My lover and I continue to explore his desires

Nick and I met at ‘our bar’ located close to our homes and my work southeastern Lexington. It is close to each of our homes and not far from my work.

I had dressed professionally for work in a business suit. While leaving the office, I stopped by the ladies room and removed my bra and blouse. The camisole was enough to conceal my breasts but not hide them if I opened my suit jacket.

Nick greeted me as I walked around the corner of the bar to sit with him. “Beautiful as always,” he said as he perused my looks. The single button that held my suit top closed didn’t interfere with my intended exposure.

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“Too much in this place,” I asked? Nick had told me last night how he wanted his lady to be an attraction getter. Telling me he loved being with a lady who others sought to be accompanying.

“I love it. And you are the woman every man in this place would love to have at their side”. Nick refilled his drink and ordered a glass of my favorite wine for me. As we chatted, I was glancing around the bar to see if there were any familiar faces. Just one, James, a co-worker I had a brief affair with a year ago. He was good, but we both agreed it wasn’t worth losing his wife and job.

The conversation, of course, got around to the pleasure we both had enjoyed last night. “I hope I didn’t give you any reason for alarm when I talked of my desires,” Nick allowed.

“Don’t be silly. So many of your comments play into activities I also want.” I told Nick. “I have always enjoyed being the one who is pushing the envelope when it comes to wearing clothes that attract attention. Teasing men is one of my favorite past times. Sometimes I go too far, but I’m still alive and happy”.

Nick was beaming with my comment. It was beautiful to see a man enjoying his playmate. I hoped I would become more than his playmate and possibly a trophy wife. Hush! Much too soon to even dream that.

I placed my right hand on his thigh and moved it up to his crotch. Then, I whispered to him, “How about I take your Weiner out and play with him?”

“Better not. I will probably have an ejaculation and wet my pants.” Telling him I understood, but I assured Nick I would love to clean his cock and balls later.

“Baby, I want you to be comfortable. We have a lot of time to grow into these things.” I leaned over and lightly kissed his lips. “And you haven’t even said anything about my boobs,” fainting disappointment. I unbuttoned my suit jacket, opened it slightly, and gave him a view of my boob’s tips. I pushed my shoulders back, causing my breasts to tighten their pressure against my thin camisole. I knew he would like to see my nipples.

“Sue, you are killing me. Be careful, I know a couple of people in here, and I don’t want them to get the wrong idea,” Nick told me.

Grinning, I said, “The wrong idea? Why shouldn’t they see your date’s attributes?” I buttoned my jacket and kissed him again. “I’m so proud of you, and I want to project whatever image you wish. Nick, I want you to be comfortable and know I would never do anything to embarrass you”.

“How about we go to your place, and you can show me your extensive porn collection you told me about,” I suggested.

Twenty minutes later, I was only in my camisole, matching thong and heels. Nick was wearing only his boxers as he opened a hidden filing cabinet behind his couch. I was standing nearby and saw 50 or more boxed discs.

I moved over to him, slipped my hand up the leg opening of his boxers, and grazed his testicles with my fingernails.

“Baby, get a few of what you enjoy. I want to see what turns you on,” I told him. “I’ll get us drinks.”

When I returned, Nick was sitting on the edge of the couch, remote in his hand, and patting where he wanted me to sit. As I move in, he started the disc.

As in the previous evening, I raised his leg and placed it across my lap. Nick adjusted so he was leaning against the arm of the couch. Again, we touched glasses, and I took him, “let’s enjoy tonight .”

The 60″ television was filled with the title “Hot COCKtail Party.” I was amazed it didn’t begin with a blow job or a hottie getting her ass pounded, but what do I know about porn. (wink)

It began with a room filled with twentyish couples mingling, showing close-ups of sexy women in revealing dresses. All were enjoying the event.

I began to run my left hand up Nick’s leg to find his genitals. He smiled at me. The film quickly moved to a sexual nature. One of the women sat on an ottoman and began to remove a guy’s cock. His tool flopped out, fully erect, and was slipped into her waiting mouth immediately.

“Like that, Babe,” I asked Nick.

“Oh, yeah, others, watching her. The guy with his hand on the top of her head urging her to take more. So hot.”

