My husband loves boob sucking on me. He is a complete boob man

My husband loves boob sucking on me. He is a complete boob man. In the early morning before his bed tea, I need to present to him my boobs which he would suck almost for ½ hour. After his bed tea and breakfast and before he goes to office, he would be at it again for another ½ hour.

At times, he does get late for work due to this. But he is self-employed so it is ok. My boobs are the first thing he wants to see and relish on when he returns from office. In fact, I have to expose my boobs out of my bra and blouse and saree and place it ready for him to be sucked as soon as he enters the house. Otherwise it would upset him greatly. I have learnt it over time and do it regularly when it is time for him to be home. The strength of his sucks at my boobs gives an indication of the state of his mind. He boobsucks hard and the sucks are more vigorous when he is angry, anxious, worried or stressed.

With anger, the sucks become so vigorous that they pain sometimes. But One hour of this boob sucking session and his tiredness/stress goes. His boob sucking on me works like medicine for him. Then there is another round which comes with dinner. He demands my boobs either in between or after the dinner for another 1 hour. As I eat my dinner, he will continue to boob suck on me from side. Then before our daily night sexual intercourse, he will do a foreplay which will invariably include kissing me all over and on lips and lots of my boob sucking.

I get vaginal contractions and orgasm with him sucking my boobs and he too gets his erection. He immediately inserts his enormous penis into me to start the sex. It is heavenly and divine after that. An awesome ½ to 1 hour of experience with him inside me! He then ejaculates inside me. While his stick is inside me, he again sucks on my boobs and then after the great sexual encounter, he again lies on my side and boob sucks me. As he does this, I fall asleep. He too dozes off. I get up in morning and find my nipples in his mouth many times.

Again the morning session starts and then before office another one and so on…..on week ends he is a constant latch on. In fact on week ends, I am in my bikini with boobs placed outside and above my bra so that he could have them as and when he likes. He likes it that way so I have to submit. At times, he would start sucking while I am cooking or when I am watching TV or even resting. I think boobs are more for the husband then for nursing infants. I think my husband would have sucked on my boobs more than my two children together.

We are a nuclear family with kids in boarding school so it is fine. We have all the time and energy to have these adult nursing sessions. These have bond us intensely and I think that both of us cannot live without it.

My boob size has gone up to the extent that my bra cup size is now 40D from 36B. They really look huge and juicy now. Also my nipples have elevated and are always hard now. The diameter of the nipples has increased from 0.5 to 1.5 cm. The areolar area has also widened. Very often the nipples stand out from my blouse and nightie and are visible easily. But all these changes are welcome as they have only added to the fun and pleasure for both of us.

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