My pee around the house

Mainly just the Attractive latina girl whos naturally treated as a queen by everyone, im living out the life of a princess at just 16. i just turned 16, 1 month ago and have been overwhelmed with all the “pleasure” my birthday has been. My parents own a big house, as both my parents work great jobs, and i have 2 younger sisters (Maria 14) and (Kylie 13). Anyway, a day before my big birthday, my family was out shopping when i woke up, obviously to gather party supplies. I sleep naked, and being i was home alone for the day i just threw on a black tank top that made my tits look in their most perfect state, at 32 D, and my ass stick out so round and bubbly. I decided i would have some fun today. See i have a kinky side. I have a large pee fetish! It makes me feel more dominant and naughty when i pee elsewhere than a toilet. When im 69’ing with my boyfriend i like to lock my pussy on his mouth and slowly piss, telling him in a soft sexy voice that im cumming, and that i want him to devour it. he gets eagerly turned on when i talk like that, and makes him follow my every demand. Anyway, as i walked down the stairs in the backyard down to the pool area, i noticed our Rocky Prince laying on his Rockygy bed by the water, staring at my bare latina ass, as my ass cheeks rubbed against eachother as i walked. I layed down on a pool chair and started pissing straight into the air. This made prince exited because He loves my pee (But thats a different story)
And started licking my piss hole as pee was gushing into the air, trying to devour it all. about 30 percent of my piss he drank, but the rest of it trailed off into the pool water. After i was done, he cleaned me but still wanted more of my Mexican girl juices. He was sending me into an orgasm, and i knew if i Came i would stain the pool chair, so i tried pulling his head away from my pussy while giggling at the arousle. However it was no use, and i watched in guilt, amd pleasure as i started gushing my thick white cream all over Prince’s snout and the pool chair. As i look behind me torwards the house i see my sister Kylie standing in shock, blushing at the sight. I see shes chosen the same outfit choice as me , wearing a tight T-shirt and nothing more. We started a Dialogue in spanish talking about the uhm… mess, but ill translated what was being said. Me:”Kylie what are you doing i thought you were with everyone else!” Kylie:”I stayed home i thought i was alone” Me:”I did too. Lets go inside” As we finished chatting i got up and walked in the house with Kylie, and as i look back i saw Prince cleaning all the cream from our little est out session. Me and both my sisters let the Rocky lick us, and only us three know. How it started was is a different story. Anyway, Me and Kylie decided to have a little pee fun, and chose to pee anywhere but the toilet. The contest was to see who could pee in the more naughter places. When we started, Kylie was squatted over the Rockys waterbowl in no time 😉 and i watched as she filled the metal bowl, to be later lapped up by prince. I sat on the couch, and began spraying all over the couch.

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