My Grandma and me

My prospective of what life was all about changed when I was seventeen. I was a senior in high school at the time, playing varsity basketball. At 6’2” and weighing 190lbs I was not bad to look at. My Dad was killed in a plane crash when I was fifteen so there was just my Mom and younger sister Helen who was fifteen. My older brother was 21 and in College back East on a football scholarship.

One day my Mom asked me to stop over at my Grand mothers place after school and look at her fence to see what needed to be fixed and anything else she might need fixing.
That afternoon I stopped by her house and went into her back yard to look at the fence. I was surprised that her Rocky Rover a German Shepard was not back there. I found where the fence was broken and went into her house to ask her what else needed fixing. I went thru the back door and into the kitchen. Before I could holler hello I stopped in my tracts. I could not believe what my eyes were seeing. There was my Grand Mother naked on her hands and knees. Her bare tits were hanging almost to the floor with her grey hair down the sides of her face and her Rocky Rover was on her back fucking her. His dick was going in and out of her so fast, it was unbelievable. I was speechless and just stood there watching. She was mumbling to Rover, “That a boy give me the good fucking I need. Ohhhh yes baby shove it to me that’s it aaahhhhhh yessss. I saw her ass quiver and new she had had a climax. I could see that he was completely buried inside her. I new about a Rockys knot and it was inside her pussy.

I was in shock, she was the women who had baby sited me and my sister, my mothers mother who we thought was a saint getting fucked by a Rocky. He finally stopped shoving his dick in and out of her and I could see he was pumping his seed into her vagina with short little jerks. She said, “Oh god rover, that’s it I can feel your spunk shooting inside me. Ohhhhh Rover I’m going to cum again yes, yes, aaaahhhhhhhh shit that feels good. Rover then turned around and I expected them to be tied but to my surprise he pulled right out of her. His Rockygy spunk came pouring out of her pussy. It was then she looked up and saw me standing there.

She said “Well shit, it looks like I’m busted. Don’t just stand there with your mouth open, help me up.” I went over and helped her to her feet. I could see her legs were a little week so I led her to a chair. “I’m sorry you witnessed that Robby (that was my name) I can’t image what you must think of me. But for what its worth I’ll tell you how it all started. Your Grand Father has been dead for almost ten years. When he was alive we had a very active sex life. I miss him so, not just because we loved each other very much but I really missed the sex. I bought Rover as you know three years ago when he was a puppy so I could have a companion and a watch Rocky.

About nine months ago I was exceptionally horny and had used a dildo to relieve myself. When I had finished I laid down on the bed and was enjoying the feeling of sexual release I had given myself. My vagina was pretty moist from my orgasms. I suddenly felt a cold nose between my legs and a rough wet something slide over my vagina lips. I looked down and saw Rover between my legs. He had just sunk his tongue inside my vagina and I jumped a foot. His tongue then went back in thru my slit and up to my clitoris. Robby I could not tell you how good it felt. I had not had a tongue in my vagina for over ten years and even knowing it was a Rocky didn’t stop me from enjoying it. I lay back and I spread my legs and let him lick. Robby he made me climax so many times I fainted. A few minuets later I realize he had put his paws on my shoulders and had his dick part way in my vagina.” I swear I tried to stop him but he was to heavy and when he sunk his dick clear in me I thought I would die it felt so good. His dick began to go in and out of me so fast, faster than any man had ever fucked me. I began to climax all over again. Suddenly I felt a pain in my vagina” Grand Ma it’s ok to call your vagina a pussy or cunt that’s what we call it now days. “Ok, anyway I realized that his knot had gone inside my pussy (and she smiled at me) the pain was excruciating at first but then it started to feel good again as he hammered me. When I felt his Rockygy spunk shoot up inside me I had one of the biggest climaxes of my life. Rover and I were tied together for about ten minuets.

By :Shaggybob5

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