My much younger sister’s BFF comes on strong and makes it impossible to resist her

On my last summer break before joining the real world, between my Junior and Senior year in college, I decided to go home. I would be graduating next year and I felt I had not spent much time at home since I left a few years prior. I wasn’t exactly on the 4 years and out plan. I would always visit for the holidays, but every summer I would find a job and stay in the same town I was attending college. However, this summer I wanted to spend time with my family, especially my little sister. There’s quite a bit of an age gap between us. I was now 24 and a few weeks prior to my arrival, she officially became a teenager with a year left before starting high school.

I arrived home on a Friday night and hung out at home most of Saturday. On Sunday Jenny and I had already made plans to go hang out at the local amusement center for some miniature golf, go-carts and just get a chance to hang out and get reacquainted. She had invited her best friend from forever, Abby. They were inseparable from the first time they met each other. Over time, we had learned that Abby never knew her father and her mother had a revolving door of boyfriends. I suppose our home gave her some sort of stability.

When I first got home I had noticed that Jenny was certainly not a little girl any longer. I couldn’t help but notice that she was filling out quite nicely. She was now 5′ 3” and her breast were between an A and B cup with hips that were starting to flare out nicely with a thin waist. She had always had nice full lips that looked even nicer now that she was allowed to use a minimum amount of make-up. I was surprised that my dick actually twitched when I saw her glossy full lips. They looked so fucking sexy.

Sunday morning we jumped into my Ranger truck and swung by to pick up Abby. My sister was wearing cute shorts and a tight tank top that nicely showed off her growing tits and part of her tight smooth tummy with her belly button on display. Whenever I meet the person that invented crop tops, I will kiss their ass. I love the way girls look in them. They get an extra 10 points in the sexiness factor, so long as her tummy is taut. Crop tops, like leggings, are a privilege and not a right.

I had to constantly remind myself that she was my baby-sister when I caught myself ogling her. When Abby came running up to my truck, I was shocked. She too was wearing shorts, only they were tighter and shorter than my sister’s. Her tight little ass looked great! She had filled out more than Jenny. Her tits were a nice full B cup that were covered also by a tank top with no bra that covered only half her tight tummy. Her hard little nipples were on full display. Even as a little girl I always thought she was a cutie, but now she was looking even nicer with full dick-sucking lips.

My sister scooted over and Abby jumped in. She said hello as she entered and we were on our way. She was very talkative asking me how was college and was I enjoying myself. She asked if I had a girlfriend and when I told her not any longer she flirtatiously told me she could be my girlfriend if I wanted. My sister immediately blurted out “You are such a slut. You don’t have to flirt with every guy you meet.” They both busted out laughing and we soon arrived at the amusement center. Strange how she and I barely spoke when she was younger, but now she couldn’t stop talking.

I actually had fun hanging out with two teenage girls. That they were hot looking was a bonus. My dick seemed to be enjoying the eye candy along with most of the guys at the amusement center with their tits and legs on display. It was obvious they were good for each other. My sister was the calm sane one and Abby was the wild crazy one that needed to be brought back down to Earth ever so often. Throughout the day, Abby continued her flirtatious comments, telling me how good looking I was and that if I asked her out she would agree to go out with me in a heart-beat. I played along, telling her how cute she was and that I was surprised she did not have a boyfriend with such a cute little ass. This would prove to me mistake number 1.

We finally called it a day and jumped back into the truck, with her jumping in before Jenny and sitting next to me. I was a bit excited and hoping she wouldn’t notice that I actually had a partial erection. I knew nothing would happen between us, but I suppose all her attention had gotten to me and my ego. Plus, her hard little nipples did not help. I looked over to Jenny and she just rolled her eyes. She was used to Abby’s daring behavior by this point.

When we arrived at Abby’s, Jenny got off to let her out. Abby turned and kissed me on the cheek before leaving, saying thank you for a great time as she winked at me. As we drove home my sister warned me, telling me “You know, she really likes you. She told me she thought you were cute and she wouldn’t mind being your girlfriend when we went to the restroom.” I told her that I assumed she flirted with all the guys she met and I was simply her victim for today. She was cute but she was also way too young for me. Either way, Jenny told me to be careful.

I had gotten home at the end of May and Jenny and Abby still had a couple of weeks to go before their summer started. I sat around the following day and the very next day I was out looking for a job. It was boring sitting around with no one to talk to. Jenny was at school and mom and dad were at work all day. By the end of Tuesday I had rejoined the workforce securing a job at a grocery store. An old high school buddy worked there and he vouched for me with the store manager. I was hired on the spot and asked to report the next morning at 7am. It was part-time, but a great way to get some extra cash and kill time during the week.

Come Saturday, Jenny had asked if I could drive them to the mall. She and Abby would be meeting up with some friends. I told her it was not a problem as my shift did not start until 5 pm. We swung by Abby’s and headed to the mall. It worked out fine for me as I had to pick up some jeans and a new pair of sneakers. They went their way and I went my way, with plans to meet at the food court around 3 pm. I went off and like a typical guy, I was done with my shopping within an hour.