I pulled on his flaccid cock as I asked, “Do you want me to do that with you? It would be so sexy to take the length of your cock in my mouth and roll it around. All the others looking admiring at my lover”.

The film soon was filled with women undressing, sucking cocks, some leaning over furniture positioning for entry.

“Are we going to host a party with some of your friends like that? It would be a lot of fun. Start building a guest list tomorrow,” I suggested.

“The couples I know would all faint at the suggestion.” Nick allowed.

Laughing, I said, “Well, you need to find some new friends.”

I began to work on Nick’s penis and rolling his balls in my hand. His reactions showed me he was enjoying my actions. I sipped my drink and looked at him. “Honey, I want you to be the most sexually content man in the world. Let me get up so I can take off my camisole. And I think we should find a wall in the closet to pin up my thongs as trophies”. Standing, I removed my camisole and slipped the thong off. I put my heels back on.

I moved over to the end of the couch and lowered my breasts to his face. Nick took one of my nipples in his lips and began to suck. Then, cupping my other boob and I pulled it until my nipple was turgid.

Reaching down, I found his cock. I massaged it as well as his balls. Nick was already oozing cum. I wasn’t going to allow him to shoot without my lips catching it.

“My turn,” I said as I stood. Nick was confused until he saw me moving around and positioning myself in front of his crotch. I knelt on the floor and pulled down his boxers. Smiling, I told him it was ‘my time to have the fun.’ I lifted his semi-hard cock and ran my fingers over the cum he had shot. Bringing the sperm to my lips, I looked into his eyes as I licked it off. Lowering my face, I took his tool in my lips and, using my tongue, I filled my mouth.

Nick gasped. I looked into his eyes and saw he was in ecstasy. I wanted him to cum. I rolled his cock around before slipping it out of my mouth. “I want you to shoot you load down my throat. All of it. I’m your lover, and I deserve it.”

Again I began to take his penis to my lips. I repeated the same actions. I moaned as the initial spurt left the tip of his cock. I teased his balls with my fingernail, his balls, causing more of his juice to hit my mouth. I continued to mouth fuck him until he asked me to stop. I backed up and opened my lips. I pushed his sperm to my lips and allowed a portion of it to escape.

I’m not sure Nick had ever had a woman act as I had, but I don’t think he would be disappointed if it would occur frequently.

Looking up, I was pleased to hear, “Sue, you are the sexiest, most beautiful woman I have ever met. I can’t believe what just happened. I hope you don’t find someone else who can care for you correctly”.

“Honey, I enjoyed that just as much as you did. I don’t think there is a man in the world I would choose over you. My pussy is so wet I think we may have to clean the carpet next.”

Standing, I spread my legs to show him my juices covering my upper thighs. I slide my forefinger in my lips and brought out a small glob of fluid. I stepped closer and placed it in front of his lips. Nick licked it off and smiled. “Just like honey,” he said.

“Your drunk,” I told him. “Let’s take a shower.”

Standing in the shower, Nick began to wash me. His hands eventually moved to my boobs, and he massaged them gently. Finally, he cupped each and used his thumbs to flick my nipples. I raised my mouth to his and kissed him deeply. Then, lowering my hand, I found his balls and squeezed them gently. A moan escaped his lips.

“Like that Big Boy?” I asked.

“Very much. I have watch clips of cock and ball torture and have thought of getting it done to me.”

I increased my pressure on his testicles. Then, using my other hand, I began to pull his cock rapidly. In minutes he shot a small glob of cum.

Looking into his eyes, softly said, “You set the limits, and I will do anything you want. We need to have another talk about ALL your desires. I promise you won’t scare me off.”

We finished our shower and laid down on his bed. I cuddled next to him, hoping to allow him to tell me more. Unfortunately, the cuddling had the opposite effect, as I soon heard him lightly snoring. I made my way off the bed and moved downstairs to dress. Before leaving, I placed my thong near his coffee maker. I left a note telling him he deserved a trophy for last night

Driving home, I felt more secure in this relationship than I ever had before. With Nick becoming more confident, I will not walk out on him; I wanted to be his lover even more.

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