, but I told her that she had to anything I asked. With that she went over and introduced herself to him and they started dancing. It was a fast number and before I knew it she was back. He kept looking over and she commented that he was here on business and was probably lonely. She said he had a nephew in town going to college, but his place was too small to stay at so he had a room in the hotel.

I waited for a slow song and told her to ask him to dance again. This time he pulled her close and towered over her while they swayed to the music. He was so tall that her face was buried in his chest. He looked over and when I winked at him, he took that as a green light and ran his hands down her ass and started stroking the back of her legs before he ran his fingers up to the crack of her ass under her dress. That must have really scared her because she stopped the dance and ran back to the table.

She told me that he had put his fingers right on her pussy and she wanted to leave right away. I asked her if she wanted to leave because she was frightened or if he had made her so horny that she wanted to go upstairs for a good hard fucking, to which she replied that she was ready for anything. I then told her to write on a napkin the following, “Come to room 409 in 30 minutes if you want to see what you were feeling.” She completely lost it then and threatened to leave me at the club. Again I told her that she had to do whatever I wanted and that if she did not do as I said she would pay the consequences and that I would invite him myself. She asked if I really wanted to watch her make love to his black cock and watch him fuck her with it. I asked if he turned her on and she replied that she was wetter then she had ever been and was embarrassed when he touched her because he probably felt how hot and soaking wet she was already. I told her I knew she had always wanted to be fucked by an older black man and it looked like this one would also fill her need for someone with considerable size. She said I wasn’t kidding about size because she had felt his length running down his pant leg and pressing against her belly as they danced. I told her to run along and give him the note like a good girl and then go up to the room. I left and waited for her to complete her task.

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