My Reluctant Lactating Wife on a Hunting Trip

My wife, Eva, and I are now in our fifties, and we don’t have a very active sex life anymore, especially since Eva went through menopause several years ago. However, I do have wonderful memories of our sexual experiences from when we were younger.
This story is about an event that took place on a hunting trip, and it changed our sex lives forever. I was thirty years old at the time and Eva had just turned twenty-seven. She was still breastfeeding our third child, who was born just four months prior to the time this event took place.
When we were younger, Eva and I had a pretty normal sex life, except for my having a smaller-than-average cock, and it had become routine for me to bring her to orgasm orally after I had cum in her. I just couldn’t seem to get her off with my small prick, and one night after I had ejaculated in her, she was far from being satisfied, and pushed my head down to her pussy to finish the job.
That was a first for us, and although I wasn’t that anxious to eat the creampie that I had created, I did as she wanted and had my first taste of cum, even though I had not ejaculated that much. Eva had an intense orgasm from me sucking my cum from her pussy, and my cunt-sucking became routine for us. I also enjoyed sucking Eva’s lovely DD-cup breasts while we were making love, and because she was breastfeeding our third child, I was also enjoying her sweet mother’s-milk.

Sucking her milk-swollen tits also turned her on sexually, and she was ravenous to be fucked and have her pussy sucked whenever I sucked her tits while she was lactating. However, since the birth of our last child, Eva had not yet started taking her birth control pills again, and I was fucking her with a condom, but still enjoying long sessions of eating her pussy and swallowing her juices.

I really began to enjoy everything about sucking Eva’s cum-filled pussy, and one day I discovered the Yahoo internet porn sites, where I eventually focused on reading cuckold and creampie stories. Up until that time, I had never had any bisexual desires, but the more stories that I read, the more excited I became at the possibility of someday sucking another man’s cum from Eva’s pussy.
Over time I shared those desires with Eva, just talking about the idea of my being a cuckold as a wild fantasy that I could probably never actually do, but she had no interest in it at all.

Eva was, and still is, an incredibly beautiful woman, and I feel so very lucky that she married me. At the time of this story she was five feet and two inches tall, weighed one hundred and fifteen pounds, and wore a zero to two dress size. Coming from an Irish heritage, she has long, gorgeous red hair and the smoothest and most perfect alabaster skin that I have ever seen. Her breasts are a nice, tight and shapely D-cup, and they grew to a full and round DD-cup when she was breastfeeding. They were so curvaceous that it made my dick hard just to look at her. Her ass is just perfect, with two distinct globes of flesh with smooth, blemish-free skin that protruded in a most-seductive way.
Even though she has many fine features, I would have to say that her ass is the best one. Seeing her laying down on her stomach on the bed, with those beautiful globes sticking up, surrounding that pretty pink asshole and just above her pussy, takes my breath away. Her shaved pussy is very tight, especially considering her giving birth to our three children. It is very juicy, and she has the cutest patch of red hair above her vulva.
Another fantastic thing about her is that she squirts when she has an orgasm, so I always got a mouthful of her sweet pussy juices, in addition to my own cum. Despite her beauty, she was still a very conservative, church-going mother, and she never had thoughts of having sex with other persons. But after the events of this story, she became an insatiable MILF who could never seem to get enough cock.

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