My Reluctant Lactating Wife on a Hunting Trip

My wife, Eva, and I are now in our fifties, and we don’t have a very active sex life anymore, especially since Eva went through menopause several years ago. However, I do have wonderful memories of our sexual experiences from when we were younger.
This story is about an event that took place on a hunting trip, and it changed our sex lives forever. I was thirty years old at the time and Eva had just turned twenty-seven. She was still breastfeeding our third child, who was born just four months prior to the time this event took place.
When we were younger, Eva and I had a pretty normal sex life, except for my having a smaller-than-average cock, and it had become routine for me to bring her to orgasm orally after I had cum in her. I just couldn’t seem to get her off with my small prick, and one night after I had ejaculated in her, she was far from being satisfied, and pushed my head down to her pussy to finish the job.
That was a first for us, and although I wasn’t that anxious to eat the creampie that I had created, I did as she wanted and had my first taste of cum, even though I had not ejaculated that much. Eva had an intense orgasm from me sucking my cum from her pussy, and my cunt-sucking became routine for us. I also enjoyed sucking Eva’s lovely DD-cup breasts while we were making love, and because she was breastfeeding our third child, I was also enjoying her sweet mother’s-milk.

Sucking her milk-swollen tits also turned her on sexually, and she was ravenous to be fucked and have her pussy sucked whenever I sucked her tits while she was lactating. However, since the birth of our last child, Eva had not yet started taking her birth control pills again, and I was fucking her with a condom, but still enjoying long sessions of eating her pussy and swallowing her juices.

I really began to enjoy everything about sucking Eva’s cum-filled pussy, and one day I discovered the Yahoo internet porn sites, where I eventually focused on reading cuckold and creampie stories. Up until that time, I had never had any bisexual desires, but the more stories that I read, the more excited I became at the possibility of someday sucking another man’s cum from Eva’s pussy.
Over time I shared those desires with Eva, just talking about the idea of my being a cuckold as a wild fantasy that I could probably never actually do, but she had no interest in it at all.

Eva was, and still is, an incredibly beautiful woman, and I feel so very lucky that she married me. At the time of this story she was five feet and two inches tall, weighed one hundred and fifteen pounds, and wore a zero to two dress size. Coming from an Irish heritage, she has long, gorgeous red hair and the smoothest and most perfect alabaster skin that I have ever seen. Her breasts are a nice, tight and shapely D-cup, and they grew to a full and round DD-cup when she was breastfeeding. They were so curvaceous that it made my dick hard just to look at her. Her ass is just perfect, with two distinct globes of flesh with smooth, blemish-free skin that protruded in a most-seductive way.
Even though she has many fine features, I would have to say that her ass is the best one. Seeing her laying down on her stomach on the bed, with those beautiful globes sticking up, surrounding that pretty pink asshole and just above her pussy, takes my breath away. Her shaved pussy is very tight, especially considering her giving birth to our three children. It is very juicy, and she has the cutest patch of red hair above her vulva.
Another fantastic thing about her is that she squirts when she has an orgasm, so I always got a mouthful of her sweet pussy juices, in addition to my own cum. Despite her beauty, she was still a very conservative, church-going mother, and she never had thoughts of having sex with other persons. But after the events of this story, she became an insatiable MILF who could never seem to get enough cock.

Now back to the story. I was employed as a Production Manager for a small manufacturing company, and my best friend and boss of many years was Jim, the VP of Production. Jim worked-out a lot and was in great shape, at six feet and two inches tall and about one hundred and ninety pounds. He is also well-endowed, and I’m guessing that his cock is a thick eight inches hard, and he has big, low-hanging balls. I knew that because we saw each other in the shower after our work-outs at the company gym. That also meant that he knew that I have a small cock, and we were good enough friends that, over time, I had shared with him that I had to suck Eva’s pussy to give her orgasms.
One night when we were both drunk, I also told Jim about my cuckold fantasies, but that I knew that I would never be able to act them out. Jim had also shared with me that he and his wife Joan were very active sexually, and she really enjoyed being fucked with his big cock. Joan is also a good friend of Eva’s, and they spent a lot of time socializing together. I’m sure that they talked about their sex lives with one another.
The other friends and coworkers who are a part of this story are Frank Morgan, the tall, aggressive and pushy marketing manager for the company, who had a reputation for being a real ladies man, and Trent Mitchell, who was Frank’s assistant. Trent is an average-sized black man and kind of shy, and it was rumored that he has a big cock, although I had never seen it in the gym.

Over a period of many years, Jim, Frank, and Trent, and a few other employees went on several hunting trips each year. I had never gone since I had small children and Eva and I always seemed to have other plans. However, that year, Jim invited me to go on a trip with him and the other two guys and also invited our wives. That seemed a little unusual to me because I knew from the rumors that those hunting trips usually included a lot of drinking, card playing, porn movies, and sometimes even women from the isolated area near the hunting camp, to provide sexual relief.
I talked the trip over with Eva and she was anxious to go, as a chance to get a break from the constant child care responsibilities with the new baby. I warned Eva that the guys could be rowdy at the cabin sometimes, but she felt that with the wives present, the guys would behave.
We needed to arrange for Eva’s sister to watch the children, and we also bought an electric breast pump to express the milk from her full breasts during the long weekend, and to also prepare many bottles of milk for her sister to feed the baby. The pump was important because Eva’s breasts become very full, swollen and painful if she misses the baby’s routine feedings.

