My love to Indian dicks

I am As a conservative wife, I never initiate to have sex. Having been raised to think that women who asked for sex will be considered a slut. Nevertheless when we had sex, he would expect me to be submissive under his command even if I found it degrading. The things he expected:- anal sex, sucking his huge dick and inserting bananas/carrots into my vagina. Sometimes he wanted to see me masturbate using those things and watched me till I climaxed. He enjoyed watching me do those things and as an obedient and subservient wife, I did it to please him. He has an insatiable sex drive and I remembered on our wedding night we had sex seven times in our honeymoon hotel suite. I was a virgin and he had introduced me to all that I had mentioned above. We only stopped for breakfast and had to perform for his fantasies after that. I must admit, I did enjoyed it though.

In January, he had to be carried home by some of our workers after some drinking sessions. One of our workers was especially nice to lay him on the sofa and wiping the vomit my husband pewted in the living room. Even when his friends had left, he stayed behind and wiped my husband face with iced-cold towel. He seemed to know how to sober up my husband when he wiped the cold towel behind my husband’s neck and very soon my husband opened his eyes. Both he and I held my husband to the bedroom to sleep. I then escorted him to the front door as I thanked him for his help. He turned around facing straight into my eyes and then lowered his gaze at my breasts. I did not know how to react and immediately felt embarrassed as I realized he took a glance at my breasts because I wasn’t wearing a bra underneath the satin pajamas top that I wore. He smiled and wave goodbye to me. As I looked in the mirror, I noticed how transparent my nipples appeared to be seen.

In the bedroom, my husband slept comfortably as I lay beside him still thinking how I not knowingly teased the worker that came to help. I thought I could just fall asleep but I just could not. I bet he was aroused spying on my big breasts and secretly I felt flattered I can still sexually attract a younger man. In my husband’s condition, I was sure I need not have to service my husband sexually. My mind was still on the worker and I felt ashamed and silly when a glimpse of thoughts that I should seduce him again. The next day we met at the office and when it’s convenient to talk, he approached me and said, “Mrs., I am sorry I embarrassed you last night. I really can’t help it. Please don’t be angry with me.” (he spoke in halting English). I told him I wasn’t angry at all but I felt tempted to tell him that he is most welcome to touch my breasts anytime, but abstained from doing so. Out of politeness I asked his name and then asked to which construction firm he was assigned to recorded. After telling me, he hurried to the transport taking him to the destination.

Alone in the office my mind wandered. I have not had sex with my husband for more than a month. I felt a crave for sex, and Ragupathy, our helpful worker came into mind. I felt really ashamed of my thoughts. I tried to brushed the thought off but to no avail. What if he approached me and suggested sex? He knew I wasn’t mad at him for ogling my breasts and I showed friendliness towards him. With all those thought in me, I felt like a low down slut. How can I have those thoughts. How can I cheat on my husband after all these years I have not been touched by any other. But how do I make people understand that I do want sex like all women. I have my needs too, that is I need a man some time especially that particular time. Damn it was difficult to put away those thoughts. I eased myself by masturbating and as a Muslim sought to prayers.

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