My Husband Was So Right

My name is Debbie (everyone calls me Deb) and I have been married to my husband Mark for about seven years. I saw this sex story section and immediately thought of our first experience and introduction into the lifestyle. I personally think it was one of the best experiences of my life, but you decide.
A few months ago, my husband and I attended the wedding of my husband’s co-worker. I was not looking forward to it since I wasn’t going to know anyone, but off we went. It was far enough away from home where we decided that we would stay at the hotel where the reception was being held and we dropped our two kids off at my sisters for the night.

I wore a sexy tight dress for the occasion with no bra and a g-string, which I knew you could see the outline of the g-string under my dress and I knew it would drive my husband crazy looking at it all night! I usually dress more on the conservative side in public, but since I wasn’t going to know anyone at the wedding I wasn’t worried about being a little provocative. A confession of mine is that I have to admit that I actually love wearing a g-string or thong. I love to pull it up tightly between my lips and feel the string or thin crotch rub my clit as I walk. When I am sitting down, I will cross my legs back and forth so I can shift the string back and forth across my clit. On occasion, I can even work up a small orgasm. Some of my friends say they don’t like wearing them because they are uncomfortable and irritate them, but I personally almost always wear one. Once we got to the reception, we sat at our table and everyone introduced themselves as nobody at the table knew each other. We sat next to this couple that turned out to be our age and we hit it off with them thank god. Joe and Mark were talking sports, hunting and fishing among other topics. I would describe Joe as being handsome, very friendly and having big strong hands. Joe’s wife, Suzie, was the sweetest woman and we talked about our kids and a wide variety of other topics. She was very outgoing, confident, attractive and easy to talk to. As the night went on, Mark and I frequently remarked how lucky we were to have met Joe and Suzie. I saw that Mark had been checking Suzie out a couple of times and I remarked that Suzie was very cute to see his reaction. Mark agreed and said he liked the dress that she was wearing! I laughed at him and commented that I think he liked what was inside the dress, which he uncomfortably agreed.

I should explain that over the past couple of years, Mark and I have started to talk or I guess fantasize during sex about being with someone else. I started it by talking about another girl joining in with us, knowing that it is every guys fantasy and I have to admit that the thought of Mark fucking another girl did turn me on secretly. I think Mark figured it out very quickly though when he saw how wet I got when talking about different scenarios, although I never admitted to him that it turns me on. Mark would always fuck me better when I would come up with some kind of story involving another woman, so needless to say it became a regular part of our sex life. Mark would also talk about me being with another man, which I found intriguing but he seemed to enjoy the idea of that more than me being with another woman!! After talking about naughty and dirty scenarios for a while, Mark mentioned several times that we should actually try doing some of the fantasy ideas. I told him that it would never happen and it was just talk. Honestly, I gave it some thought but it was certainly not something that I would want to be a part of our marriage. To me it would be something more for a couple that is dating and wanted to have some wild fun.

Anyway, since we had talked about these types of fantasies I thought I would have some fun with Mark and tease him about checking out Suzie. At the moment I confronted him about checking her out, I knew that I was going to bring her up later during sex and talk about a dirty scenario. I continued teasing Mark during the night by telling him that Suzie thinks he’s cute and she commented on how good looking he was. Mark seemed to catch on to what I was up to and he began to tease me saying that Joe had commented on noticing that I was wearing a g-string and how hot he thought I was. We both laughed and joked back and forth as the sexual tension built up between us. I knew that we were going to have a good night.

