My mom like to ride on me I too like it feels good when and older woman ride you

Here is one of my master piece for you I assure you will cum in your undies when it finish ,read and write to me. It happens in the last year . My daughter and I went to visit my mom for a few days. It was good visit. she is 49 but very sexy to look she ahas a huge boobs and nice ass. My mom took a few days off from work and we were just spending time with my daughter. Well, one night we went out to eat. My mom had a few long island ice teas. She was pretty tipsy after dinner and I had drive home. When we got home my mom laid down on the couch and I put my daughter to bed. So I began to drink a few beers and watch TV. My mom was asleep. Then I fell asleep. I was having a hot sexy dream about fucking a girl. That when I woke up in the middle of the dream, my mom was on her knees next to my chair with my hard cock in her hands. “MOM! What are you doing?” I asked. “When I woke up, I saw you sleeping.

Then I saw the big bulge in your shorts. With your dad staying at the old house trying sell it, he isn’t around much. I’ve been really horny lately.” As she said this, she was stroking my cock the whole time. “It has been over a month since I’ve had sex and when I saw your hard-on, I couldn’t help myself. I had to touch it. I want you to have sex with me. If you don’t want to or if your to freaked out I’ll stop right now.” She was still stroking me when she said this. I think my other head was thinking for me. “OK let’s do it.” I said. Then she leaned forward and took my hard dick into her hot mouth and began to suck it. It felt so good. She took all 7″ down her throat. When she pulled back she would swirl her tongue all over my dick. She really knew how to suck a dick. Even better than my wife. Who was back home working. My mom continues to bob her head up and down suck my cock as if there was no tomorrow.

When she started to fondle my balls I couldn’t hold back anymore. “I’m gonna cum.” I told her. She mumbled, “Let it go.” That just what I did. I exploded in her mouth. It felt like gallons of cum draining from my cock. She tried to swallow it all, but some leaked out the corners of her mouth. She drained my cock and then cleaned up all the cum that she missed. Then I leaned forward and deeply kissed her, tasting my cum in her mouth. I said, “Let’s go up stairs.” I stood up, took her hand and led her upstairs to her room. When we got to her room, we began to kiss deeply. Our hands running over each others bodies. I took off her shirt and bra. My hands running over her large tits. Her nipples were already hard. I pinched them. She let out a soft moan. I moved my head down to her tits and began to suck them. I sucked on her left nipple. Taking it into my mouth. Sucking it like I was baby. Gently nibbling it.

While my left hand worked her right nipple. She was moaning. She told me, “Suck them baby. Suck them.” That’s what I did. After a few minutes sucking her tits, my hands wandered down to her pants. I undid her pants and slid them down her soft legs. She step out of them. Now I was on my knees staring right at her pussy that was covered her white cotton panties. I could see a wet spot. I could smell her musky pussy. I hitched my thumbs in the waist band and yanked her panties right down. I stood up and looked at my mom standing before me naked. She is BBW. She has put on few pounds. I got undessed. I said, “Mom lay down on the bed.” She did just that. I climbed on top of her and kissed her. Her hands were raking my back. I started kissing my way down her body. Stopping at her tits to suck them again. Taking her hard nipples in my mouth. I sucked on my moms tits for a few minutes.

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