My Teacher Sophia

At that time I was in 12th Standard. And this was my first affair, that too with my Teacher. Now I would like to tell you about my teacher. Her name was Sophia and she taught Language. She was married. At that time she was 26 years old. Fair complexion with Measurements 38DD-22-34, Height 5’2, Eye Color Brown and Hair Color Jet Black.

Her looks were sexy and seductive. I couldn’t concentrate properly and every time I looked at her, I got a big hard on. After all her classes I went to the washroom where I ejaculated long and hard just thinking about her. My grades suffered badly, even when I did her homework, I thought of her and had to jack off. On the other hand, my grades in other subjects were very good, save for Biology which you shall know about in my other story.

In spite of my bad marks, I was very good friends with Sophia. In free periods and when inquiring about my marks, I used to chat with her. On the memorable day, school was nearly over and the exams were coming. Sophia told me that the next day I would have to stay back as she wanted to discuss some things with me. I decided that it was now or never and called my car later than what Sophia had said.

Hers was the last period and I anxiously waited for the bell. Eventually the bell rang, even though the class seemed to take forever to end. I waited, sitting at my desk, and Mrs. Sophia was leaning on her desk saying goodbye to the students as they were quickly leaving. She looked so good on this day too. Her hair was down and she was wearing a red blouse with a black skirt that came down about 2 inches below her knees. She was wearing black stockings and open toed strapped sandals.

As the last person left and the door closed, she looked towards me and said, “Okay, come up here so we can go over this essay and your grade.” I said sure and made my way up there. She told me to sit on the stool on the same side of the desk with her so we can look at the essay together and the grades. My stool was higher than her chair so I sat a little bit above her, so as she was pointing out my mistakes in my essay it made it easy for me to look at her cleavage. “I don’t know what we are going to do about this grade, because I have talked to your other teachers to find out how you are doing in their classes and they say you are doing great.

So, I am trying to understand why you have a hard time writing essays, but you can ace a math exam?” All I was able to think to say was, “I just think I have a hard time trying to find words to describe what I am thinking.” I could feel my penis was as hard as a rock sitting there next to her alone. I felt as if there was any chance in the world maybe something could happen, this could be it. But, the thing is, this isn’t just your essays, it is your participation grade, your vocab quizzes, here, look.”

She reached down to the bottom left hand drawer facing away from me. This was my chance. The thing I feel most confident about, my penis. I slowly unzipped my pants so she couldn’t hear it as she shuffled to the bottom of the books in her desk to get her grade book and I whipped out my penis. There was no turning back at that moment as she turned back with the grade book.

“Oh my god!”

she said as she slid back about a foot on her chair with her hands over her mouth and her eyes wide and locked-in on my hard-on.

“What are you doing?!” she said.”This is the reason, Mrs. Sophia. This is why I can’t pass your class. Every time I look at you and Every time I think of you this is what happens to me and I just cannot focus. I am sorry if I startled you, but I wanted you to know. Being I won’t see you anymore after this year.”She slowly collected herself and got up from her chair and walked to the other side of the desk and said,

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