My wife gets her fantasy and her payback to my girlfriend all in one night

Katie had recovered from her fainting episode while sucking her and her husband Patrick’s new friend, Chris. The six champagne cocktails she had consumer during the course of several hours had her buzzing along nicely. She was completely naked, standing in front of the two men who planned on using her plump body all night and she was wondering what else was in store for her. She didn’t have to wait long to find out.

Chris took her by the hand and led her to the bed. He sat her on the edge of the bed and pushed her back. Now her feet were now straining to stay on the floor and she was lying flat on her back. Chris positioned himself between her now, wide spread legs and knelt down. He spread her pussy lips with his fingers and began to lick her clit. As he did that, he also began to slowly slide his fingers in and out of her soaking wet vagina.

She moaned, softly at first then began to pump her hips in rhythm with Chris’ finger. Patrick moved to the bed and positioned himself near her head, so that she could suck his dick again. He also began to play with her nipples, which he knew were a direct link to her pussy. She was moaning loudly and rolling her head from side to side.

Chris continues to lick and nibble her clit as he fingered her cunt more feverishly. Suddenly, Katie exploded in orgasm. She actually squirted pussy juice out. She had done that occasionally when she first got married, but she had not done it like this in a long time.

Chris licked at it as it ran down his hand and then began licking the insides of Katie’s thighs. Patrick had decided it was time to get serious about things and coaxed her up onto the bed. He spread her legs and licked her still quivering pussy. He then kissed his way up her plump tummy and placed the head of his swollen dick at the opening of her vagina.

She smiled up at him and he thrust into her like a whaler launching his harpoon. Katelyn groaned and her eyes closed. She had a dreamy smile on her face as Pat began stroking her with slow, deliberate hip movements. This time, it was Chris’ turn to watch and he found himself drawn into the sweaty, lust-filled scene taking place in front of him.

He could see the sweat forming on both their bodied, but especially on Katie’s tits and. He sat on the edge of the bed and took her hand, wrapping her fingers around his rock hard cock. She turned her head and smiled at him and began to stroke his male hardness.

Patrick shifted his weight and slid his arms down. He placed his hands on the inside of Kate’s thighs and flipped her ankles up over his shoulders. Her soaking wet pussy was now completely open to his attack and he started pounding on her. She was groaning and whimpering, begging him to fuck her as hard as he could and Patrick did everything in his power to oblige his lust crazed wife.

The sounds of their pelvises coming together made a loud “Smack” each time he came down on her. Since he had already come in her mouth once, Patrick was able to go for nearly 20 minutes before his wife’s milking vagina succeeded in squeezing another load of cum out of her husband’s cock. The entire time, Katie was begging and sweating. She also never released her grip on Chris’ cock.

She kept rolling her head to the side and looking at its swollen purple head. She couldn’t help but wonder how it would feel in her as he came. Suddenly, Pat went rigid and slammed his hips into Katie’s pussy. He dumped a huge load of cum in her, counting at least ten contractions as he seemed to empty his soul into her waiting pussy. It squirted out along the sides of his cock and ran down to the sheets. All the while Chris was waiting for his turn at her.

As Patrick pulled his limp cock out of Katelyn he moved up and wiped it on her left breast, rubbing it all over her nipple and then moving on to her mouth. She opened her mouth and sucked her husband’s cock clean. She had her eyes closed and did not realize Chris had moved into position between her legs. Her eyes opened with a start when she felt the head of his dick part her pussy lips and begin to slide down her vagina. Her pussy was being filled and spread like never before and she let out a long guttural sound .

“AAAAArrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggOooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.” She could feel her husband’s cum being forced out of her with a slurpy, squishing sound. Suddenly, Chris flexed his hips and the head of his 10 inch slammed onto Katelyn’s cervix. She yelped in pain and tried to squirm away from the giant intruder that was beginning to move in and out of her pulsating pussy. She grunted each time the giant cock bottomed out against her cervix and was beginning to sound like and animal in heat.

Patrick had moved back to his chair and was watching in fascination as the huge cock moved in and out of what he knew from experience, was a very tight, wet, and hot pussy. He took out the camera that he had brought up in his coat pocket and began to film every stroke and grunt. Katelyn could feel and orgasm building but could not quite get to the release point.

She was become very frustrated and she finally looked at Chris and said “I want it from behind. I want to get on my hands and knees and I want you to stick that big dick in my cunt and fuck me from behind. I want to cum again!” Chris was off her in a second as she rolled over onto her stomach and pushed her ass up into the air in front of him.

She looked back over her shoulder at this man who was a good ten years younger than she and said “No stick that big cock into me and fuck me until I can’t move. Empty your balls into my pussy and let it run out all over me. Chris just smiled down at her and said, “Okay, sweet ass. If you want cum running down your legs, you will get it!” She smiled and put her head down on the bed between her elbows and waited. Patrick had listened to this exchange and was looking forward to watching the results. He and Chris made eye contact and Pat made a small motion with his hand.

