My mom’s boyfriend

I don’t remember when my dad left us but I remember him fighting with mom when she got drunk. After he left my mom would leave my alone in the house and come back really late.

One night I heard her yelling and slaps coming from her bedroom as I got closer I heard her saying yes yes make it hurt baby it hurts so good. I peaked inside her room I saw this man between her slam his body into her he made I contact with me smiled and stuck his tongue out at me. I was scared paralyzed.

He kept looking at me When I saw his body get stiff and slammed my mom a few more times and I heard her say what are you looking at, he gestured to me and my mom yelled and me and started chasing me to my room her started to slap me hard and she took off my panties and started spanking me as hard as she could I cried h hysterically I looked up and I saw him smiling at me.

When my mom stopped cause she was out of breath, I sobbed quietly think it was over just when I heard her say baby my hand hurts can you take a turn and spank her so she doesn’t forget not to bother us when we’re making love.

He said yeah I’d love too my mom through me on the floor as she got up I went to the corner of my bed and saw my mom walk out she told him I’m gonna take a long hot shower and freshen up for you baby so don’t use up all your energy ok and she walked out. I cried out mommy please no help me! As He grabbed me by the leg and pulled me towards him this made my night gown move up and he took I completely off he forced me over his knee and started the punishment I felt like I was crying for so long when I felt him rubbing my vagina and he held me tight and forced his middle finger inside me I screamed for my mom but I could hear still in the shower he fingered me for a while when he got up and told my clean up my dick he pulled my face to his thing he told me to open my mouth and he started to make me gag on it sometimes it would go down my throat it hurt so bad.

It was a couple of seconds of that I felt him get stiff and he held my head tight I felt hot goop pouring into my stomach and he took it out of my mouth I coughed and some came out of my nose he picked up my panties and cleaned his dick and balls and tooses them to me he as I put these back on I’m gonna go fuck the shit out of your mom and he went out to me a kissed me in the mouth he whispered in my ear ill be thinking of you the whole time and kissed me one more time.I could hear my mom all night till I fell asleep.

By : Cindy

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