My husband loves to show me off to his friends and even to strangers and I like doing it

Before we even got married I knew Brad loved it when I
wore sexy or see through things when we went out, but
after we got married he wanted me to go to the next
level. Even on our honeymoon he had me pretend to be
sleeping and call room service up and order something
just to get it delivered to our room. It started with me
nude with a sheet covering everything except casually
exposing my lower body, like a leg and part of my naked

Brad really got a trill watching the young guys they
sent to our room as they tried to get an eyeful with him
noticing. And by the pool he would have me undo the
straps to my top and open it to the point that if you
walked behind me you could see my tits right down to my
nipples. Not that I have huge tits or anything, they’re
34B’s but with nipples that my husband calls eye-putter-

After we got home and went back to work he got me to
wear loose tops with shelf-style bras so my tits would
be on display if you cared to look that close. After my
boss saw me dressed like that he asked me if I would
like to move to his floor with a raise as well.

We needed the money so I took him up on his offer. The
other women were calling me a slut and a bitch and even
a cunt, with some saying it to my face. I just laughed
at them and told them if they had a body like mind
they’d probably show it of like I did.

My husband said my skirts needed to be shorter and I
needed to start wearing hose instead of pantyhose, which
was okay with me, I always hated pantyhose anyway. Plus
now my boss has me take dictation and he always wants me
there with him to do it. He has me sit in front of his
desk in a chair that makes my ass sore so I move around
a lot and I’m sure he gets a eye full.

Now my husband wants me to wear see-through panties or
no panties at all. I said I would try it out with his
friends coming over on Friday night to play poker and
see how it went. That got me going. I couldn’t think
about nothing else for the rest of the week.

When poker night came around I was wearing a new tiny
mini skirt with black hose and with no panties and a
loose tank-top, with no bra at all. I felt so
deliciously slutty.

The game started at 8 o’clock and by 10, four of my
husband’s friends had their hands up my skirt far enough
to feel my bare ass and one of them, the one I was
attracted to the most, was rubbing my pussy lips with
his fingers and then sucking them clean, looking into y
eyes as he did that. Man, was I ever getting wet! Five
guys other than my husband telling me how hot I was and
I’m eating it all up.

By the end of the poker game two more of them had run
one or more fingers up and down my pussy slit several
times and I was so horny that after they left I grabbed
my husband Brad and threw him on the couch and fucked
his brains out, riding him like a cowgirl at a rodeo.

After we’d fucked ourselves out, he said, “I dare you to
wear that to work on Monday. But I bet you’ll chicken

I asked, “What if I do and my boss tries to get in my

He just laughed, saying, “That’s up to you isn’t it.
Maybe he’ll give you another raise.”


The next morning. As I leave for work 30 minutes after
Brad does, he isn’t sure what I’ll wear, so I took him
up on the dare and wore a nicer top, but the same tiny
skirt and black hose with no panties, just my shaved
pussy for him to see.

I no sooner got to my desk than he was there saying he
had a few letters to send out. So I grabbed my pen and
pad and followed him into his office. I started in a
very businesslike way, but when I moved on the chair and
my legs opened a bit – for just a second – he couldn’t
remember what he was saying, and had to ask me to read
back what he had said.

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