My Nieces Lap Dance

One summer weekend, my niece Leeza was over to visit my wife and I. It was very hot and around 10am I decided to take a cool shower. My wife said her and Leeza were going to go to the mall shopping. I couldn’t help but picture my hot young 18-year-old niece’s body naked every time I looked at her. I could tell she was feeling attracted to me by the looks she gave. With my cock always semi-hard with her around, she kept checking it out. I just hoped my wife wouldn’t catch her looking, or me for that matter.

With those two heading for the car, I turned on the shower, adjusted the water and got naked. I couldn’t help but picture my nieces little body naked as I stroked my cock to an intense hard-on. God, she had the perfect little body, with those hardball size breasts and large pink nipples. She had the perfect little ass too, so tight and smooth with no fat at all. She knew how her body was affecting me as she would wrestle and rub against me any chance she got.

By now my cock was rock hard, so I entered the shower to cool off. Even in the cool water, my cock stayed hard as a bone as I just kept thinking of Leeza. I had left the bathroom door open as I was home alone so you can imagine my surprise as a naked Leeza stepped into my shower. We both had a look of lust on our faces as we embraced in the shower. I adjusted the water a little hotter as we passionately kissed, our tongues chasing each other. All of a sudden, I came to reality and asked her where my wife was? Leeza said she told her she wasn’t feeling good and asked to stay home at the last second.

The last time we were together, about 2 weeks prior, we just had time enough to orally pleasure each other. It was her first time and she was hot for more. We began by slowly caressing our bodies as we lathered each other up. I ran my soapy hands across her pert little breasts, watching her nipples grow to the touch. We were both breathing very hard as we were extremely excited. Her small hands awkwardly stroked my cock and balls. I told her not to get soap on the end of my cock because it would burn. We worked ourselves up to a very high state of arousal, I felt dizzy with lust. We were now rubbing our soapy bodies against each other, grinding my pelvis against hers.

My Aunt Sat On My Lap In A Crowded Car

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We stepped back, rinsed ourselves free of soap and I pushed her back as I got down on my knees. She leaned against the shower wall and put one leg over my shoulder as I began to suck her sweet young pussy. Again I was enthralled with the prettiest and sweetest cunt I ever tasted. Her clit was swollen hard as I worked my tongue gently across it and her outer lips. Her whole body was shaking with pleasure as I teased and slowly licked her pussy. She lasted about 3 minutes before she threw her other leg on my shoulder, squeezed my head between her thighs and erupted with an extremely intense orgasm. I couldn’t believe her as she screamed out as she came and shuddered with such force. Man, was she a hot young piece of ass or what.

By now my cock was nearing blue balls state and greatly needed relief. She put her feet back down and I stood up to her with my hard cock in my hand. She looked me in the eyes and said, “Make love to me Uncle Ron, I want to feel your cock in me.” She said it so sexy and in a way filled with pure love.

I lifted her 105 lb. body up and she wrapped her legs around my waist as I positioned my cock at the virgin entrance of her sweet young pussy. As I looked deep into her eyes, my cock slowly entered her tight pussy. She tensed up, so I stopped to give her pussy muscles time to relax. Her face was blushed red with lust as she told me to continue. I was slowly working my cock back and forth in very short strokes, gradually going further each time. Finally, my cock was in her two or so inches when I felt her resistance. I told her this may hurt a bit but she just nodded for me to continue. I grabbed her tight ass cheeks harder as I pushed into her. There was a small amount of resistance when suddenly my cock went in to the hilt. She whimpered at first but began to push her hips back into me in time with my thrusts. I looked down to see a small amount of blood in the shower water.

Once we got past her loosing her cherry, we were fucking with such force for a few minutes. I was nearing orgasm so I had to slow down as I didn’t want to cum yet. Her pussy was sooooo tight and just feeling her young body pressed against the shower wall as my cock slowly stroked in and out, was too much as I pulled out and came hard all over her wet pussy. She then let me know that her mother put her on the pill for her 16th birthday for protection. Knowing this, I made her turn around and stick that young tight ass up in the air. The whole time we were having sex, I was talking to her and instructing her what to do next. She loved the way I talked to her during our sex. I slowly entered her pussy from behind and she reacted just like her mother, who I had already had the chance to fuck once before. Her mom loves it from behind and so did Leeza. She worked her little hips as she came back to meet my every stroke. After several minutes, I reach around her and rubbed her clit as we fucked. In a couple seconds, she rocked back hard, shuddered and had an orgasm. I held my cock deep in her young pussy as I came just after her. We stayed that way for several minutes, as I cupped her breasts and rubbed my chest hairs into her back, kissing her neck all the while.

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She turned around, looked into my eyes and told me she loved her favorite Uncle Ron with all her heart. She gave me this cat like grin as she dropped to her knees and began sucking my cock. She was still a little awkward about it but her innocence was a real turn on. With my instructions, she began working her mouth up and down the sides as my cock came back to life again. She then slowly sucked the head into her mouth, holding it there for a second or two before beginning to slowly slide my shaft in and out of her mouth. She was catching on real fast as she began working my cock with her tongue, all the while rotating her head from side to side. After about 3 minutes of this, I pulled my cock from her mouth and shot cum all over her tits. I told her to rub it in and taste it. She did and sucked my cock back into her mouth until she sucked me dry. Man, was she a great little piece of hot tail.

We dried each other off just in time as my wife got home from shopping. Me and my Leeza now have this sexual bond and we have sex whenever we can. I’d like to get a chance to fuck her and her mother at the same time. Her mom has talked about a threesome with another woman, would it be with her own daughter?

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