My Submission As A Sex Slave To Gangsters

Hi, I am Malti, 32-year female. Here I describe the reason why I have abandoned my husband. It is a long story. I was married to him 10 years ago. I was a poor village girl while he was much rich and living in a city with all the modern amenities.

There was an age gap between the two of us. I was 22 years while he was 38.A great difference of age, but as my parents was poor, and I was not getting any proposal for long, so I reluctantly consented to this marriage. However in physical strength he outwitted me. He copulated with me very powerfully on our first bridal night, suhagraat. I was more than satisfied with her stamina and technique. I bore a baby girl next year. I was caring his whole family with zeal and as a duty. There was not a stint of trouble of any kind for a few years.

During all these years I could little noticed that my husband was surrounded by friends who were later having an eye on me. I was not only beautiful but sexy as well. Although I was slim my boobs and buttocks were pretty heavy and inviting. I was only metric passed when I married to him; as years passed my hubby taught me certain etiquettes i.e. how to speak English with an accent, how to dress, and how to entertain his friends and guests. I noticed that in the company of his friends he behaves differently. Sometimes I have seen him taking liquor. I did not object to it just because of modesty.

While obeying his orders I, indeed, was turning from ‘a respectable wife’ (kula-vadhuu) to ‘a society girl’. My daughter was 7 year old at this time, and I noticed that her grooming will be affected if I further obeyed my dear husband. I tried to divert his attention from his lusty friends to my little daughter. After all he was her father, and being so, it was his duty to take care of her and build her character. But my advice was disregarded. He did not mend his behavior. However, he remained very soft and polite to me, and tried to convey his arguments in favor of modernity and free behavior.

As a trick, he began to spend much more on my daughter. I was cooled down at this point.

A year passed; I noticed now that he is not a duty-bound husband to me or a faithful gentleman to his own family; rather he is being gradually turning into a strange person, beyond my recognition. In all I noticed perverse desires into his eyes and bodily gestures. I was terribly afraid realizing my future and my daughter’s physical safety. To my surprise he amended his behavior, and I was satisfied to his sudden change.

A few months passed calmly. But a new trouble started. He suddenly informed me about the gradual business loss he has faced. To recover the loss to his business he borrowed heavy amount of money on credit but is now unable to pay back. The loss was occurring more and more to us. I blamed all this to bad luck. As time passed our financial position was going from bad to worst. It is this time I found myself in a real moral trouble.

The Seth and his associates from whom my hubby borrowed a heavy amount of money began to threaten my husband for paying immediately, or else they will file a civil court case as well as a criminal one, resulting in an arrest and going to central prison.

My husband was truly helpless. He sent me to the particular Seth for evolving a formula to rescue his business and our prestige. I went to his haveli, and obtained an appointment with the Seth Dharamchand Karamchand Ghodewala, the surname was quite strange to me, however, I noticed several horsys standing in his courtyard and a bagghi. This Seth was 58-year old, heavy built, with a thick mustache.

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