Eva and the other wives were all excited about going on the hunting trip, and they got together to talk about the sleeping arrangements in the cabin. That is basically a big, open cabin with one small bedroom, and several large bunk beds in the open area. There is also a kitchen area and an indoor bathroom, with a big game table in the center of the room. In one corner is a wood-burning stove that keps the cabin very warm.
It was decided that the couples could take turns using the bedroom, and that everyone would wear conservative clothes in the cabin to alleviate any modesty issues. The women had made all the plans for the dinners that would be cooked and the supplies that were needed, and it was then just one week before the hunting weekend.

As the week progressed, each of the wives, except for Eva, had family situations develop that prevented them from going on the trip. We were all disappointed, and I asked Eva if she wanted to also cancel the trip since the other wives weren’t going. But Eva was so anxious for some relaxation time that she decided to go with us anyway. I mentioned that I was a worried that the other guys would be a little wilder without their wives present, but Eva said that she would be able to handle the situation and felt that she could put up with some rowdiness.

The weekend finally came, and we all took off for the cabin at about 7:00 am on Friday morning. Eva breastfed the baby before we left home, and she also used the pump to completely empty her breasts for the long six-hour drive. Frank drove us in his large SUV and Trent sat up front with him. Jim, Eva and I sat in the back seat, with Eva in the middle, and the remainder of the SUV was filled with our gear and supplies.
The trip was uneventful for the first few hours, and we just all talked about the trip and Frank told a few off-color jokes. Eva seemed to take everything in stride, so I didn’t say anything about the jokes for fear of spoiling the weekend. As we continued, the weather was changing for the worse, and a snow storm was now causing the driving to be very hazardous. Frank had to slow down and drive very cautiously, which was fine, except that was delaying our arrival at the cabin, and Eva was now overdue to have her breasts milked.
She was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, with a flannel shirt over that, and I could tell by looking at her and by her quiet complaints to me that her breasts were then very full and getting more painful by the minute. I knew that I had to do something to help Eva relieve the pressure.

It was still light outside, so I knew that I couldn’t hide what I was doing, but I just hoped that the guys wouldn’t mind if I sucked Eva’s breasts to express the milk. I told them about Eva’s problem and said that I needed to help her. The guys indicated that they understood the situation, and wouldn’t mind if I helped Eva express some milk.
I unbuttoned the flannel shirt and opened it to the sides, and the look of Eva’s swollen breasts filling the t-shirt was just amazing. They were full and round and the areas next to her nipples were already wet with her milk. She had not worn a bra, and her swollen tits were moving seductively under the shirt.
As I lifted her t-shirt, Jim watched what I was doing, and instead of looking away, he turned towards us in his seat to fully watch us. I also noticed that Frank was watching us in the mirror and Trent was watching us across the seat. I lifted one side of her shirt and heard a quiet gasp from the guys as her beautiful tit, brown, silver-dollar-sized areola, and thick nipple came into view. I quickly covered her nipple with my mouth and began sucking.

The milk was flowing heavily, and I was enjoying feeding on her as she began to moan in sexual excitement. I drained the right breast and then pulled up the other side of the shirt to suck the left one, and I just left the whole shirt pulled up as I sucked the left tit. Both of her large breasts were in full view of the guys, and they were becoming visibly excited.
Eva’s head was back on the seat and her eyes were closed, and she began squirming in lust, and she was also rubbing her juicy pussy through her jeans. My dick was getting hard from all of that, and I saw that Jim had opened the zipper of his jeans and was openly rubbing the large bulge in his underwear. All the guys began to make comments about how hot it was to watch me sucking the milk from Eva’s tits, and then Eva began to shake and moan loudly as she had a huge orgasm. It was a squirting orgasm, and the smell of her pussy juice filled the car.
It was so erotic doing that in front of the guys, and they were very excited, to say the least. As Eva’s orgasm subsided, and she realized what had just happened, she was very embarrassed and apologized to the other men. Being as conservative as she was, that was very extreme activity for her. But, the men let her know that was one of the hottest things they had ever seen. Everyone finally calmed down and we were all very quiet for the rest of the trip, which took a total of nine hours.

