My Granny Sucks Good

Todd Markham was a young man obsessed with boats. Occasionally he’d crew for some rich dude but what he really wanted was to own his own vessel. To this end, he saved up every penny he earned.

One morning, walking along the marina and drooling over the good fortunes of others, he came across an old lady. She was around 75years of age lounging on the deck of rather nice looking Sloop. There was a hat down over her eyes to shield them from the sun but she could obviously see the handsome young guy staring at her boat.

“Ever sailed one of these?” she yelled, still half-concealed by her head gear.

“Yes – I have,” he stammered, feeling a little embarrassed that he’d been caught ogling her craft.

“How would you like to sail me around the bay for a hundred bucks?” she asked, emerging from under the brim.

“Sure I’d love to do that,” he replied and within seconds he had planted both feet firmly on the deck and was ready go.

The old lady, who said folks called her Granny Wilkins, explained that since her husband died she’d felt a quite nervous about sailing on her own. “He was the sailor,” she said. “In fact, he was a retired Admiral and spent twenty years in the United States Navy.” Her expression turned quite nostalgic as she went on to describe how they’d spend weeks at a time just sailing here and there with no particular destination in mind.

Casting off, Todd thought he had a bit of a reputation to compete with but he didn’t know the half of it. It was only when the old lady directed him to pull into a little cove and drop anchor that he discovered just how much of those halcyon days she wanted to relive.

“Have you ever fucked on a boat?” she asked, as they shared a shot of rum together in the cabin. “It’s a moving experience.” She took another swig of her grog and started to giggle. “My husband and I fucked in every corner of this boat. Down here, on the deck and even in the water.”

Todd wasn’t sure he wanted to hear all the gory details but she continued to get more and more intimate until she hit him right between the eyes with it.

“How would you like to earn an extra hundred to fuck me? It would make an old lady very happy.”

Wow! He almost choked on his rum. She had to pat him between the shoulder blades so he could get his breath back.

“Of course you don’t have to – it’s not written in maritime law or anything but why don’t you let me suck your cock and we’ll see how you feel after that.”

Todd was practically frozen to the spot by his nerves, as she knelt before him and unzipped the front of his shorts. It just didn’t seem right to let some woman, as old as his grandmother, do such things.
His dick was still quite flaccid, so she was able to get the whole thing into her mouth at once. He gasped as Granny started to suck and manipulate his schlong with her wrinkled fingers. Leaning back, with his eyes closed, he tried to imagine it was some voluptuous young twenty-year-old and not someone on social security.

In spite of his reluctance to have his knob chewed on by his First Mate, Todd soon began to realize that there was no substitute for experience. Granny Wilkins worked up and down his now erect mast, like a true professional.

Soon his balls started to feel that they were about to burst into flames. He was well aware that meant he was seconds away from blowing his load. Todd gallantly called out, “I’m cumming,” but Granny kept pumping away until she’d drained every drop from his glowing gonads. Then, without as much as a ‘cunt ahoy,’ she wiped her mouth off on her sleeve like a rough well-seasoned sea Rocky and began to strip. He’d never seen an old woman naked before and he was expecting to see a wizened-up body covered with wrinkles and liver spots. To his delight and surprise, however, she wasn’t half bad.

By :Cristiano Caffieri

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