My Wife had been meeting with lots of different men on her nights out

My wife was a virgin when we married but once she had tasted
the fruit it was apparent she couldn’t get enough. I began to suspect
she was getting it elsewhere and one night she came home after a night
out with the girls looking particularly disheveled. When I tackled her
about it, she admitted she had been with another man. Eventually she
told me the whole story – she had been meeting with lots of different
men on her nights out.

As she was telling me all this, two things were happening.
One, I was becoming aroused and two, I didn’t want my marriage to
break up. After we discussed the situation, I finally agreed that
she could continue with her affairs until she got the bug out of her
system. Of course, she took advantage of my agreement and soon she
was going out to meet her lovers every other night. When she came
home she would tell me all the details with the result that I would
be so aroused that I couldn’t wait to get her into bed.

Then we had one of our rare nights out together. We were in
a pub near where we live. The pub was crowded and a coloured chap
called Ralph asked if he could share our table. He told us he was
from Nigeria and that he was a sailor on one of the ships. At one
point, as we were talking, Ralph said something and Rachel leaned
forward and placed her hand on the top of his… the contrast between
the whiteness of her skin and the ebony blackness of his caused a
shiver to run through me. Shortly afterwards, Ralph excused himself
to go to the toilet and I asked Rachel if she had ever been with a
black man. When she said she hadn’t I didn’t enlarge on what was in
my mind.

When closing time came I suggested that we go back to our
house for some supper. After we had eaten, Rachel went into the
kitchen to make a drink and I took the opportunity to ask Ralph if
he had ever been with a white woman. He said no and I then asked
him if he would like to and jerked my head in the direction of the
kitchen. He said “Yes, but she is your wife.” I told him that it was
all right with me as long as she wanted to.

Just then Rachel walked back in. She put the coffee on the
table and went to sit in the other armchair but I suggested that she
sit on the settee next to Ralph. She gave me a quizzical look
and sat next to him. I said “You know Ralph fancies you, don’t you?”
Then I told Ralph to give her a kiss to show her how much he liked
her. They turned their faces towards each other and their lips met,
tentatively at first, but then increasing in emotion until they were
kissing passionately. I was amazed at the speed at which things moved
along. In no time at all, her blouse was unbuttoned and her bra pushed
up and his hand was contrasting vividly against her skin as he cupped
her breasts and nipped and pinched her proud nipples.

I was forgotten, the only thing they could think about was
their mutual lust. My own excitement was mounting as I saw his hand
drop down and disappear beneath her skirt. His hand slid up her
stockings to massage the bare flesh at the top of her thighs, as he
teased them wider apart. Then his fingers slid inside the leg of her
knickers. Rachel gave a little gasp and then his finger got to work
and she was murmuring “Oh that’s lovely, that’s nice” and her breath
was coming in little gasps. He then took his hand out and began to
tug at the waist of her panties, but she told him to wait a minute
and sat up. She quickly shrugged off her blouse and bra and then
stood up and dropped her skirt around her ankles. Her panties quickly
followed and except for her stockings and suspenders, she was as naked
as the day she was born.

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