As the drinks flowed, Joe had asked Mark if it would be okay to dance with me and Mark didn’t hesitate about giving me up! Before I knew it, Joe was holding my hand and pulling me to the dance floor. It was a slow song and we immediately went into a close hold. Joe was at least 6’ tall with an athletic build and since I was only 5’6” tall, I put my arms around his neck and found myself staring up into Joe’s eyes for the first time. He was smiling at me and I couldn’t help but smile back. He commented on how beautiful I was, which made me blush. We laughed it off but I started to wonder if Mark was kidding or not about his commenting on me. I then felt Joe’s hands drop from my back to the top of my hips and he was rubbing his hands along the line of my g-string. I felt like every eye in the place was watching us and quickly pulled his arms up in disapproval. I smiled as I did it to try not and offend him. He said he was sorry but couldn’t resist. I don’t know why, but I tried to joke with him and asked him if he could guess what color my g-string was. His eyes popped wide open and he said “oh boy, I would have to guess the same color as your dress – blue”. I embarrassingly conceded that he was right. All of a sudden, I noticed there was a bulge rubbing against my stomach!! Yup, Joe was hard as a rock and he was pulling me into him and rubbing his hardness against my stomach. I said “I guess you like the color blue” and laughed. He replied that he loved blue and again dropped his hands to my g-string, rubbing his hand along the strings riding along each side of my hips. I didn’t stop him this time and I felt my pussy start to tingle. I rationalized that it wouldn’t look improper for him to be holding my hips as we danced. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was getting and I could feel my juices starting to flow. The song ended and I broke away from Joe to return to our table. I laughed at how Joe immediately stuck his hand in his pocket to try and hide the noticeable bulge in his pants. On the way back to the table, Joe joked how much he loved the color blue and we laughed. Myself, I was wondering how much Mark had seen and what he was going to say. I felt guilty knowing that I was turned on by another man.

Once back that the table, I saw that Mark had moved over and was now sitting next to Suzie. They were talking, laughing and they barely acknowledged us coming back. I was a little jealous, but I also had this sensation between my legs that I liked and didn’t want it to go away. I sarcastically commented on how Mark and Suzie seemed to be having a good time together. Mark turned to me and quietly told me with excitement that Suzie was telling him that her and Joe swing from time to time. I was astonished and couldn’t think of anything to say other than “don’t get any ideas”.

After a while, Joe said he was going to go outside and smoke a cigar and invited Mark. Mark agreed to go and before they got up, Joe handed Suzie a cigar. Suzie took the cigar and nonchalantly reached under the table with the cigar. I watched her slide down her chair a little bit and then straighten back up. I couldn’t see what she was doing due to the table cloth hanging down, but I had a good guess. She waited a little bit and then pulled her hand up and handed Joe the cigar back. I could see that about an inch or two of the cigar was wet. I looked around the table and nobody had any idea what she just did except myself, Joe and Mark. I looked at Mark and he was grinning with lust at Suzie. Joe then asked if Mark was ready and they got up and went outside. I leaned over to Suzie and asked if she just did what I thought she did? She explained that Joe likes her to “flavor” his cigar. I teased her that he sounds like Bill Clinton and she joked “I guess that means I’m Monica” and we laughed. I let her know that Mark had told me about this swinging thing and she laughed and told me that I didn’t have anything to worry about. She confided with me that Mark had told her how beautiful she was and he was probably going to be thinking about her later when he had sex with me!! I couldn’t believe that Mark would say that to her, since he is usually very private and reserved. That had prompted her to explain that her and Joe have had a few experiences swinging with other couples and they both really enjoyed doing it for real rather than fantasize about it. I felt a little uneasy talking about the topic, but I told her that Mark and I had been fantasizing about that sort of thing for several years. Suzie said “that’s how it all starts”. She explained that most people think swingers are sex crazed wackos and while it’s not something for everyone, she doesn’t see it as being all that crazy. She even told me about a website (SLS) that they frequently go on together. They have met several nice couples and have had some really memorable experiences together. She also told me how they always practice safe sex. I was glued to every word she was telling me and she answered the many questions that I had. The way Suzie explained the whole concept to me did make me feel that it wasn’t all that crazy of a thing. I told her that I was intrigued by the idea but didn’t think I could ever go through with actually doing it for real. Suzie put me at ease and asked me if I had fun dancing with Joe, which she predicted that he probably tried to feel my “nice ass”. I laughed and told her that she knew him pretty well, but he stopped at feeling my g-string. She laughed and told me that she noticed that I was wearing a g-string. Suzie complemented me on how I looked and we talked about how hard it is to stay in shape after having kids. I also complimented Suzie on how she looked. She was a little taller than me and had a nice curvy figure. I found myself thinking about how I was talking to this girl I just met, about how her husband was touching me and it was a completely comfortable conversation. I couldn’t believe I had just told her that her husband was feeling my g-string and meanwhile she expected him to feel my ass. I also reflected at how my mouth was saying no, but my body wasn’t really saying no.

