My Sex with my Aunt ( True Story)

Hi reader, this is my first story and true story which happened very recently. This lockdown period is the best as I feel and I will tell you why.

Coming to story now.

I am virtual man ( name changed ) and age 24 living in Hyderabad. I work in software firm. As you now this time period has hit with a dangerous virus ‘The CORONA’which had changed my fate. Since I being a software employee we had wfh option which.was compulsory for 23 of march as you know. Luckily I was out of Hyderabad and reached my native. Here the true story begins of my life. After many days I have been to my native where my grandparents along with my uncle and my aunt lives.

Her comes the heroine of my story “My aunt”. Let me describe her first she is the hot lady, with 36 24 36, normal complexity, very good ass. When I was about 15 years old , my uncle got married to this lady. Every vacation when I was to my native. I use to stare at her like a hungry Rocky. Believe me she is very hot that time. I will tell one of experiences in my childhood with her. When we visited her home,
She use to greet me very well. She does all household works and very perfect in that cooking stuff. I use to secretly go to the kitchen and look her ass and boobs. Even I use to help are sometimes so that I would get a chance to touch her. She use to sit down and cut the vegetables at that time I use to see her big boobs from the top blouse. She use to find out my looks and adjust her blouse. This happened many times as he does all house works many time her pallu slips off her shoulder and goes down. Everytime I use to see her, she use adjust it in front of me.
Since I was young that time, I couldn’t guess exactly what was happening in my pant everytime. One of my friend told about the porn stuff which I got addicted to completely.

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I even use to masturbate seeing those movies.
Every visit to my native was very exciting to me.i use to take her bra and panties, sniff them like a Rocky and masturbate on it and use to give for washing. I guess this continued for many year. And even she knows I have some feelings for her.

Present story:

Now recently my uncle and aunt shifted to new house near my gp house. This being lockdown period, I became very close to aunt as I use to visit regularly to their house..This period of lockdown is very advantages trust me guys. Since my gparents are old , my aunt use to come and cook for them even or send them the carriage. I use to carry that.

My aunt is different now, she as become little fat, bigger boobs and bigger ass but even now she turned me on. She had 2 children and leading happy life. One day, when she came for cooking, as usual I was expecting her to sit and cut the vegetables as she use to do that from my childhood. But this time as technology grew, we had advance cutters with she was about to use them. Then my naught brain thought to seduce and convince her to sit and down and cut the vegetables so that I can see her boobs.

Me : Atthaya, we are not using ur old style of cutting the vegetables
Attha: No, I can’t now, as I old and can’t sit down.
Me : Old? You? I don’t think so
Attha: Shut up! I have too kids.
Me : so what, u look healthy and beautiful
Even I want to learn the way you cut the vegetables
Attha: U want to learn or see?
Me : sorry I didn’t get you..
Attha : I mean you want see and learn?

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This time I felt something big I missed from her words. She said something and I couldn’t sense it immediately. Finally she agreed to sit and cut the vegetables

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