I arrived at the food court half an hour early and waited for the girls so we could eat before heading home. When they arrived, Abby was excited to see me and came up to hug and kiss me on the cheek, asking me “Did you miss me?” as she sat on my lap. I looked over and Jenny simply rolled her eyes. We went over and grabbed lunch before sitting down, with Abby sitting right next to me. I was certainly enjoying the special attention she was giving me, regardless of her age. While we were sitting, I suddenly felt Abby caressing my thigh under the table and remembered being warned to be careful with her. I turned my head to look at her and she simply kept eating and did not bother turning to look at me. I quietly reached down and removed her hand. I was not trying to get myself in trouble.

When we returned to the truck, once again it was Abby sitting next to me. On the way home her hand casually fell on my thigh and I decided not do anything. I wanted to see how far this little girl was willing to go. It went further up than what I expected. Her hand was making its way to my crotch when I finally decided to quietly move her hand away without my sister noticing. We got to her place and both girls got off. Jenny had made plans to spend the night and asked if I could pick her up the following day. I was not scheduled to work on Sunday and told her I would. We hugged and kissed before I left. Of course, Abby also hugged and kissed me on my earlobe, whispering into my ear “I’ll see you tomorrow, lover boy.” with a big smile on her beautiful face before they both made their way up the stairs to Abby’s apartment. That little girl gave me a chubby. I raced home, jacked off, showered and left for work where I ended up working an 8 hours shift due to some people calling out sick.

I got home late and went straight to bed. As much as I wanted to ignore what was happening with Abby and just brush it off as a joke, it had me wondering. Was she simply flirting because that was her nature or was she trying to getting something started. She was definitely trouble. She was a sexy little girl with a pair of great looking tits and a tight little ass that filled out her shorts very well. Her legs looked great on her and she had a cute face with nice lips and hazel eyes. She was probably about 5’2” with long brown hair down to her ass and weighed maybe 110 lbs. She was a nice little package.

As I laid in bed, thoughts of her kept me from falling asleep. I started wondering what she looked like naked with my cock in her mouth between her luscious lips. My cock was hard and my boxer were down by my ankles as I started stroking it thinking about Abby. I imagined her naked on her knees as I fucked her sweet little mouth hard. I was grabbing her hair and pulling her to me as I thrusted forward, with my cock going deep into her mouth, over and over. I hadn’t cum in a long time as much as I did that night. This little girl was going to be my demise.

The following weekend my parents and sister had plans to spend the night out of town. My mom’s younger sister had given birth to her fifth baby and my mom and Jenny were dying to go see the baby, as if they hadn’t seen the first four. My dad went along because my mom told him he was going. I had to work on Sunday and was saved from the three hour trip. My plans were to mow the lawn on Saturday, take a nap, shower and go hang out with some friends from high school. There was gonna be all sorts of people from our class and I was excited to catch up with some of them.

I finished the backyard first. As I was working on the front lawn, I saw Abby stepping out of a car before it quickly drove off. She was looking fucking hot! She had a very short skirt that I’m sure would show her panties if she bent over and a tight top that was showing off her perky teenage tits and her hard little nipples. I was shirtless, only wearing shorts and my sneakers. As sweaty as I was, she came up and gave me a peck straight on my mouth saying “Hi lover boy. Where’s Jenny?” She knew damn well that Jenny was gone for the weekend. I played along and told her she was gone for the weekend, asking her if Jenny had not told her. She suddenly “remembered” and asked if I could give her a ride home. I told her she would need to wait until I was finished.

She kept me company as I finished the yard, following me around and asking if I liked how she looked, telling me she had dressed up extra nice for me. I told her she looked very pretty in her outfit and if she was older I would probably ask her out. Something I never should’ve said. This was mistake number 2. I am sure it gave her more confidence in what she was about to do.

I finished the yard and we went inside. I fixed us some sandwiches and we had lunch, with her relentless flirtatious comments on what a good girlfriend she would be for me. Thoughtlessly, I asked what she would do to be such a good girlfriend. This was now mistake number 3, of course in baseball this is it. When she started talking about oral sex, I cut her off and told her I would be taking her home after my shower. This would be the nail in the coffin.

After exiting the shower, I walked to my room to find her sitting on my bed. All kinds of scenarios came to my head, which caused a very noticeable tent in the towel wrapped around my waist. I asked what she was doing in my room and, unconvincingly, told her to leave. She looked at my crotch and asked if I really wanted her to leave. I was not thinking straight as she approached me. Fuck she looked so sexy with her glossy lips, the same ones I had fantasized about. “You know, if you were my boyfriend, I would take real good care of you.” she said as her little hand slowly reached into my towel as she grabbed my stiff cock. Her words and actions were hypnotizing and I was losing control. She started stroking me nice and slow, telling me in a very seductive voice “If I was your girlfriend, I would always dress nice and sexy for you.”

