My Naughty Wife, getting a puppy

When we got married we lived in a high rise apartment complex the city, 16 floors up. After a couple of years my work relocated me to a town in the northern part of the country where we found a nice house, which was bigger than our apartment and had a garden. My wife decided immediately that we needed a puppy. And that is how she met another lover.

After some searching we found a guy living close by whose cocker-spaniel recently had puppies. We went to see him and my wife fell in love with one the puppies. She also found the guy attractive and told me so after the first meeting. During the next few weeks she went to see the puppy, and the guy, regularly. They would chat and become friendly with each other and so the guy invited us for dinner. We had to return the favor of course, and a few days later my wife invited him for dinner at our place. He showed up with the puppy, presenting it to her as a gift. We ate, chatted , had some drinks and then due to the fact that I had a long day ahead I went to bed. The next morning I was surprised to find that my wife was up early and even made me breakfast. During breakfast she told me that she was a bit naughty the previous night. She also expressed a desire to fuck the guy.

After I went to bed the previous evening they chatted with a couple of more drinks. Soon the conversation turned saucy, eventually they ended up watching my some of my porn. Pretty soon they started to fool around and before you know they were kissing and touching each other. They ended up with my wife wearing only panties and a bra, the guy was nude. She gave him a hand job while his hands was inside her panties, rubbing her and fingering her. Although she wanted to fuck him, she first wanted my permission, it would have been the first time she took another lover without me being present.

I had no problem with her having sex with other people, as long as she returns to me. So she send the guy a text message, inviting him to come have a look at the puppy. She dressed up nicely, with sexy lingerie and revealing clothes and waited, but the guy never showed up. She was too proud to phone him, figuring that he must know why she want to see him and she will not beg him to do so , she waited the next day as well and when he didn’t show she thought it was over.

On the third day she was busy hanging curtains when the doorbell rang. When she opened the door she saw that it was him, making excuses about work and thats why he didn’t come earlier. She was wearing a blue halter dress which was very short, she only wore it at home where nobody could see her in it. She had no bra on , but was wearing pink panties. She asked him to step inside and grabbed him as soon as the door closed. They kissed and moved slowly backwards into the living room where they bumped against a couch. She told him that she want him now, she rubbed his crotch and knew that he was hard. She turned around and leaned over the back of the couch, making the dress move up to expose her panties. He squeezed her ass with one hand while he undid his pants and dropped it to the floor. The he moved her panties out of the way, confirmed with his finger that she was wet and pushed his cock inside her. She commanded him to fuck her and he pumped hard and fast in her, holding onto her hips for support. Then with one finger he started to play with her anus, not quite penetrating, just rubbing it. It turned her wild and she had an amazing orgasm soon afterwards. When he came he pulled out and shot his load over her panties. After she recovered they kissed some more and then she made him coffee before he left.

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