My Little Sister gets abig Dick

Nancy woke late on Saturday morning. Nancy who just turned thirteen-years-old on Wednesday was glad that her cycle had ended the week before, for it only having been her second period, it was extremely hard on her. She was doubled over in pain almost every day and she still hadn’t settled into a normal cycle yet.

Nancy wondered why it was so quiet in the house, so she went looking for her family. Nancy’s mother Sue and her Father Chuck had went to the store leaving her fifteen-year-old brother George home to watch her.

Nancy searched all over the house and finally just as she was about to give up she heard some strange noises coming from George’s bedroom. Nancy hadn’t bothered to get dressed yet and was just in her little nightgown that barely covered her, Nancy needed a new nightgown since the ones she had were getting to be too small for her young budding body . Nancy stopped at George’s bedroom door and listened, to try and figure out what she was hearing. All Nancy could hear were grunts and moans and what she thought was the bed rattling and banging against the wall.

Nancy burst into the room thinking that George was having a fit of some kind, and she wanted to help if he needed any. What Nancy saw startled her so much that she stopped dead in her tracks. George was busy lying naked on his bed, with his hand pumping away at his groin. Nancy could plainly see George’s eleven and a half inch Dick sliding through his hand.

When Nancy realized what he was doing she screamed out at him that he shouldn’t be doing that. George quickly stopped and pulled the covers over his body and yelled at her, “ Why are you in my room without knocking?” Nancy was stunned and just stood there with her chest rising and falling quickly, her tiny nipples started to get hard and poke out through her nightgown. Nancy didn’t know why but her young Pussy was starting to tingle. George just stared at her and as he saw her nipples pushing out in her nightgown he thought to himself why not use her to get off.

George swung around and let his legs drop to the side of the bed as he went to stand up, letting his Dick pop out and stand at attention while he thought about her sexually for the first time. Nancy couldn’t move as George slowly walked towards her, she just kept looking at his big Dick. Nancy didn’t realize what his intentions were until it was too late. George was right there in front of her taking hold of her hand, he led her back to the bed and helped her to sit on it.

For the first time George could see his little sisters bare Pussy. George told Nancy that it didn’t seem fair that she was seeing him yet she was still dressed in her nightgown. Nancy protested that they shouldn’t be naked together since they were brother and sister. George didn’t listen to her protest and just grabbed the hem of her nightgown and raised it over her head. George could tell that Nancy was getting excited by the things they were doing and decided to take it a step further by rubbing her slick Pussy slit.

Nancy started to moan, and she was saying stop we shouldn’t, over and over again. George took her hand and placed it on his rock hard Dick and showed her how to rub it to make it feel better. The more George rubbed her slit the wider she spread her legs. George took this as a sign that she was willing to do what ever he wanted, so he pushed her over on the bed and lay down beside her. George started to rub Nancy’s budding breast, soon he was sucking on the right nipple. Nancy was still saying don’t while she was panting and moaning harder as the seconds passed.

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