My Hubby Takes My Mothers Virgin Ass

A true story which happens a few years ago and I am Meenu age 28 I am married to Ramesh and he is 30 and with good physique and looks. All this happens when we went to meet my parents at a village near Jaipur.
My mother is a house wife and she is around 50 and she has 34 D boobs and nice buttock. My father is a bank manager as soon we reached my husband Ramesh hugs my mother.
I am Meenu as hive told in summary. I husband is always a feet lover and mature women’s lover. My mother has size 7 always pedicure feet. I saw my hubby starting at her feet. We all meet at dinner. Everyone enjoyed the food a lot.
Ramesh said to my mom that your daughter don’t prepare food as good as you have prepared. She said thank you and she blushed then we have little chat. Then my father said it’s very late we should sleep.
We reached to our bedroom. I was locking the door when my husband has her hands around my waist and he was kissing my neck. Then we have passionate smooch. He threw me on bed and started undressing me.
He starts massaging my boobs I was moaning while he kisses me. He put my whole boob in his mouth. I was so wet and he then put his meat in my mouth told me to suck it hard.

I followed and start giving him a good blowjob. We moved to 69 he was now licking my flit. When he put one flap of my pussy in his mouth like he was sucking a lollipops.
I was so horny that I reached my first orgasm. Then I told him that I can’t wait more. The then started mounting on me in missionary position. The pound me for some time and he move me to Rockygie position and start pounding and we both orgasm at same time.
We both lay exhausted and next morning after breakfast I went to meet my friend around 2 I reach home but I found front door unlocked and I move to my room but my hubby was not in room. I went to my mom room there I heard moaning.
I moved slowly to open window what I saw was totally heartbreaking my mother was naked with just her panties on. My hubby was sitting at her feet licking her toes. He was enjoying like a small kid have found a packet full of candies. She seems to enjoy the attention.
She was pressing her nipple while she ask him to lick her cunt. He removed her panty and start kissing her clean cunt. She moved her feet toward his meat and told him that her husband doesn’t play with her feet and I know very well when you were staring at my feet that you will do anything to feast on these.
I myself started enjoy this show and my hand moved toward my pussy. She now sits on his mouth and started face rubbing him. He must have difficulty in breathing. She was moaning aloud and soon his face was covered with my mom cum.
My mother whom I respect more than god now is behaving in front of me like sex goddess. She asked him you enjoy the nod. He put his meat on her lips she starts giving him a blow job in such a pro manner that I have never given.
He was playing with her boobs and now he move his out of her mouth and ask her to give him a foot job. She follows and put his meat between her arches and slowly started moving up down. He does not control his excitement he shed his seed all over her feet even after finishing.
She started moving her feet around his flaccid meat within few minutes he regain and ask her to go on all four. She is in Rockygie position and he started licking her cunt and ass hole she is trembling when he move his tongue around her ass hole
He now started putting his meat in his pussy and started pounding factly. She must have orgasm then he start massaging her ass hole and putting finger in it.
She asks him to stop but he doesn’t stop and lubricated with his finger with my putting his fingers in her mouth. He now must have put 3fourth of his two fingers while she protests.
He takes his out of pussy and started inserting in ass after few stories he is fully inside her ass. She is in lot of pain but he don’t stop after few min she started responding as she must have started enjoying her first anal with a loud grown he shed his seed in her rear.
The both lay in each other arm for few minutes and thank each other for fulfilling each other’s fantasy. They started dressing and I orgasms and slowly started moving to front door and rang door bell.
My mother came after and 5 minutes to open door and she start laughing the door is open and you are ringing bell. I respond you have never leave the door open that’s why I rang.
She was walking slowly as she must have pain after losing her anal virginity in next part I will told you people how I made my Ramesh confess her good time with my mom and our three some and in other part how I make Ramesh’ mom a lesbian and made him suck her.

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