My Step daughter Izzie

My wife Gabriella or Gabby as I called her was leaving on a business trip to get some training. As I dropped her at the airport she turned to me, her soft brown eyes sparkling and her deep red lips glistening and inviting, she leaned into me and kissed me then she said “Be good to my Izzie and treat her like the beautiful young woman she is”.

I smiled at my wife and nodded my head then she turned to leave, grabbed her bag from the back seat and gave me a wave after she closed the door. I drove away, dodging the taxis, and limos that seem to choke the area around the airports, but my mind was on what I was planning to do with beautiful little Izzie.

Gabby and I had married some years before, and she had brought Izzie into my life, a sweet young girl who was the spitting image of her mother. Gabby was short at just a hair over 5’, with nice wide hips and a soft waist. Gabby has small breasts with nice puffy nipples, and her brown skin is accentuated by her dark black hair. Izzie was just a younger version of her mom. Izzie had really started to mature into a sexy Hispanic woman these last few years, her soft body going from pudgy to soft and sexy. Gabby had caught me masturbating as I smelled her daughters soiled panties, lost in her daughters strong scent, just as strong as her moms.

Gabby had a dark past with unseemly behavior, but I didn’t know that much of that had to do with her own strong desires not just her desire for monetary gain. When Gabby found I wanted her daughter she wasn’t angry, quite the opposite, she seemed excited by it and she began to encourage my feelings and even wanted me to tell her all that I wanted to do to her daughter, even coming up with a few suggestions of her own, but I was floored when she told me she was going to be away for a week and I should use that time with Izzie to discover if she had similar desires.

When I got home I went to Izzie’s room and laid out her clothes for later. Sheer black pantyhose, and black pumps for her feet and legs, a clingy black skirt to hug her ample hips, and a blood red silk blouse top cover her perky breasts. I called for dinner reservations and then laid out my own clothes.

When Izzie came home from school at 4 PM I was there to greet her, “Hey Izzie” I said “How was school baby”?

“Hey dad” she answered “It was good”. Typical teenage curt answer, but I still thought she was gorgeous. She had walked in wearing her grey sweat pants that jiggled as she walked and showed off her panty lines and a t-shirt that was thin enough I could clearly see the outline of her bra and I knew exactly which one she was wearing. Izzie watched me look her up and down, and she seemed to enjoy the attention, but she still seemed a little embarrassed.

“I made plans for tonight” I said cheerily, “so be ready to go by 7” I said.

“Where are we going” she asked?

“I thought we’d have a nice dinner and have some alone time” I smiled.

Izzie beamed when I said this “Sounds like fun” she said, “too bad it’s a school night”.

“You can have tomorrow off if you want”, I said.

“Yea” she squealed and then she gave me a hug and added “You’re the best”.

“But you still have to get your work done” I said sternly, “We leave at 7”.

Izzie stood straight and saluted “Yes sir, daddy sir” and then we both laughed.

The next three hours were some of the longest of my life. I hovered over Izzie asking if she needed anything or any help. I think she saw I was checking her out more than normal and she seemed to be eating it up. At 6 O’clock I reminded her to get ready and she trotted off to get ready and soon I heard the shower running so I headed to my room to do the same. I was hard as a rock and washed extra slow to enjoy the feel of my erection, and hope that Izzie would soon be doing the same.

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