My Sexual Autobiography

My earliest sexual experiences (that I can remember) were with neighbor
girls. I will call them Pamela and Gina. Pamela had a pug nose and
freckles. She kept her sandy blond hair cut short, to the length of her
neck. Gina was taller and blonder, plumper, and cuter. Pamela was a tomboy
and the leader. Gina was more of a “girly” girl, preferring dolls and
dresses to climbing trees and blue jeans, but nonetheless joined Pamela
and I in our exploits. I was the oldest at about seven, and Pamela and
Gina were six. I have a hard time remembering who initiated the sexual
contact, but I’m pretty sure that it was Pamela. She liked telling nasty
stories, making bathroom jokes and giggling about body parts. Only a few
specific events come to mind, but I’ll try to encapsulate the sum of the

We enjoyed playing doctor and house like any other kids, and of course we
engaged in group masturbation and mutual masturbation. We tried to engage
in sex several times, but my penis was too small, and I suspect that their
vaginas were probably also too small. Mostly we played little dirty games
while partially or fully nude. I suppose that it would be viewed as
harmless experimentation and probably cute.

Our parents caught us a couple of times. Once my mother found me and
Pamela in the closet with our clothes unbuttoned, but we weren’t naked and
nothing had happened yet. Pamela’s older sister caught us once, too.
Pamela had moved further away from the city and of course Gina and I went
over to spend the night. One night Pamela and I were both naked under the
covers, kissing each other and tickling each other, when her sister (who
was about 16 or 17) came in to the room. I think she took one look at us
and realized what we were doing, then left the room. I don’t know if she
ever reported us to our parents or not, but I’m sure she knew what was
going on.

When Pamela moved away, Gina and I had more time to play with each other.
We urinated and defecated in front of each other, masturbated, kissed each
other’s bodies, and took turns inserting objects into Gina’s vagina
(pencils, fingers, a doll’s arm, other small, safe items). Gina was always
very shy about it, but never said no. She always blushed and looked away,
but for some reason agreed to the sexual games and came up with her own
ideas and suggestions. I played house with her a lot.

Looking back, I understand that it was just games and experimentation,
because I remember being more fascinated with looking at their bodies than
touching them. Sometimes we just sat across from each other naked, looking
at each other’s genitals. I thought their vaginas were weird, but
beautiful and nice to look at and touch. (Note: Right now I’m using
clinical terms like “urinate” and “vagina”, but when I get into the
experiences that are more sexual than experimental, I will be using
bedroom language such as “piss” and “cunt”. I apologize in advance.)

My family moved away from that city, but we visited the families of Pamela
and Gina several times. I remember one visit very clearly — I was thirteen
and the two girls were twelve. All the families had reunited on this big
farm owned by a mutual friend, and the three of us were fooling around in
a barn. The two girls took turns kissing me, and then I suggested that
they kiss each other. I think I wanted to see it because of an adult
magazine that Pamela and I had found at her dad’s house a long time ago.
The magazine showed two women naked, kissing and fondling each other. It
turned Pamela and me on immensely. So I asked them to kiss each other, and
they did. Then the three of us climbed up into the loft and
looked out the window at the cows and horsys. Pamela pointed out the
enormous penises of the animals, and that got us all started up again, so
Pamela and Gina took turns licking my penis. Then Pamela and I took turns
licking Gina’s pussy, but Gina would not perform oral sex on Pamela. I
think Gina came. I didn’t. This was definitely a sexual experience… a
source of many fantasies for years to come.

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