My wife have sex with our neighbor

A few weeks ago my wife, Bonnie, and I made a bet on
something we were both absolutely certain we were
right about. The bet was for one evening of whatever
the winner wants – total control.

I won, and Bonnie was appalled. I am always trying to
talk her into letting me show off her body more, like
flashing truckers on the highway or getting caught
undressed when our next door neighbor, Frank, is over.
She will occasionally let a button “accidentally” come
open when he is around if she’s had a couple of beers,
but voluntarily showing a breast or her pussy is too
much for her. She knows it is a turn-on for me, but it
is very difficult to get past her modesty.

When I won this bet she was VERY nervous, because she
knew what I would want her to do. But give her credit:
she didn’t try to back out of the bet.

The evening before I claimed my winnings, I talked to
Frank about my plans, and he was more than willing to
help out. I started off the evening by taking her to
The Melting Pot, a fondue restaurant here in Richmond.

It is very nice – dark and romantic. We were seated in
a booth in a small room. It was early enough that we
were the only ones in the room. After we had ordered
our first drink, I told her to unbutton another button
on her dress. This would open it to just below her
breasts. Since I had vetoed any underwear, when she
did she was more exposed than she ever had been in

She sat up straight to keep the dress from opening
too much, but as we ate and drank our wine she relaxed
and seemed to forget about how exposed she was. She
was sitting leaning forward a bit with her shoulders
sort of slumped, and the view was wonderful. I could
see some of both breasts, nearly to the aureole.

Before desert arrived I told her to unbutton one more
button. Her dress was now open to well below her
breasts. When she sat up straight you couldn’t see
much. But when she would lean forward to take a bite
of desert it would fall away from her body and I could
see most of both breasts, including her nipples. The
drinks and wine had had an effect, and she soon grew
careless, leaning forward and allowing me to enjoy the

I told her I loved the way she looked, and to keep
sitting that way. She was embarrassed, but did as I
told her.

Our waiter arrived to clear the desert and offer us
an after dinner drink. When Bonnie saw him she gave a
little start and straightened up. With him standing
right there I said, “Bonnie, tell Aaron what our
arrangement is tonight.”

He looked at me with a puzzled expression, then at
Bonnie. She looked down at the table and said, just
as I had made her agree before we left home, “I have
to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, with no
argument and no hesitation.” I said, “Good girl,”
then explained to Aaron that she had lost a bet,
and this was how she was paying it off.

He grinned as he began to understand.

“Now, Bonnie,” I said, “that’s not how I told you to
sit, is it?” Still looking down at the table she
shook her head. “Show Aaron how you were sitting
before he walked up.”

She hesitated and looked at me without moving,
nervously biting her lip. This was what she had been
afraid of. She said, “I don’t think I can do this.”

I replied, “Come on, Bonnie. You have to do it. You
made the bet, now it’s time to pay up. Aaron won’t
mind, will you?”

“Hey, not a bit,” he said, guessing what was coming.
Bonnie took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and slowly
did as she was told. The top of her dress fell forward
again and gaped open, and we could both see her breasts
right down to the nipples. What a turn-on!

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