A half hour must have passed as Joe and Mark came back to the table. Mark told me that Joe said he really enjoyed his dance with me and encouraged me to go for another dance. I got up, held my hand out and asked Joe “would you please dance with me again”. Joe smiled and grabbed my hand. We went off to the dance floor and danced for three fast songs straight, when the DJ switched it to a slow song. We were both sweating and fell into each others’ grasp again. Joe went right back to my g-string, but was now dropping one hand down casually feeling my ass briefly, as if to see if I accepted. I didn’t say a word. As we danced closely, I literally felt his bulge grow as we danced. I looked up at him and said “someone woke up again”. Joe smiled and told me how I was driving him crazy. My pussy was tingling again and I could feel my juices flowing. I was actually worried if my g-string could hold in my wetness. I tried to break up the obvious sexual thoughts between us and told him that I thought Suzie was such a sweet girl. Joe bragged about what a great wife she was and how much he loved her. I thought to myself that this was different from the usual guy who tried to pick me up, telling me how unhappy he is at home and so on. I couldn’t deny that I was turned on by Joe.

Thoughts started running through my mind. I couldn’t believe that I was actually contemplating the idea of doing something with Joe or I guess me and Mark doing things with Joe and Suzie!! At one point, I even thought to myself “what would my mother say?”. A thought that I laughed to myself about and quickly got out of my head because I knew the answer was absolutely no. I then decided that whatever happened tonight, I wanted to make sure that the decision would have nothing to do with drinking too much alcohol and wind up being something I regret for the rest of my life.

I finished the slow dance with Joe and returned to the table. My heart was pounding with excitement and as I walked, I could feel that my crotch was soaked. Looking down, I saw that my nipples were as hard as Joe’s cock. They were popping out of my tight dress like pencil erasers! It made me wish that I had worn a bra, but I also thought more about what Suzie had been telling me. I started to justify it and say how bad could it be? We were all consenting adults. We all knew what we were doing. We all seem to want the same thing. Joe and Suzie seemed to be completely in love with each other after already being with other couples. Hell, they seemed to be happier than all of my friends that I know!! It was that walk back from the dance floor that my view on the subject changed.

