My Hot Wife has Many Secrets

Before I married my beautiful and sexy wife, Julie, 10 years ago, we dated for over 5 years, though never exclusively.

I guess I should have known from her sexy dresses and outright promiscuous behavior from our dating days that she would stray outside of our marriage.

The difference is, back in the 1990s, when we dated, her behavior made me almost insanely jealous. When I learned not long ago that I was the husband of a truly hot wife, on the other hand, it turned me on immensely and the thought of her in action makes my cock twinge with excitement.

Julie’s looks are what can only be described as unique. At first sight, one might overlook her (unless she is dressed provocatively, which she often is). But upon closer examination, she never fails to turn heads. She has lustrous dark brown hair, eyes to match and a naturally tan complexion.

When we were dating, Julie’s trademark was short skirts. Her legs are incredible, not thin, but the nicely toned legs of a real athlete and, though she denies this, she has always loved to show them off in mini-skirts, including a micro-mini with fur trim she once wore on a date with another guy, along with ankle boots. On that particular night she showed up at a party that I was already at and every man in the place turned and gawked when she walked in. At the time, I was insanely jealous, but thinking back on it now absolutely makes my cock raging hard. I have no doubt that she fucked that lucky guy’s brains out that night. It drove me crazy at the time knowing that. Today, it drives me wild for a completely different reason.

There was another time when I got lucky with Julie that brings back sensationally sexy memories. I didn’t know what prompted this at the time, but one Saturday afternoon, Julie showed up at my apartment wearing very short cut-offs, cowboy boots and a leotard top. She also had her hair down and just the right touch of eye shadow, blush, eye liner and lip gloss. WOW.

One thing led to another and soon I was rubbing her wet pussy through those denim shorts and we fucked and sucked until Sunday morning, when she had to get ready for a date with another guy that night.

Looking back, my Julie simply had a voracious appetite for sex and she knew she could get it from me anytime she wanted. It drove me crazy that she had another date that next night. It drove me even crazier that she not only didn’t return home that Sunday night, but she didn’t resurface until Wednesday, meaning that she had latched on to someone whose cock she particularly enjoyed riding on, or whose tongue hit just the right spots in her beautiful pussy. Or whose cum she liked the taste of.

Speaking of tasting cum, there was another time when Julie stopped by my apartment on her way to a tennis date with another guy. She had on a short, tight tennis skirt that looked like a cheerleader outfit. (What a knockout!) She said she just stopped by to say hello, but one thing led to another again and I was soon rubbing her wet pussy through her bloomers. She got noticeably wet, but she would not let me take her skirt off. However, she did push me down on my desk, pull my shorts down and proceeded to suck, lick, rub and jerk my cock until I came in torrents down her throat. I warned her before I came that I was about to cum, but it didn’t seem to make any difference to her. She kept right on sucking, looking me right in the eye and she made unbelievably hot swallowing noises as I ejaculated into her mouth. Then she got up, gave me a big smile, planted a huge open mouth kiss and took a swig of a Heineken and literally walked out to go on her tennis date–from which she did not return until the next morning.

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