My sister’s husband came to my bedroom and fucked all my holes

Hello. My name is Emma, I am 22 years old, born and raised Iowa.

I am a cute girl next door type similar to ones you would see in Hallmark movies.

I have pale white soft skin, sky blue eyes, 5’7, 90 pounds, size 36C/24/36, natural blond hair but I wear my hair brown.

It all started when I moved to Boston.

Three years ago, I was accepted to a college in Boston, where my married elder sister Lizzy lives.

I was going to stay in a student housing, but Lizzy insisted that I stay in their house, and I accepted.

Lizzy and her husband Mike have a nice ocean front home. There are four bedrooms upstairs, and living areas on the main floor. My room is at the other end of the hallway from my sister’s master bedroom.

One day, I undressed, was about to sleep, when I heard Lizzy cried, “No! Stop!”. I was curious and went out to the hallway to see what is going on. Their bedroom door was ajar, and I peeked inside.

Lizzy was in Rockygy position, and Mike was trying to push his cock into her butt hole. “Wrong hole! Your cock is too big for my tight butt hole, you tore me up last time and it was painful”, Lizzy shouted, “Hurry up! Fuck my pussy and come quickly! I am in the mood but I am doing this for you so you get off my back, because I want to sleep”.

I continued peeking and devoured Mike’s athletic body, and his big strong hands grabbing my sister’s ass. At that moment I wanted to be in Lizzy’s place.

“Your pussy is dry again” gruntled Mike and turned to the night stand to get some lubricant.

At that moment I saw Mike’s huge dick, it was long and thick, with a shiny mushroom head, that sight made my knees weak, and I felt my pussy burning hot and getting wet.

I inadvertently pushed my three fingers of my right hand into my pussy, while I rubbed my clit with my thumb, and started rubbing my left nipple with my left hand, as I continue watching Mike’s rock hard cock.

Mike lubed his cock generously, grabbed Lizzy’s ass with both hands, and shoved his cock all the way in into her pussy, “as you wish”, he shouted, and started fucking Lizzy’s pussy in deep long thrusts, slapping his pendulum like big balls with each push.

I felt like Mike wasn’t fucking Lizzy, rather he was punishing her by hitting her ass and pussy as hard as he can with all of his body, shaking Lizzy from head to toe with every push.

Mike grabbed the ponytail of Lizzy with his right hand and pulled Lizzy’s head back as he continued pounding her ass, while Lizzy was cursing and telling him to hurry up, which was causing Mike to go harder and faster.

Mike stopped for a moment, groaned, pulled Lizzy’s ass against his cock and started cumming inside Lizzy. Just by watching that, I came too.

“I am going to sleep now”, Lizzy said, laid down and pulled the comforter over herself.

Mike’s cock was still erect, cum still dripping from the tip, and he stood up and turned towards the door, that was when he saw me totally naked with my fingers in my pussy.

I froze, but Mike didn’t say anything, and winked at me. I was embarrassed, my face blushed. I panicked, ran back to my bedroom and went under the comforter as if nothing happened.

“I am downstairs”, Mike said to Lizzy. “I am sleeping, leave me alone” replied Lizzy.

A minute later, I heard my door opening slowly, and my heart started racing. Was it Mike, I asked myself. I am sure he was.

I closed my eyes, I was feeling someone was watching me.

“I know you saw us” said Mike. I opened my eyes. Mike was completely naked and his cock was still erect, one feet away from my face.

By :sisterinlaw

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