My wife and I invite another man to share our bed

The story that follows contains explicit bisexual male-to-male contact. If this offends you, please read no further.


My wife Lisa and I have been happily married for 14 years, and I still think she’s the hottest woman in the world. She’s a petite, fiery red-head with a beautiful round face and a little button nose. Making love with Lisa is one of my greatest pleasures in life. She is absolutely fantastic in bed. I love the feel of her ample breasts, and the firm roundness of her perfect ass. My biggest turn-on is giving her orgasms, and she has an astounding ability to cum 20 times or more when we make love.

Nonetheless, I have always been curious about what it would be like to have sex with another man involved. Emotionally, I am completely heterosexual. I’ve never been attracted to men on an emotional level, nor am I interested in kissing or cuddling with men (in fact I find the idea rather gross). I could never have a relationship with a man. Even on a physical level, I am much more apt to appreciate the female form. However, from a purely sexual perspective, I find myself just as aroused by dicks and balls as I am by pussy and tits. I’ve always been curious about what it would be like to have sex with another man involved, and frequently fantasized about bisexual threesomes over the years while I masturbated. I am very orally inclined, and the thought of sucking another man’s cock with Lisa, or licking her pussy while she has another man cumming inside of her is an intense turn on that always brings me quickly to orgasm.

When we were first dating, Lisa had never before experienced cunnilingus. I adore oral sex, and when I started licking her pussy she couldn’t get enough. Often while we were making love, she would tell me about how she wished I had another tongue down by my dick so that I could lick her clit while my cock was inside of her. Of course she didn’t realize it, but the idea drove me wild. The thought of licking her pussy and ass while she is stuffed full of a big cock would have me trembling with excitement and cumming in no time.

Sometimes after I had cum inside of her while she was on top, Lisa would pin me down and drizzle the sperm onto my stomach. I would pretend to put up a fight, but secretly I loved it – both the cum play, and how forceful she was about it. She would put her hands on my shoulders and pin me to the bed, then lift her pussy off of my dick until it slipped from her body and slapped wetly onto my stomach. On her knees, she would straddle me while I thrashed beneath her. Then Lisa would squeeze her pussy muscles, pushing my sperm out of her pussy, dribbling it onto my stomach. I loved watching the gooey strands of my cum ooze out of her pussy as she flexed her internal muscles. I longed to lap the sperm directly from her pussy, licking her clean, but I was afraid to even hint to her my secret desires, and so I held my silence.

Later in our relationship I grew a bit bolder. Although Lisa had no idea about the leanings of my fantasies, we did incorporate some other elements of them into our lovemaking. I am fairly tall and have a rather long dick (a little over 8 inches), and I’m limber enough to suck myself off, albeit with some difficulty. Lisa would occasionally fondle my balls while I sucked myself to orgasm. It was an intense thrill to have my cock in my mouth, with Lisa right there helping me. I loved the feeling of my dick pulsing in my mouth as I came, flooding my mouth with salty sperm. Afterwards, I would always swallow my own cum, something that Lisa seldom did, and I think it bothered her a bit.

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