My little Japanese girl

The story I am about to relate happened a couple of years ago; well actually several years ago in fact; and came about through one of my submissive girls featured in my other stories. The Japanese girl in question was Sim Wan Lei or Sim for short; Eleanor from ‘Eleanor’s descent’ and other stories phoned me out of the blue one day and asked if I was able to help a friend of hers, but the way she said help left me in no doubt she meant as a dominant being helps a submissive one.

I of course replied I am always happy to help and as a result I made arrangements to meet Eleanor at her new address in order to be introduced to this friend. It turned out that the friend was Sim and she was four foot nine tall and would probably have had to be soaking wet fully clothed to weigh 11 stones. However she had a 36b bust with incredibly thick almost organ stops for nipples.

As Eleanor introduced me I should point out that she had not forgotten any of her own training for she was stood naked in what she learned to be the number one position of feet eighteen inches apart, heels turned inwards and knees slightly bent outwards exposing her freshly shaven cunt lips, the backs of her hands folded into the small of her back and her arms forming lower butterfly wings but thrusting her own 38 C breasts forward. Her head was tilted down with her eyes focussing on a point eighteen inches in front of her feet.

She spoke in a subdued tone as she told me, “Master, this is Sim Wan Lei who wishes to be trained to serve a good master and I immediately thought of you, the very best of fair masters!” Then she turned to Sim and continued, “If you choose to learn well and behave as is expected of a slut then you will have the richest of all experiences with this my most favourite of masters!”

She was told to choose carefully a safe word and once chosen she should stick by that word. Expectedly she chose an oriental word as her safe word and that word was geisha. I looked a Sim and told her that if I agreed to be her master then she would be my sex slave for the full period of my training of her and would be expected to do exactly as I demanded. I continued by telling her that her mind and body would belong to me until I said otherwise and further more if she was to use her safe word too often then I would cease to train her and would invoice her for my time that I would have wasted on trying to train a slut like her.

Whilst we were talking I had Eleanor stick four finger up her own cunt and told her to frig herself but not to cum without asking my permission. I could see Sim watching intently as we talked and she had answered my questions. Apparently she was to return to Japan in three years and marry a chosen husband but needed to be taught how to be properly submissive to her future husband who ever he may be. I learned that she did not need to be a virgin when she married like some other cultures require and if anything she should have to demonstrate certain sexual skills off to a good level. In effect she should be able to give decent head and take a cock down her throat as well as be able to enjoy anal and several sexual positions.

Now Eleanor’s breasts trembled and her upper thigh muscles twitched as Eleanor gasped, “Master, please may I cum?” I ignored her first pleas and continued to talk to Sim. Are you allowed in your race and creed to shave your cunts? I asked and was a little surprised to hear they could. Ok Sim I continued, Now is the time to remove all your clothes and let me see what we are working with, I demanded. Eleanor now getting more desperate for my permission and was visibly shaking in the thigh muscles, still I ignored her. Just as Sim removed her last item of clothing, Eleanor was fit to burst as she pitifully begged to be allowed to cum. I told Japanese Sim to put her hand over Eleanor’s hand and only then did I grant permission for Eleanor to cum. Eleanor groaned out her orgasm and Sim’s hand was soaked in Eleanor’s cunt juice as the red faced Eleanor finally calmed down. I Made Eleanor lick Sim’s hand clean whilst I inspected Sim’s body. The first thing I noticed was how hot her body felt even though it was not particularly warm in the room we were in.

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