My wife fucked another man

My wife of 14 years has just confessed to me that she has just fucked another man.
My wife is a beautiful woman with long legs and large breasts which are full and firm even after 2 children. We were married young and she has never had another man.
My wife has a good job with an international company and recently she was asked to lunch by a local businessman. She said he was very charming and flirted with her during lunch which was at a nearby country hotel. This made her feel excited When they got in his car after lunch he gave her a peck on the lips which lead to a full and passionate kiss. She admitted it made her feel really horney and at his suggestion they booked a room at the hotel for the afternoon.
When they got in the room he removed every piece of her clothing admiring her breasts and ass. When he removed his clothing her jaw dropped when she saw the length and girth of his cock, she said it was huge almost as long as her forearm and as thick as her wrist, she could not take her eyes off it.
She sucked his cock for about 15 minutes then he licked her pussy making her cum all over his face before he entered her and very gently pushed his cock all the way in.
He then fucked her for the next 2 hours making her cum several times.
After this she returned home still in a daze at what had happened and a couple of days later, when we were making love she blurted out the whole story. This at first made me angry and hurt but I have forgiven her, now I often fantasise about her and her lover with a big cock.

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