My new neighbor has a great time, without his wife around

I was offered a new position in Southern California, after my company decided to open a branch down there. I work for a travel company based out of Seattle, in the sales department. I became a sales leader after consistently breaking sales records and dominating the department. Now it was my job to set up a new sales crew and make it perform successfully. I’ve taken my job seriously for years and it paid off. I always make it a point to look sharp, smell good and be assertive.

I was born and raised in Bellevue, WA. I never moved out of the area and after 27 years, I needed a change. I had only been to California on vacations a few times. I always enjoyed the sunshine and warmer weather down there. I grew tired of the constant rain and slick roads in the Seattle area. I was excited to break away from my family and friends and try something new.

I was flown down to Los Angeles in the company jet with my supervisor and other people from corporate. We had a week to set up the new offices communications systems and find a place to live. The week flew by and we got things working at the new offices. The sunshine and palm trees was a nice change of scenery, I loved my new surroundings.

The offices were in Century City and I found a nice place to live nearby. I rented a spacious 2 bedroom condo with a beautiful view of the city. It came with a community pool and hot tub on the roof. It also had a weight room and a lounge, it was perfect for me. There were also a lot of good looking people around the hallways an offices. There was also several hot babes sunning by the pool, this was going to be great place to live. Being single once again, I was looking for a new love interest. I flew back to SeaTac with a perma grin.

I got myself ready for the move as soon as I got back to Bellevue. My company paid for the moving truck and other moving expenses. I said good bye to Mom and Dad and all my old buddies. The next day I loaded up my Mustang with my suits and drove south as fast as I could. I made it down in two days and the movers took good care of me. I was all set for work and ready to relax for a few days. I felt so free without parents close by and I knew nobody around here.

I arrived on a Wednesday and didn’t start my new job till the next Monday. I had five days to get acclimated to my new surroundings. After getting unpacked and settled in that first day, I went to bed kind of early. It had been a long drive and I worked hard to get set up.

I woke up the next morning in my new place with the normal morning wood. The sun was shining and I was in a great mood. It was Thursday morning and all I wanted to do was to sit in the sun and get some color on my pale skin. I went out for breakfast and went food shopping after. It seemed that everyone was fit and good looking. I dumped off my groceries and headed for the pool around 11:30.

I was pleasantly surprised that nobody was using the pool yet. I laid my towel down and stretched out. I put in my earphones and took in the sun. I was half asleep when I heard a noise that brought me back to earth. I looked up to see a couple about my age setting up their towels and stuff on the other side of the pool. I looked at my phone and saw it was already 1:00pm.

The guy looked handsome and had a nice tan body. The woman he was with looked grumpy and overweight. Kind of a mismatched couple, in my opinion. The woman was nagging him about something and he looked irritated. Then a sexy young woman came down and laid face down by them. I could tell he was checking her out, she was wearing a very revealing bikini and looked like a supermodel. His woman noticed him checking out her nice ass and he got hell for that. I felt bad for the guy.

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