My Husband Was So Right

My name is Debbie (everyone calls me Deb) and I have been married to my husband Mark for about seven years. I saw this sex story section and immediately thought of our first experience and introduction into the lifestyle. I personally think it was one of the best experiences of my life, but you decide.
A few months ago, my husband and I attended the wedding of my husband’s co-worker. I was not looking forward to it since I wasn’t going to know anyone, but off we went. It was far enough away from home where we decided that we would stay at the hotel where the reception was being held and we dropped our two kids off at my sisters for the night.

I wore a sexy tight dress for the occasion with no bra and a g-string, which I knew you could see the outline of the g-string under my dress and I knew it would drive my husband crazy looking at it all night! I usually dress more on the conservative side in public, but since I wasn’t going to know anyone at the wedding I wasn’t worried about being a little provocative. A confession of mine is that I have to admit that I actually love wearing a g-string or thong. I love to pull it up tightly between my lips and feel the string or thin crotch rub my clit as I walk. When I am sitting down, I will cross my legs back and forth so I can shift the string back and forth across my clit. On occasion, I can even work up a small orgasm. Some of my friends say they don’t like wearing them because they are uncomfortable and irritate them, but I personally almost always wear one. Once we got to the reception, we sat at our table and everyone introduced themselves as nobody at the table knew each other. We sat next to this couple that turned out to be our age and we hit it off with them thank god. Joe and Mark were talking sports, hunting and fishing among other topics. I would describe Joe as being handsome, very friendly and having big strong hands. Joe’s wife, Suzie, was the sweetest woman and we talked about our kids and a wide variety of other topics. She was very outgoing, confident, attractive and easy to talk to. As the night went on, Mark and I frequently remarked how lucky we were to have met Joe and Suzie. I saw that Mark had been checking Suzie out a couple of times and I remarked that Suzie was very cute to see his reaction. Mark agreed and said he liked the dress that she was wearing! I laughed at him and commented that I think he liked what was inside the dress, which he uncomfortably agreed.

I should explain that over the past couple of years, Mark and I have started to talk or I guess fantasize during sex about being with someone else. I started it by talking about another girl joining in with us, knowing that it is every guys fantasy and I have to admit that the thought of Mark fucking another girl did turn me on secretly. I think Mark figured it out very quickly though when he saw how wet I got when talking about different scenarios, although I never admitted to him that it turns me on. Mark would always fuck me better when I would come up with some kind of story involving another woman, so needless to say it became a regular part of our sex life. Mark would also talk about me being with another man, which I found intriguing but he seemed to enjoy the idea of that more than me being with another woman!! After talking about naughty and dirty scenarios for a while, Mark mentioned several times that we should actually try doing some of the fantasy ideas. I told him that it would never happen and it was just talk. Honestly, I gave it some thought but it was certainly not something that I would want to be a part of our marriage. To me it would be something more for a couple that is dating and wanted to have some wild fun.

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