My virgin sister want to pregnant By her Brother

My sister who just turned 19 and saving herself for her husband on their wedding night is one of these people who can’t be woke up once she is in a deep sleep. I found this out last summer. Mom asked me to go get her up and I did everything I could think of. I pinched her, I rocked her so hard that her bed banged against the wall and nothing. The only thing that woke her was me holding my hand over her mouth and nose so she couldn’t breathe. It started me thinking about things I could do to her, cause see she is one of these [ my shit don’t stink ] types. So I started doing things like opening her drapes and pulling her nighty off with her covers, see her bedroom is beside a park where we play football. I got in shit when dad found out what I did.
It was Nov. when I come home from a date with a case of blue balls when my girlfriend dumped me for checking out her friend. When I got home everyone was in bed so I decided go play with my sleeping sister. I got her nighty off and sucked on her tits, then slid my hand inside her panties playing with her clit making her moan and move her hips.
I then pulled her panties off opening her legs and was about to fuck her when I remember her saying she wanted to be a virgin on her wedding night, so I slid the head of my cock up and down her tiny slit as I jerk myself off. When I started to cum I pushed inside of her maybe a quarter of a inch inside of her shooting my cum inside of her. I really got off knowing she was full of my cum. I did that same thing to her for 5 nights in a row before I stopped coming in her pussy and started coming in her mouth.
My parents and me had a huge fight and I moved in with a friend of mine not going home until today. My mom thinks there was a miracle happened with my sister cause she is still a virgin but about 4 months pregnant. I know what happened and it wasn’t no fucking miracle, just a horny brother getting his rocks off on his sister’s pussy.

By :dmbdriver1

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