Chris’ smile turned into an enormous grin as he reached down and gave Katelyn a slap on her ass that caused her to lurch forward a bit. It also camouflaged Chris sliding his hand over his cock and peeling the condom off that he had earlier put on, in compliance with the agreement between the three of them to not fuck Katie bareback, except for her sucking his cock.

Chris flexed his hips and his cock slipped into Katie again. She never even noticed that he had removed the condom, so caught up in her own pleasure was she. Chris took her by her plump hips and began to saw in and out of her. Her breath rapidly increased to that of a sprinter. She was flopping her head from side to side and groaning.

She had completely forgotten that her husband was there watching as she pushed her hips back to meet each thrust. Suddenly, she let out a loud groan and collapsed onto her stomach. Her pussy began to grab the cock in her and viciously milked it, trying to squeeze every drop of cum out of Chris. For his part, Chris lost control as Katelyn collapsed and began to pump squirt after squirt of his semen into her waiting love box. It burst out from around his dick and washed down the insides of her thighs. It ran down her pussy and matted into her curly, soft, pubic mound. It mingled with her juices and stained the sheets they lay on.

They both drifted off to sleep for a minute or two, completely unaware that there had been a knock on the door and Pat had gone to answer it. He peered around the slightly opened door at saw the two men from the lobby who had checked out Katelyn as they entered the lobby. They had been standing in the hall for some time, faking conversation as other people passed by, and had been waiting for the right opportunity to try and get invited inside. He noise of the nearly simultaneous orgasm of Katelyn and Chris had been their signal. Patrick looked at them and listened to their request.

He said to wait a minute and then walked back to the bed and whispered in Katelyn’s ear that there were two other men in the hall who wanted to come in and fuck her. Between the alcohol she had consumed, the nearly three hours of fucking she had already endured and the groggy state of sleep she was in, all she heard was “want to fuck you.” She probably thought it was Patrick saying he wanted to fuck her again, and she just smiled at him and said “Okay.” Pat thought she was the most wonderful woman in the world, as she was more than keeping her promise to let him see her getting fucked by another man.

He walked back over to the door and opened it to let the two new guests in. To his surprise, there were now four men in the hallway. He smiled over at his wife on the bed and let them in. It was going to be a long night got Katelyn, as all four immediately began to undress. Chris had rolled off the bed and gone to the bathroom. When he came out, he put his cell phone back in his pants pocket and shook hands with the four friends he had secretly arranged to meet with. He introduced them to Pat, just as Katelyn woke up from her little sex and alcohol induced nap and sat up on the edge of the bed.

Pat looked at the four new-comers and smiled. He gestured towards his bbw wife and said, have at her boys.

The four of them were on her in a heartbeat. Katelyn seemed unaware that the two sets of hands had turned to four. Two of them spread her legs and slipped their fingers into her soaking wet twat. She groaned again as she was forcefully turned sideways as one of the other two men started kissing her very hard.

The fourth man had reached around from behind her and was cupping her left breast and pinching her nipple. He rolled it back and forth between his thumb and index finger and pulled on it, stretching it out to twice it’s normal length. One of the two men who had been fingering her pussy, moved to his knees in front of her and began to suck her right breast as hard as he could. Katelyn yelped and tried to pull away as he placed the rock hard bud between his teeth and bit down on it. She found, that she was pinned with nowhere to go.

The four men forcibly picked her up and made her kneel in front of them. They then formed a circle around her and the one directly in front of her grabbed her by the hair and forced his cock into her mouth. Because of the booze, she was not really aware that this was not Chris or Pat and she began to greedily suck the cock in her mouth.

It soon spilled its semen into her mouth and she swallowed it like she was being paid to. The next man took the place of the first and within five minutes, she had more cum running down her throat. The third and fourth man made her suck them until they were ready to cum and then pulled out of her mouth, spraying her face, hair and tits with their sperm juice.

By this time, Pat and Chris were both ready to go again and they went over and lifted her up onto the bed. They lay her on her back and pat straddled her chest and moved up to where his cock was resting in the valley of Katelyn’s tits. He pushed them together rather roughly and began to saw back and forth between them It took him about 10 minutes, and he was washing her C-cup tits down with his cum. Adding it to that of the other two men who had used her for their pleasure, No sooner had Pat finished than Chris took his place. He fucked Katie’s tit cleavage until it was nearly raw.

He pinched her nipples, making her groan and squeal in pain and after nearly 25 minutes of abusing her tits, Chris moaned, grabbed Katie by the hair and tilted her face up and covered it in his cum. The other men had all been hooting and offering words of encouragement as each used this plumper for a cum receptacle. It had now been five hours since her husband and Chris had stripped her clothes off and began making love to her. That had now turned into a gangbang that was getting ready to reach its climax. Pat had taken over 500 pictures and had to go to his backup batteries, which were on the counter in the bathroom. Just in time he came back into the room.Chris had lain down on the bed and the other men had positioned Katelyn’s pussy over his cock. They lowered her down on it and a moaning gurgle escaped from her throat. She leaned forward so her upper body was resting on her hands and her tits were inches from Chris’ face. He grasped her by the hip and began to pump in and out of her, slowly at times, and roughly and fast others. She just groaned and moaned. She came once softly and then again a minute later with more force. One of the other men was now behind her as Chris pounded her twat with his 10 inches.

