My sexual encounter with my Neighbour’s wife

I’m Mr. Kumar and I’m from Southern India, I’m 28 years old single male, 6″ feet tall and 90 kg ( little overweight) my optimum weight should be around 83 kg so I workout occasionally to cut out my excess 7 kg of weight. I work in industrial sector and I moved to a new rented apartment in a Metropolitan city in South India. The rent is okay compared to my previous flat. The best thing about the apartment, the neighborhood is peaceful suburban away from city’s traffic and noise.

After finishing my housewarming ceremony and formalities my parents stayed with me for a couple of days and went to my hometown and I’m all by myself in the flat. My work timings are 8 am to 6pm and I like my job.

I’m currently not in a relationship so I’m single, but deep down I always have a strong feelings for married women and women over 28 years old. It’s because the type of porn we watch will deeply impact our minds. I have a serious sexual appetite for Bhabhis ( newly married women 24 years old to 30 years old) Aunties (women age 0f 30 to 48).

I don’t get attracted to girls at the age of 18 to 25 years old and I think they are quite young and tender. But above 25 to late 40’s women are the most beautiful thing in the world.
I like my whisky and my women to be matured, so they taste better.

Moving on to the story, I’m living in the 6th floor of the 14 floor building, we are having 4 flats in each floor, Next to my flat there is a North Indian family residing, The family consist of 2 members a husband and a wife, they having 2 children studying in boarding school, the husband running import and export business and wife is working as beautician in the neighborhood’s beauty parlor.

My opposite flat is vacant for a long time before and after I moved in, and another flat is occupied with a south Indian family (we don’t speak the same language) their family have 2 kids and a husband and a wife, husband is working in Gulf and often visit his family in two months period of time, wife is a homemaker quite conservative family which is obvious for a south Indian (“Stereotype”) I will explain about her in the future,

The North Indian family Mr. Nemichand 56 year old and his beautiful wife Mrs. Swapna Nemichand 35 years old and her name suits her (Swapna = Dream), she is really a dream ( wet dream) of every men,
She is not gym fit but she is curvy ,5’11” tall, white as milk, long haired with oval face, brown eyes, sharp nose with a Nose ring on the left side, saffron lips, double chin and very few amount of neck fat. Her looks defines her beauty, god oh god one can look her face all day with out even blinking,

She has a curvy body with a “Side Set” boobs (gap in the middle)

They are medium 34 C with a average nipples. Her waist is wide 36″ with the back and belly fat rolled up at the edges while wearing saree, she has long legs with large white, milky, flabby, fleshy and curvy thighs and butt, she has great calves and her white feet with mehandhi( henna) oh god she really a god’s wonder.

I saw her inside my house on house warming day talking to my mom and she was wearing a long yellow tight kurti( long tops) with full sleeve flannels and a green leggings, dear lord my body got heat by seeing her and heart pumped like a piston in a fast moving vehicle, being a south Indian I have seen few white north indian women here in the city, but never seen such an authentic north Indian woman like her. The moment I saw her I got aroused and stunned.

She saw me, smiled and I greeted her, she then asked my name and stuff ( regular enquiry) then she left to work. I keeping asking questions about her to my mom and know about her family.

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