My high school fantasy

My deepest and hottest sexual fantasy has always been to have a wild sex orgy with girls on my cross country team from high school. They’re all in their late 20s now but still look amazing. They look soo hot in those short shorts and sports bras. They all have perfectly toned legs, tight athletic asses, and perky tits. I have wanted nothing more than to have sex with all of them. Basically the fantasy went like this:

I’m walking to practice when one of the girls, Val, discreetly waves me into the girl’s locker room. I walk inside utterly shocked to discover some of my female teammates naked on their knees giving head to a few dudes on the team. A few of the other girls, including my ex-girlfriend and team captain, Becca, stand to the side as they debate whether or not they want to join in. The expression on their faces clearly shows they want this experience, but must find the confidence to strip down and become the sluts they desperately want to be.
Despite only being acquaintances, Val starts to kiss me as she slips her hand down my running shorts and begins rubbing my balls and cock. I respond in kind by groping her tits as I shove my tongue down her throat. She then gets on her knees, removes her sports bra and proceeds to pull my running shorts down to my ankles. Still shocked and confused about what’s going on before my eyes, my cock is still limp, but Val takes care of that as she sucks it like a pornstar. I remove my shirt and stand completely naked as I notice some of the other girls transition from blowjobs into fucking positions on the bench. After a few minutes of great head, my cock is fully hardened and I’m ready to fuck. While not the hottest face on the team, Val has a thick strong ass that I immediately begin to enjoy as I yank off her shorts and turn her around. I slide my cock into her wet sheath and grab her ass with both hands as I make her my bitch from behind. I notice a few more dudes are ushered in, as well as a few more of the girls on the team.

I always suspected Lisa and Jamie to be lesbians, and my suspicions are confirmed as I see them making out as they strip off each other’s sports bras. I get super excited and wonder if I could fuck them. Maybe they’re bi? So I wave one of the dudes over to take over fucking Val, and I head towards Jamie who is taken away by some dude before I reach her. So I walk up to her BFF Lisa, who I’ve never spoken to once. She’s looking hot with her dark hair. I start rubbing her hairless pussy and right on cue she giggles for a second, gets on her knees and starts sucking me like a hardcore slut. I tilt my head up and exhale a quiet “yes!” as I still can’t believe what is happening before my eyes. It’s obvious Lisa has sucked cock before as she provides a really intense blowjob. I run my hands through her dark hair and watch as a few of the couples get into sex positions on the blue mat in the middle of the locker room. I’m utterly shocked to notice Becca, who is easily one of the most conservative and religious girls on the team, start to get naked with one of the dudes. She is easily the hottest chick on the team and the fact that she denied me sex during our relationship makes her all the hotter. My pulse quickens even faster than it already is as I catch a glimpse of Becca’s perfectly sculpted legs and tight ass. Just the sight of her nude nearly makes me cum in Lisa’s mouth. I am distracted as Lisa pushes me down on the bench and starts fucking me like a cowgirl. I don’t think she ever makes eye contact with me once but I don’t care as my senses are awed by the debauchery around me.

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