My Peep Show

I was in my second year of college and wanted to make some extra spending money to supplement my scholarship. My roommate Julia mentioned several times I could make really good money as an escort to wealthy men. Sugardaddies to be exact. Even though she said the sex was easy, I really wasn’t into prostitution. Spreading my legs for boyfriends was one thing; spreading them for balding, fat guys was quite another even if they did lay one large on the table.

She then mentioned a couple of her girlfriends worked in peep shows. It just required skimpy outfits, simple stripping and putting on a little show. Mostly masturbating for onlookers. I love masturbation and skimpy clothes so it sounded simple enough. She made me an appointment with a sex shop manager and off I went.

The sex shop owner was a tall, thin older man. Maybe in his fifties. Jerry was his name. The shop was mostly porn DVDs and magazines lining the shelves. Anything you could possibly be looking for. It also had sex toys. Dolls, vibrators, dildos, anything for men. The back of the store had four rooms where people could watch women perform a sex show. Each had a comfy fake leather loveseat facing a full-length window. Enough room for only two people. It was one dollar a minute with a five dollar minimum. It was a little machine on the wall to the right.

Jerry took me to his office for a short interview. He had two cute young women minding the store in low-cut tops and jeans. Both had large breasts and the tops revealed them well. Sex sells, right? His office wasn’t much. Old desk and two chairs among tons of papers.

“You’re really pretty,” he said, giving me the once over before we sat down.

“Thank you.”

“So, Lauren, have you ever done this type of work before?” he said, sitting behind the desk.

“No, I haven’t, but I’m very open about sex so it shouldn’t be a problem,” I replied. I had on short shorts and a satin top that showed off my small breasts. A nice handful each. I was tall and thin. Long blonde hair that I had teased to look bigger.

“It’s not difficult. You just have to accept being topless almost all the time and really like masturbation. The guys that watch like to see nudity but they really like a show. They can ask for you to use dildos, vibrators, so forth. They can ask for you to get close to the glass and let them see closer. Many ask for anal. Guys do jerk off in those rooms. They hit the glass with cum. Many are ugly. Some have small dicks. Many are weird.”

“How weird?” I asked. My skin was a little warm and I was kinda turned on really.

“You’ll hear daddy, baby, bitch, show me your cunt, like my dick, whore?, all kinds of weird shit. There is no yelling or hitting the glass. Some can be abusive. Anything disgusting they can and will say.”

“Okay.” How much money was really my question. “How much does the average make?”

“Good question,” he said, folding his hands in his lap. “My cut is $20 an hour paid at the end of a shift. It’s six hour shifts. Girls get exhausted I’ve found so six is maximum unless you got a guy putting ones in. Up to you how long to go then. However, you can charge more for certain things. Anal you can charge more for. Cumming you can charge more for. One girl charged $20 to see her piss. None like to do it though.”

“I would for $20.”

“Good. There’s a place you can put your prices on the glass. If they don’t put the cash in, don’t do it. If they get abusive, close the curtain. I have a bouncer here at night. The job is ten to four. There is a couple of girls during the day on weekends. It’s just not profitable for them.”

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