My Mom’s Secret With Black Man

I lost my father in my early age, when I was very young. My father was a high official in an oil company. After expiry of my father, my mother got the job there. We have a palace like Bunglow. My mother was only 26 when she became widow. She was a gorgeous lady, very beautiful to look, very reserve in nature. She was 5.7 ft in height, her vitae was 34-28-36, her nose very sharp, with rosy lips and beautiful big black eyes, fair silky skin.

Every gentleman surely likes to have a look to her, but due to her reserve nature no one dare to talk with her without any reason. I’m the only kid of her, she loves me a lot, I used to sleep with her. Days were passing, I was growing up. My mom left the house with her car about 8.30 AM every day, when Rahaman Chcha enters the room to lift mom’s bag. Rahaman Chacha our Driver, about 30 years, tall about 6.2 ft, strong and stout black man.

His mother was African from Zambia and father from Bangladesh. He is now at India, our driver from the period of my father, he is very faithful to our family. Our house is a palace type. All the servant quarter including the driver’s quarters is in the ground floor. All the day I pass my time with our servants, they love me so much. With the time I am also grown up. The secret story of our family today I’m going to share with you. My physical changes are going on.

In my age of 18 first periods started. Gradually my boobs were growing. In our school we the friends started to talk about sex. Mating of male and female etc. and the curiosity also was super. After the death of my father my mom and I sleep together in my mom’s bed room. From the period of my father, our dinner time is 8.30, after dinner all the servants returned back to their rooms, till now the time schedule is same.

I noticed during few months my mom, after returning from office, she keeps her busy in make up her. Always she keeps her tip top. Every evening my mom take a bath and then she dried her hairs and put her feet in hot water and after that polished her nails and others. She used to do waxing very frequently to keep skin very silky and polished. She used different types of cream and oil in her body and used Kajol in her eyes and used body spray before go to bed.

After all the things she wears her night gown, very silky, from that gown her all the parts of the body becomes visible. During the last days, I never thought about these or look this seriously. But now days I peeped from bed to her body and become proud of my mom and thought why the men want to make a look to my mom. Some times I try to think why mom did all in bed time, but could not to ask. All these thing take so many time, so every time before mom’s coming in to bed I slept.

In morning around 5.30 she makes me wake to ready for school, as my school is morning school. Days are going, one night around 3.30 at night I wake up and observed that mom is not in bed. Thought she may goes to bathroom, but after 20-30 mnts she had not returned. I started to think where she may go but in her night gown she never comes out from her bed room. In this thinking I become little bit afraid what I have to do.

I could not sleep again, in the mean time the clock said it is 4.45 AM, and heard the foot sound of my mom which I know very well. She entered the room, and I saw her night gown’s upper potion is opened; her bobs are almost visible, in her hand her black color panty and bra, and she directly entered in bathroom and after some time she came in to bed and laid down beside me. She could not guess that I am observing her.

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