I just looked at her, enjoying her little hand stroking my cock under my towel. Her hand was not able to completely wrap around my cock and that made it hotter. She fell to her knees and with both her hands she undid my towel and let it drop on the floor. She looked up at with me with her innocent looking eyes as she grabbed my cock. She pointed it down as she started nearing her open mouth. She said “If I was your girlfriend, I would suck your cock whenever you wanted” right before my cock was in her pretty little mouth, with her glossy lips stretched around it. My masturbatory fantasy was now a reality. What she lacked in experience, she made up for with enthusiasm.

She was sucking hard on my dick as she bobbed her head. A few times she tried going further down which only caused her to gag and start coughing. I’m sure with time she would get the hang of it. I could not move and made no attempt to stop her. I was astonished that she had gone this far and completely shocked how everything had played out to this point.

The sight of my thick cock in this little girl’s mouth while kneeling there in front of me had my nuts tightening up. I was not going to last long. I sat down at the edge of the bed, with her following me on her knees, never allowing my dick to escape her mouth. I sat down to enjoy the pleasure her mouth was providing, knowing I would be cumming very soon. I tried warning her but she refused to let go. I suddenly felt my nuts explode and she started choking when I blasted in her mouth. However, she was a trooper and took my cock back into her mouth, swallowing as much cum as possible. She continued by licking up the cum on my shaft and balls. She was like a ravenous little puppy. When done, she got up, wiped her mouth with my towel and walked out of my room, telling me she would be waiting for me in the living room.

I stood there for a minute or two, wondering what had just happened. My sister’s BFF had just given me head and swallowed most of my cum. How could I be blamed? She was the aggressor and I was the victim. Wasn’t I? However, I chose to let her continue and never tried stopping her. I was enjoying watching my fantasy play out with her little hands on my cock. I was enjoying it too much watching her glossy lips wrapped around my shaft as she willingly took my cock into her little mouth.

Finally, I snapped out of my confused state and got dressed. I walked to the living room to find Abby sitting there quietly waiting for me. Her legs were slightly separated, offering me a nice view of her little white panties. I asked if she was ready to go and she said she was. For some reason, I felt compelled to go to her side and open the door for her. She jumped in and turned to me saying “Thank you lover boy.” I shook my head and walked around to get in myself. “You taste yummy.” she said as I started my truck. I immediately turned it off and told her we needed to talk.

I told her that what happened could not happen again. She was my sister’s friend and she was way too young for me. “I don’t remember you stopping me when I had your cock in my mouth” she answered as she reached out to grab my cock. Of course, it felt nice and I did not move her hand away. “We can be secret lovers. No one would ever know and I’ll never tell anyone, not even Jenny” she said as she squeezed my cock that was now stiff as a brick.

I did not agree to it, but I also did not give her a firm no. Her proposal was very tempting. The thought of having someone to give me head on demand was very tempting. She had done a good job and I can only imagine her getting better over time. I turned on the truck and drove her home in silence with her offer playing over and over in my head. On the way over, she had slowly started making her way closer and closer to me. When we arrived at her place she was sitting next to me. I turned to her to tell her we could not be together when I felt her lips on mine. For a girl her age, she was very bold and daring. Her lips felt soft and I simply kissed her back. Her little tongue felt so nice dueling with my tongue when I pushed it into her mouth, with her hand grabbing my dick the whole time. Somehow I managed to come to my senses and told her we had to stop. She gave me a quick peck and left my truck.

I drove home and stayed in my truck in the driveway for several minutes wondering what the fuck was I going to do with her. Was I in trouble if I didn’t go along with her offer? Was she going to tell Jenny or worse, her mom? Would she tell my parents and I would end up getting kicked out of the house? Eventually, I went in and took a nap, another shower and left to the get-together that soon turned into a party.

The party was a blast! It was great catching up with old friends, especially some of the girls. It was funny how a lot of the roles had reversed. The hot girls from the in-crowd already had a kid or two, gained weight and not looking so hot, while the quiet nerds were looking hot. The thing was, I couldn’t get out of my head what had happened with Abby earlier in the day. As much as I tried talking to some of the girls and trying to hook up, I felt like I was cheating on her. What the fuck!

I stayed at the party until about 2 am before I headed home, alone. I was feeling tired and decided to watch some porn and shoot one off before going to sleep. I chose Teen Girls as my genre and ended up ***********ing POV porn where a very young looking girl was giving me head. It was perfect for what I had in mind. I started off with the porn, but ended up closing my eyes picturing Abby kneeling in front of me while taking my hard cock in her mouth, wrapping her glossy sexy lips around my cock. I started stroking harder and faster and came within minutes. I cleaned up the mess, closed my eyes and started thinking on how much trouble I was already in. I would definitely not be able to resist her if we ever found ourselves alone.

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