The new guy was a short 5 or 6 and was not very thick. He got Chris to stop fucking Katie long enough to reach down and slip his fingers into her saturated pussy. He then smeared the juice on his cock and on Katie’s brown anus, which was just an inch or two away from his cock. He leaned forward and the head of his dick came to rest directly on Katie’s asshole. She realized what he was about to do and tried to pull away. She looked back over her shoulder and saw the man from the lobby, as she turned her head forward and started to open her mouth in protest, the other man from the lobby grasped her head and stuck his cock into her mouth.

The thin cock at her ass began to press against her and she whimpered and gagged as the cock in her mouth was force deeper into its target. Her asshole could not resist the pressure against it and the dick there slid in with a “pop”. Again she yelped and tried to wiggle away, only to find herself held by three pairs of hands as every hole in her body was now being used. The cock in her ass was a bit uncomfortable at first, but she adjusted to it quickly. Soon, she felt another orgasm building as her stretched pussy was joined by a tingling in her ass as the cock there exploded.

The cock in her mouth soon followed, as more protein rich semen was jetted down her throat Chris was the last to cum as he drove his cock into her a final time and squirted, yet again. As the cock in her mouth went limp and fell out, so did the one in her ass. She hoped they would let her sleep now, but there was one round left.

Patrick and the last of the four newcomers flipped Katelyn over on her back and Patrick stuck his fingers in his exhausted wife’s gaping, soaked pussy. He realized that she was fairly stretched out by Chris’ big cock and he slipped first two, then four fingers into her. Soon, Pat had worked his entire fist into his wife and was fucking her as the others looked on. At first she protested and complained that it hurt, but then to her amazement, she had an earth shattering orgasm. She was so loud that they were afraid the rooms next door could hear. The last of the four newcomers moved up onto her chest and stuck his cock in her mouth.

She wrapped her lips around it and began to suck on it like a starving baby at a bottle. Patrick, who had turned the camera duties over to Chris pulled his hand out of his wife’s well used pussy and replaced it with his dick. He wasn’t sure if she could feel him, but he was so hot that he didn’t care. He pumped her for 10 minutes and then emptied his balls into her for the last time that night. The cock in Katie’s mouth pumped its contents into her waiting throat and its owner Pulled out and began to move towards the bathroom. Within a few minutes, each of the four newcomers had dressed.

Kissed Katelyn goodbye and left, but not before they each pinched her nipples just as hard as they could. They said they had all wanted to do it all night, but had been too busy with other things.

AS the last of the four left, Patrick and Chris slumped back in their chairs and looked at each other and at Katelyn. She had completely amazed them both this night with her performances, She had proven to be a first-class fuck-bunny and Patrick could not remember ever being so happy. Katelyn lay on the bed, drenched in cum and sweat and absolutely exhausted. The room smelled like sex and the sheets were covered in body fluids. Chris said he should probably be going home and began to pick up his clothes. As he lifted his shirt from the floor, Katelyn’s black lace boy short panties fell to the floor.

They had been stuck to his shirt by static. He looked at Katelyn I the bed and at Pat sitting next to him in the chair. Pat smiled and said that he thought it would be a fitting way to end the evening.

Pat picked up the camera and set it on video as Chris walked towards the bed, Katelyn saw the expression on Chris’ face as he looked first at the panties in his hand and then at Katelyn, who was lying on her side. The realization of what was about to happen hit her about the same time that Chris rolled her over onto her stomach. She protested that it was too big, but Chris had made up his mind hours earlier when he saw that round ass kneeling in front of him as Katie gave her first blowjob of the night to Pat.

Chris was on the bed behind her in a flash and stuck his fingers into her pussy and scooped out a huge glob of cum. He smeared it in her ass and on the end of his now rock hard dick and placed it against her asshole. He leaned forward onto one hand and held his pole with the other. He pushed and the large purple head of his cock popped into Katelyn’s tight ass.

“AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH…AAAAAHHHHHHHH” she moaned from deep down in her belly. “Wait, NO! Not yet. I’m not ready yet.” She whimpered the last through clenched teeth as the cock stretched her ass far beyond anything she had ever had there before. “NO, don’t move! It hurts. “ “I am not moving.” said the Chris whose cock was now buried to the hilt in this redheaded bbw’s rather plump, wide-spread ass. She was starting to sweat. A glistening sheen of perspiration covered her entire body as she strained to take the full ten inches of cock that she had allowed to be placed in her ass.

He began to saw in and out as she actually began to cry from the pain of her ass being reamed. Chris could not contain himself as he began to move faster and faster in Katelyn’s, now burning asshole. He was somehow strangely driven on by the fact that she was being hurt a bit by his huge cock driving into her tight ass.

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