Eva was very sullen as we arrived at the cabin and unloaded the SUV, and I knew that she was still embarrassed at having her tits sucked by me in front of the guys. Everyone got their gear stored and then the guys prepared a great meal of steaks and baked potatoes for all of us. After dinner it was getting dark, and Eva went into the bedroom to use the breast pump, as her tits were becoming full and swollen with milk again.
The men started drinking beer, turned on the TV, and started to show porn DVDs. I’m sure that would not have happened if all of the wives were there, but Frank decided to bring the movies after the other wives were unable to come. There was still a lot of sexual tension in the air from our experience in the car. There were all sorts of movie plots, but Frank focused more on the ones that had several men with one woman, with her sucking and fucking all of them. I was watching with the men, and we were all getting excited, and everyone was openly rubbing their cocks in their sweat pants.
At one point I noticed that the door to the bedroom was cracked a little bit, and I saw the reflection of the light in Eva’s eyes as she watched the movie. That one showed three men, one being black, and all of them with huge cocks, fucking one red-haired lady. They were taking turns fucking her face and cunt, and she must have taken about six loads of cum. I went to the bedroom to see how Eva was doing, and I got a big surprise.

There was my conservative wife, sitting nude in a chair by the door, rubbing her big tits with one hand and finger-fucking herself with the other. I was so turned on that I couldn’t stand it, and I dropped to my knees and started sucking her wet, hairless pussy. Eva scooted down farther in the chair to give me better access to her pussy, and she then wrapped her legs around my head and pulled my mouth tightly to her cunt.
I can never seem to get enough of Eva’s pussy. Her juices are so sweet, and her aroma could arouse any man. She is tight, and her vulva is so tasty to suck. Her pussy even feels tight with just my tongue in her. It didn’t take her long to cum, since she had been masturbating for about an hour already, and she soon had a huge orgasm, filling my mouth with her sweet juices. She also made a lot of loud moans and screamed when she came, and the other guys were all excited by that.
I went back out into the room with the men after Eva had her orgasm, and all pretenses were off. The men all had their cocks out, openly stroking themselves. I had seen Jim’s cock soft before, but then it was at its full, eight inch hardness, with prominent veins and a huge head, and large, cum-filled balls. Frank has about a seven inch cock and it is much thicker than Jim’s, being as big around as a beer can. But Trent was the one who amazed me. His cock is at least ten inches long and as thick as Frank’s, and he has balls the size of plums.

All three men continued to masturbate their impressive meat, and one by one they shot huge loads of cum. They all produced at least five full, pulsing streams of thick semen. I have to admit that I was intently and hungrily watching the men stroke their impressive cocks, and as I looked back at the bedroom, I noticed that Eva was also watching them beat off, and she had a stunned look on her face. I went back to the bedroom to talk with her about it and she was just amazed at how big those cocks are on those men in the porn videos and on the men in the cabin.
She had previously only seen my little cock in person, and I could tell that she was very excited sexually at seeing the cocks on Jim, Frank and Trent. She was also amazed that their wives could take such big cocks in their pussies. Eva was also excited by the huge amount of cum that they sprayed, since I usually only produced a couple of small spurts.
My conservative, church-going wife was also feeling guilty at getting so turned on watching those men stroke their big cocks, and she vowed to not let the whole thing go any further. It was getting late and everyone was calming down after having their orgasms, and we went to bed for the night.

We all got up early the next morning to eat breakfast. All the guys were going hunting, and Eva was staying in the cabin to read and relax. I sensed that all of us were a little embarrassed and sheepish about what had occurred the night before, including me sucking the milk from Eva’s tits on the way to the cabin, so there wasn’t much conversation at breakfast. The guys knew that I had sucked Eva’s pussy to a huge orgasm, and they also knew that she had seen them masturbating their big cocks.
As the guys left the cabin, it was decided that Jim and I would share one of the enclosed tree stands, and Frank and Trent would share the other one. Both of stands are about an hour’s walk from the cabin. Jim and I climbed into our stand and were very quiet as the sun came up and until about mid-morning. It started to look like we would not see any deer that morning, and Jim started to talk about our trip and the things that had happened.

Jim said, “Ed, I have to tell you that seeing you sucking the milk from Eva’s tits, watching her rub her pussy through her jeans, hearing her orgasm and smelling her sex juices, were the hottest things that I have ever experienced! It was all I could do to keep from pulling my cock all the way out and beating off in the car.
I have always known that Eva is a beautiful woman, but I never realized just how well-shaped and gorgeous her tits are, especially when filled with milk. How do you feel about having three men watching you and Eva doing that in the car?”

I said, “Jim, I was so excited doing that in the car that I almost came in my pants without even touching my dick. Eva’s milk is so plentiful and sweet, and she really gets turned on when I suck her milk-filled tits. I have to admit to being shy and embarrassed about doing that in front of you guys, but in some ways, it was also very exciting. Did you really enjoy seeing it that much?”

“Absolutely!”, Jim said. “Quite frankly, I found myself thinking about our previous conversations about you having cuckold fantasies. Even though you said that you could never really do it, I was, for a moment, imaging that it could become a reality, and I could find myself sucking milk from those fantastic tits. And then later that evening, I got excited watching you as you watched Frank, Trent and me stroking our cocks and shooting our cum.”
“You had a hungry expression on your face as you watched us, and I remembered what you had told me about cuckolds sometimes sucking the cocks or their wives’ lovers. After what happened in the car and at the cabin, how do you feel about making your cuckold fantasies a reality?”

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