My neighbor’s daughter got married and I enjoyed a honeymoon.

My neighbor’s daughter was getting married and I felt obligated to attend since I had known her since the day she was born. I might have considered avoiding the five hour drive to the site of the wedding but my son was out of town on a work assignment and my daughter was off with her family at her son’s travel team soccer tournament. That left it to me to represent the family at the occasion. Not that I minded terribly, but the distance meant that I would have to stay overnight, which in turn necessitated arranging for a Rocky sitter, and that in turn meant I had to give the house a thorough cleaning. Which is something I’m not very good at. A week of vacuuming, dusting and straightening made the house presentable enough for me to be able to feel comfortable leaving the house and the Rocky to the charge of my friend Sue.

During the drive, I reminisced about watching Barbara, the bride, grow into a very attractive woman. She’s about five foot five inches tall with a dancers body, the result of fifteen years of dance lessons. She had wanted a career in dance, but realized that she, although quite good, was never going to be elite. Instead, she majored in speech pathology at college and was now doing quite well. I thought about when my late wife stayed with her at their house when both her brothers were born, going to dance recitals when she was in grade school, providing cover when mom or dad suspected she was involved in some juvenile mischief, and helping to provide some comfort when her dad died suddenly of a heart attack the previous fall. Her future husband, Robert, had been her high school sweetheart and even though they broke up for a time during college, they reconnected and seemed to be very much in love.

The reception was going to be held at an upscale resort hotel which had an outdoor area, separate from the pool, for private functions such as this. I had booked a room at the hotel since I figured if I was away for the night without responsibilities, driving to another hotel (or anywhere) might not be the best idea. After checking in, I grabbed a quick shower, changed into tan slacks, a pale blue shirt with a Jerry Garcia tie and a blue sports coat. After checking my reflection in the mirror and deciding that I didn’t look too bad (…for an old guy), I drove to the church for the nuptials. The service was quite nice. Barbara looked lovely and the minister was a good speaker and not a boring monotone like some I’ve heard. After the service, everyone headed back to the hotel for the reception which included an open bar for an hour, a sit down dinner, a champagne toast and a DJ who would play music until 11 PM. After parking my car, I headed up to my room to freshen up, loosen my tie and unbutton the top button on my shirt.. Since it was cool enough I left my sports coat on, especially since I was pretty sure that after the sun went down I’d be glad I had.

After getting a drink at the bar, I chatted with Barbara’s brothers, an assortment of her uncles and aunts, and a couple of other people I knew. I saw Amy, Barbara’s mother, and gave her a hug and complimented her on how lovely the wedding was since I knew she had devoted a lot of time and effort in helping with the arrangements. While working my way through the crowd, I did manage to find the table that had my place card on it, so I knew where I would be sitting for dinner. I refreshed my drink just before the announcement was made that dinner would be served soon and for everyone to take their seats.

By :Kozmic Kowboy

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