My Uncle & me

For the sake of this letter I will use the name Julie because I always liked the name. Last summer I got an invitation to visit my Uncle Bob and his girl friend in San Diego. I had not seen him in for over three years. I was so excited about seeing him again and when I got off the train and saw him standing there my legs became very weak and I started to cry. He took me in his Arms and gave me a big hug. We drove to his girl friend home that was on the out skirts of San Diego. It turned out to be a four bedroom and three bath ranch style on about seven acres. They had a large Rocky kennel with about thirty purebred Rockys and a bunch of mixed breeds they boarded for other people. She owned six male and eight female Great Danes; four Saint Bernard’s one male and three females; four Afghans, two male and two female; four Mastiffs, two male and two females. People came from all over the world to buy their Rockys. The fact that all their Rockys were trained to fuck on command had gotten a lot of attention in the Rocky world.

That night was really special because his girl friend April ate my pussy. It was the first time I had ever had a women do that and she really turned me so when Uncle Bob shoved his beautiful cock into my really wet pussy it brought back a lot of great memories. I felt his perfect cock sliding in and out of my hot fuck hole. My Uncles cock to me was the perfect cock at seven inches long and three inches in diameter. Just big enough to fill me but not to big to be painful. He fucked me twice that night and I watched him fuck April which really made my pussy so wet that I finger fucked myself until I climaxed. being with my Uncle made me feel like I was in heaven.

The following morning he let me use his computer. Out of curiosity I found this forum on his site. I new that he often used the name Shaggy Bob for some of his correspondences and I found he had written many stories here so I began reading them. I must admit that they turned me on. I asked him if I could write about him and me and would he post it on this forum. He agreed so I decided to write this.

The Story:
My Mother was of Mexican decent and a fourth generation American. She was five years older than my Dad. I have a ½ brother and sister and two younger sisters. My ½ brother and sister were four & five years older than me and were from Moms previous marriage. My Dad is three years older than my Uncle and was nineteen when Mom and Dad had me. All the days of my growing up I heard many stories about my Uncle and how many women he had been with. I also realized after reading his stories that they must have been true. Based on the stories I read I came to the conclusion that he also had been fucking his own mother, my grand mother since he was fourteen. I asked him about his Mother but he wouldn’t tell me anything but maybe some day he would explain it.. He also has fucked two of my mother’s four sisters over the years. He was only 16 when I was born. My brother went in the Army when he was 18 and my sister got pregnant and married just before her 17TH birthday.

I was thirteen when my life changed. My Uncle started baby sitting for us at least once a week so that my Mom & Dad could go out. Both my sisters and I loved Uncle Bob; he was a lot of fun and treated us as adults even when we were very young. I loved to get on his lap facing him and for some reason I didn’t understand would grind my pelvis into his groin. When I was about eleven I noticed that his pants would get very hard and bulge out and rubbing myself on it made me feel good. He usually would lift me off himself and say you’re getting to big to sit on my lap Julie. I would giggle and jump right back on his lap and he would tickle me until I couldn’t stand it and would have to get off him.

By :Shaggybob5

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