My Pervert brothers

I had always tried to pass my wisdom and experience to my younger
sister Jacklyn. She was eighteen and I was twentyone. She always
looked up to me and never hesitated to ask me questions or confide in
me. One afternoon I saw her reading one of those trashy romance novels.
She noticed me trying to read the title, “Driving Lust”, and offered as
explaination, “Lisa gave it to me at school.”

I thought nothing of it, she was about that age, so I continued
about my business. That weekend my parents left to attend a conference
and left me in charge. Friday night, I sat in my room leafing through
a well worn Penthouse. I heard a knock at the door and my sister stuck
her head in. I closed the rag and put it on my night stand. “Hey Brit,
ya busy?” she asked in her squeeky voice. “Not particularly” I said.
I was so used to the chicks in the Penthouse that I was barely arroused
by them anymore.

Jackie ran in and jumped on the bed, wearing a long T-shirt several
sizes to big that came down to mid-thigh. “I’ve been thinking
and…well, actually I have some questions” she said nervously. “Shoot”
I said.

“After reading that book, you know the love story, well I don’t
understand some things” Jackie started. “It kept talking about,
um…masterbation” she blurted, “…and um, how great it was…” she
paused. “But it never mentioned how to do it!” she finished, trying to
sound incredulous. “Anyway, it talked about sex, and this boy from
school wants me to do it.” Jacklyn said. “Who?” I asked. “Matt.” she
said. Not that little shit, I thought!

“So, I thought maybe I’d…you know…try masterbation first to see
if I liked it.” Jacklyn said, looking down. “And you need to know how?”
I asked. “Uh huh.” she said hopefully, glancing up at me, happy that she
had managed to get me to say it without her actually asking. “Jeez, I
donno…” I faltered. “well…you just kinda rub it.” I continued, not
communicating very well.

Jackie crawled up next to me and leaned against the head board. She
lifted up her hips and pulled the T-shirt up to her waist. She had no
undies on under her night shirt! Rubbing her thin muff with her hand
she asked, “Like this?” Temporarily stunned, I said “Wha?
Um…well…you gotta…um, I don’t know really.” Jackie charged, “I
know you do! I *see* that girlie mag right there! ”
pointing at my night stand. Busted. “Ok, ok!” I replied. She stopped
rubbing and clasped her hands on her chest. “Show me.” Jacklyn said.

I thought, “If I don’t show her that shit Matt will!” This is not
the kind of thing you learn in sex-ed or that little talk with Mom!
“Ok.” I said, taking on the tone of teacher, “First you need to know
about your body.” It was then that I realized that she had quite a body
for a girl her age. She was small, maybe four feet six inches, and on
the skinny side but she definitely had developing curves.

Her muff was thin and blonde allowing her pussy to show through.
“These are your lips.” I said, as I inserted my index finger under one
of her folds, sliding it up and down. “Oooooo, nice” she said.
“However, one of the most important parts is your clit” I continued,
“It’s the key to cumming.”

“What’s that?” she asked. “Don’t get ahead!” I quipped. “Now,” I
said, lifting and spreading her knees, “you spread your lips like this.”
I spread her full tender lips with my middle and index fingers, exposing
her bright pink meat within. My cock stiffened as my fingers
manipulated her labia. “You take your finger and stroke your clitoris.”
I said, as I begin stroking her nub, sliding it between my fingers. She
inhaled sharply between her teeth and wiggled her hips. “Oooo, harder!”
she said, getting into it.

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