My mom, my aunt and the sex tape

OK so it was the holidays and i was at my aunts house a total BBW and i had brung my camera to film my family having fun. I had gotten bored and went upstairs to use the computer. I was surfing the net and had saw this SUPER hot chick online and immediately had to jerk one out so i went into an upstairs room set the camera down and thought ah what the hell so i just filmed my self masturbating to show to my girlfriend or something funny.

I had closed my eyes to fantasize. I thought i had locked the door but i did not so my aunt walked in and we ended up having some hardcore fucking sex. Afterwords i had forgotten to take the tape out of the camera and when we got home i placed it on my shelf. About a week later my mom wanted to use the camera to see the family video from the holidays what she saw also was me and my aunt fucking. So she yelled for me to come into her room so i went in and she locked the door i asked what was going on she told me she saw the tape and asked me what the hell i was doing so then she told me to take off my pants and get on the bed i said “what?” she said “so you like to fuck people in the family huh well then your going to fuck me”.

She throws me on my knees takes off her pants and thrusts my face into her pussy and tells me to eat it so i start to eat it, lick it, and finger it oddly enough i started to enjoy it. She then bent over onto the bed and she wanted me to ass fuck her so i fucked her booty till it was raw. We went at it all night her pussy turned beat red she is 55 years old so she had lots of experience.

By the end i cummed everywhere all over her face and she swallowed all of it then we made out for a few hours. After that day we fuck twice a week. When we go on a long drive and she drives i eat her pussy if i drive she blows me. We even fucked at her friends wedding in the bathroom. I have a girlfriend now and we still fuck it has become a routine i guess.

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