My hot wife, a friend and I have an unexpected get together

I was lying down in bed half asleep with the bedroom windows slightly open which gave a cooling breeze and allowed me to hear the rustling of the leaves of the trees in the woodland behind my house when I became aware of the kitchen door being opened, Cathy my wife was home.

Cathy had gone out a few hours ago for ‘some fun’ with some friends, I knew that she had been enjoying some discreet liasons with a mutual friend of ours as she knew I enjoyed hearing about her adventures which she would tell me about not long after arriving home.

She had been calling to a local club and bumping into our friend Wayne where with the rest of the crowd they would play pool, dance and enjoy a few beers, Wayne had fancied Cathy for a very long time and one evening while waiting for a cab she kissed him deeply, after that he was hooked.

Cathy and I have an easy going relationship and are very much in love but sometimes the temptation of having a fling with someone one of us may be attracted to becomes strong and as long as each of us is happy about the situation then a great deal of pleasure can be had.

As Cathy made her way around the kitchen I realised she was not alone as they made their way to the living room with soft giggles and happy voices floating up the stairs to me, as I lay wondering what was happening Cathy appeared in the doorway, the light music from downstairs having covered the sound of her footsteps on the winding staircase.

I began to sit up as Cathy sat on the soft cotton sheeted bed next to me, her lovely ‘Opium’ perfume was accompanied with that bar room aroma of beer and smoke and judging by the glint in her eyes she had been smoking some grass.

Her right hand slowly stroked my face, my neck, my thickset shoulder and then slowly along my arm, her fingers walking along my left hand and across my belly and then onto my stiffening cock, her adept fingers wrapped around my suddenly stiff member and then she kissed me passionately as her left hand cradled my head. Cathy’s right hand squeezed and stroked my hard cock as she broke our kiss.

“No, I haven’t done anything apart from kissing Wayne a lot and squeezing him through his jeans, he did unzip himself and I did to him what I’m doing to you but that is all, I thought I could bring him home and play with your cocks as you sit each side of me on the sofa, you okay with that? Of course you are”.

Cathy looked at me knowing the answer, I am always up for a good time.

“Lead on sugar tits, we don’t want to keep our guest waiting”.

I quickly got off the bed and pulled on my robe, I wanted Cathy’s hand back on my cock as soon as possible and followed her downstairs barely able to take my eyes off her lovely round jean clad ass.

I went into the kitchen for a drink as Cathy joined Wayne in the living room and thought I would give them a minute or two to settle while I anticipated the coming entertainment.

The background music was soft and conducive to a pleasant atmosphere, an atmosphere charged with sexual electricity and desire.

Cathy and Wayne were dancing to the music, kissing while they were dancing to the music and Wayne was fondling Cathy’s breasts/ through her checked cotton blouse, her lovely big breasts filled that smart cotton blouse and gave her that lovely country and western look; Cathy had stopped holding Wayne’s head and was now unbuckling his belt, his right hand quickly undid his zip before sliding around to her hot round ass and giving it a squeeze, Cathy pulled Wayne’s jeans and pants down allowing his cock to spring out, it didn’t seem very big, maybe 5″ but that didn’t bother Cathy.

By :johnnyjay05

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