My lesbian experience with my sister

My name is Samantha, I am in my 30s. I am 57 dark hair, large breasts and a cunt that aches for pussy. I had a couple of disastrous relationships with men, they did nothing for me and I have since had some wonderful, sexually exploring, affairs with woman. I am a lesbian without a shadow of a doubt, I have learnt what women like and what I like and I am at last happy with my life.

My niece Sophie is 18. My sister-in-law brought her up single handedly but due to her disastrous relationship with Sophies father my idiot of a brother, who has now passed away, she had reared Sophie in a very sheltered environment. Sophie is socially inept, very innocent not how a teenager should be. She is 53, very petite, blonde, developing budding breasts and I know she has a huge crush on me.

She helps in the summer holidays at my stables, taking care of mine and my clients horses. She adores horses and my sister feels this environment is right for her, I feel it is holding her back and she should be socialising with people her own age but I respect my sister-in-laws wishes.

I am more aware of her attraction towards me particular this summer, I cannot deny I am flattered by her attention and I am also finding myself watching her more and more. She wears tight little t-shirts, no bra and most of the time pink tight jodhpurs which cling to her svelte figure, revealing the most delicious camel toe, but of course she does not have a clue how tempting she is. Shes easy on the eye and I cannot deny I have lain awake at night stroking my pussy thinking of her numerous times but reprimand myself afterwards, reminding myself she is my niece.

I have been away from the yard most of today, carrying out business off site. Sophie has been on the yard all day, she is more than capable and I am happy to trust my business with her. I finally get back to the yard at 6pm, clients have all gone home and Sophie is finishing off and is upstairs tidying the tack room.

Tired from a day of travelling and viewing horses, I climb the stairs and smile to myself as I hear the kettle go on and Sophie asking whether I want tea or coffee, she is such a kind girl. Walking into the room she shrieks and throws herself at me with a hug, showering me with kisses. I do not know what comes over me, whether its the kisses to my collar bone, neck and cheeks or her body rubbing up to mine but I am overcome with the urge to go further.

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I manoeuvre my mouth over hers and kiss her then push my tongue against hers licking the seam of her lips. Her mouth opens allowing my tongue into her mouth, sweeping inside over her teeth and tangling with hers. We continue kissing for ages, Sophie pushing herself into my body and moaning softly. The kettle whistling brings our closeness to a stop as she breaks away to deal with it.

I move over to one of old stuffed chairs and perch on it trying to contain feelings inside me which are desperate to act but my conscience says no. My belly is fluttering and my pussy throbs with a dull ache. She reaches over me to reach for a new jar of coffee, her t-shirt rides up exposing her midriff and I lean forward and kiss her fair skin. She smells divine, young soft skin and her body scent, I cant help but explore the area licking and kissing. She stays in that position, no longer interested in the coffee but grasping the shelf as my mouth explores her.

I venture higher, nudging her top up with my nose, over her ribs. Her heart is beating fast, she moans,

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