As we got back to the table, Suzie turned toward me and her eyes went immediately to my chest. I looked down as if I didn’t know what she was looking at and I didn’t know what to say, so I just smiled at her. Suzie smiled at me and said “I guess you guys had a good couple of dances”. I nervously laughed and whispered to her “yeah, remember what you were telling me before about Joe feeling my ass”. Suzie burst out laughing hysterically, which everyone at the table was asking what was so funny. Suzie just said it was an inside joke. I announced that I had to go to the girls’ room and Suzie said that she would join me. On the way, I told Suzie how hot Joe had gotten me and I needed to cool off. I can’t impress how sweet she was. She ensured me that it was okay and that he does the same thing to her. She also told me that it turned her on to see Joe with another woman. I started to tell her how the thought of my Mark having sex with another woman turned me on, but I didn’t want to let him know that, when she told me “wait until you actually let him fuck another woman and see how turned on you get”. I was zoned in on every word she was saying to me once again. I asked her straight out “would you fuck Mark?” She laughed and said “I would love to. The question is do you want me too?” I didn’t hesitate in saying “I think so”. We both laughed. She then said “wouldn’t you like to hold your husbands cock and guide it into my pussy and watch him fuck me like I was the last woman on earth?” My pussy began to tingle again and my nipples weren’t calming down. I said “Suzie, I can’t believe that I would ask you this, but will you please fuck my husband tonight?” Suzie responded “only if you fuck mine”. My crotch was dripping more now, if that’s possible, and I told her that I would love to. I was nervous and excited at the same time. We were alone in the bathroom at this point and I asked her if she was ever with another woman. Suzie told me that she had never been with another woman and of course asked if the reason I asked was because I was bi. I explained to her that I was straight but when I was about 13 years old, my best friend and I tongue kissed each other trying to prepare ourselves for kissing these guys that we liked. We didn’t want to seem inexperienced since we were a year younger than them and really had no experience at all. It turned from a kissing session to feeling each other up as we both got turned on! I told Suzie that we both laugh about it to this day privately, but I always questioned whether I was actually bi or not. Suzie laughed and explained that she had never kissed or touched another woman, but if I wanted to kiss her, she would give it a try. She said “Joe would probably go crazy if he saw me kiss you”. She seemed to think about it and like the idea. I told Suzie that if I initiate a kiss with her tonight at some point, that it would mean that Mark and I were all in. I also told her that I was pretty sure that I could speak for Mark. Suzie once again laughed and said “oh yeah, you can speak for Mark alright. He was rubbing his hand up and down my leg under the table the whole time you were dancing with Joe”. I was astonished and said “really???” Suzie said “yup, the only thing I did was spread my legs apart so he could feel how hot I was getting”. I couldn’t believe that Mark would be so bold. I asked “did he actually go under your dress?” Suzie explained that he had slid his hand all the way up several times and rubbed against her crotchless thong. She said that the side of his right hand should smell like her and smiled. I said “we are kissing tonight girl” and Suzie smiled saying “I can’t wait”.

We walked back to our table where Joe and Mark were asking us what we were doing so long in the bathroom. We both just laughed it off as doing girl stuff. I asked Mark if he was ready to go up to our room and he said that he was having a good time and wanted to hang out some more. Joe offered for us to come up to their room for some drinks and I said maybe we will stop by, but I wanted to get situated first. Mark argued with me saying let’s just go now, but I insisted. Joe told us their room number and said that he hoped we would stop by. I said we would probably stop by in a little while, which I could see put Mark at ease.

Mark and I went back to our room and I asked Mark if he really wanted to go to their room. He didn’t hesitate in saying yes. I began to talk to him about our bedroom fantasies and explained that if we go to their room, it might actually happen. Mark looked like a deer in the headlights. To be precise he said “really, you would go through with it?” I asked him if he wanted to do it and he tried saying “well if you want to I would, but it’s up to you”. I grabbed his right hand and held the side of it up to my nose and inhaled deeply. I said “it smells like you want to go there”. I have to add here that the only pussy I have ever smelled in my life was mine. His hand had a faint odor of pussy on it and it smelled just like mine. Mark looked at me like he got caught with his hand in the proverbial cookie jar and said “what do you mean”. I explained that Suzie had told me that he was feeling her up at the table and he conceded that he couldn’t help himself. He tried spinning it that he happened to put his hand on her leg as they were joking around and he noticed that she had spread her legs for him. He also added in defense that he saw Joe putting his hand on my ass while dancing and I didn’t flinch. I couldn’t hold out any more. I grabbed Mark’s hand, spread my legs and guided his hand up my thigh. I felt his hand touch my soaked crotch and his eyes lit up. He said “holy shit, did you cum?” I confided that I did not cum, but I was wet thinking about fucking Joe. Mark looked at me like I had just told him I was going to buy him a new corvette for Christmas! I asked “are you ready?” and he said “hell yeah”. On the way to their room, Mark also confessed to me that he had told Joe how hot it was what Suzie did with the cigar and Joe offered him the cigar. I of course asked if he took it and he confirmed that he did adding that he hoped I wasn’t mad. I stopped him, kissed him deeply and put my hand on his crotch. I felt him grow. As he got to a full erection in seconds, I broke away and said “I’m not mad, let’s go”. Mark continued to explain to me that the cigar tasted only like a cigar, but knowing that she had made it wet was really hot. I agreed that it was pretty hot and I told him not to worry because he was going to taste the real thing.

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