my uncle’s friend- my new boss

What is it with uncles and their sister’s kids? It is so wrong, yet to both the kid and the older guy, it just seems to work out.

I was 15 and my uncle picked me up to introduce me to someone he knew who had an opening for an intern during the summer. I really wanted a real job and one to make real money for once. Now my uncle was my mother’s younger brother. He was 27 so we were obviously 12 years apart. He lived about an hour from our house, you would think it was 6 hours the way we hardly ever saw each other. He told me he was in our town for the day and would pick me up at home and we could see the guy he called on in business.

I had gotten home from school and my uncle Bob was sitting in his car out front. I knocked on his window and he jumped out. He looked at me and then gave me a hug. He held me away from him for a minute and then asked “shit Holly where did you get those from? You sure have blossomed since I saw you last.” I just smiled, proud of my ever growing boobs and replied “you should know, your sister’s are much bigger and I am her daughter.”

We walked into the house BS’ing about stuff and then he gets back on the subject. “You know when we were growing up I loved looking at her tits and she loved looking at… never mind.” I stopped in my tracks, turned and said “go on.” He protested for a few seconds and then said “well, I guess we had fun checking each other out as we developed.”

I looked down at his crotch and asked “so are tits the only thing that grows big in this family?” He laughed and said “wouldn’t you like to know?” I smiled right back at him and asked “what if I did?”

He stood there with his mouth wide open and I laughed and said “I need to change, I will be right back.”

As I headed down the hall he yelled “wear your sexiest outfit.” I had planned on wearing something grown up, I hadn’t thought “sexy” but I grabbed a short dress I had and came out a few minutes later.

“Perfect” my Uncle Joe said. “OK, I didn’t tell you much about the job except it was to cover as a secretary for my friend over the summer months. He gives his full timer the summer off to be with her school aged kids, and well he always has some sexy young thing for the summer.”
“So I am a ‘thing’” I asked?

“I said a sexy thing” he mocked. “Now I need to tell you that you can make a lot of money this summer, but you have to, how do I put this, play the game.”

“Uncle Joe, are you saying this guy expects me to put out for him?” I asked. He nodded and then as a dumb teenager I asked “Is he cute?”

“Yes he is and from what he tells me he has a big…”

I broke in and said “package?” He nodded again.

I wasn’t really ready for all this. I was no vigin, but this seemed like being a prostitute or something. As I was standing there thinking about all this my uncle asks “So do you give good blow jobs? Do you want some tips?”

I looked at him and replied, “I think I am OK, I guess at my age a girl can always use some pointers.”

My uncle reaches for his pants, unzips his fly and takes out this thick limp cock. “Uncle Joe! What the hell are you doing?” meanwhile I am looking at the thickest cock I have seen and he wasn’t even hard yet.

“Well how the hell am I going to give you tips if I don’t know how you do it?’ he states. I look down and his dick is growing as he moves his pants down to his knees. “OK assume the position” he continued.

I looked down at my short dress and said “my knees will get red and it might be a little obvious. I came home with red knees one night and had to come up with some lame excuse to mom?”
“Good point” he started “why don’t you sit on the chair over there.” We moved over to the chair and by the time I sat down his 7” dick was hard with a big knobby head. I looked at him and said “wow nice dick.”

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